Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Departments

Department Diversity Officers

Below are the Diversity Officers for each department in the Medical School and additional department-specific resources.


Clarence Shannon
Mojca Remskar

Department of Anesthesiology work and resources.

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics

Sharon Murphy
Reuben Harris
Stefani Thomas (BMBB Grad Program Rep)

Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics work and resources.

Biomedical Sciences - Duluth Campus

Jean Regal

Department of Biomedical Sciences - Duluth Campus work and resources.


Matthew Mansh

Department of Dermatology work and resources.

Emergency Medicine

James Miner

Department of Emergency Medicine work and resources.

Family Med & Biobehavioral Health - Duluth Campus

Peter Nalin

Department of Family Med & Biobehavioral Health - Duluth Campus work and resources.

Family Medicine & Community Health

Andrea Westby

Department of Family Medicine & Community Health work and resources.

Genetics, Cell Biology & Development

Thomas Hays

Department of Genetics, Cell Biology & Development work and resources.

Integrative Biology & Physiology

Joseph Metzger

Department of Integrative Biology & Physiology work and resources.

Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology work and resources.


Dr. Shahnaz Sultan
Anne Joseph
Mohamed Hassan
Cuong Pham

Department of Medicine work and resources.

Microbiology & Immunology

Marc Jenkins

Department of Microbiology & Immunology work and resources.


Miguel Fiol

Department of Neurology work and resources.


Timothy Ebner

Department of Neuroscience work and resources.


Carolina Sandoval Garcia, MD

Department of Neurosurgery work and resources.

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health

Department of  Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health work and resources.

Ophthalmology & Visual Neurosciences

Dr. Erik van Kuijk

Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Neurosciences work and resources.

Orthopedic Surgery

John Braman
Aaron Corfield

Department of Orthopedic Surgery work and resources.


David Hamlar

Department of Otolaryngology work and resources.


Catherine Bendel

Department of Pediatrics work and resources.


Hiroshi Hiasa

Department of Pharmacology work and resources.

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Katie Lingras
Danielle Vrieze

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences work and resources.

Radiation Oncology

Stephanie Terezakis

Department of Radiation Oncology work and resources.


An Church

Department of Radiology work and resources.

Rehabilitation Medicine

Ricardo A Battaglino

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine work and resources.


David Rothenberger
Marie-Clarie Buckley

Department of Surgery work and resources.


Christopher Warlick
Nissrine Nakib

Department of Urology work and resources.