Lan Luu, MD, MPH



I lived in San Francisco, CA during my early childhood years, but spent most of my life in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  

Undergraduate school attended: University of Minnesota 

Hobbies: Photography, Cooking, and Traveling 

Languages you speak: English and Vietnamese 

Furthest I've traveled from home: Australia  

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Trying out new restaurants with my family.

What is your specialty: Internal Medicine - Pediatrics 

Why I chose my specialty:

I met a lot of awesome Med-Peds physicians during medical school training that showed me what this specialty has to offer. I love taking care of adults and children with complex medical needs. It’s never a boring day in my specialty! There’s something special about switching from talking to parents about their newborn to having meaningful goals of care discussion with my older adult patients. I received amazing training at the University of Minnesota Med-Peds program.  

Why Medicine:

Because of my family background, I always find myself gravitating towards working with underserved communities and immigrant/refugee populations. Before entering medical school, I worked as a mental health case manager at the Community University Health Care Center (CUHCC), which is a clinic that serves uninsured individuals and a large immigrant patient population. This experience gave me insight about the social issues that patients encounter while living with various medical conditions. Although my work was rewarding, I decided to pursue a career in medicine because my passion lies in providing direct patient care, addressing health disparities, and improving the health of communities through advocacy and education.