The University of Minnesota Medical School is a world class leader in medical education, research and patient care. Our mission is to provide innovative education and training, research that advances medicine and clinical care that improves the lives of our patients. We are one school with two campuses: Twin Cities and Duluth.

Beginning in Fall 2023 a new systems-based curriculum designed in three phases, Foundations, Clinical Immersion, and Specialty-specific transitions, will launch. The new curriculum will also include a component called Minnesota Health Pathways. These pathways are longitudinal courses completed during the Foundations phase focusing on one of five different underserved and/or under-resourced communities in Minnesota. The Minnesota Health Pathways have been designed to allow students to individualize their experience while still achieving a set of shared learning goals. All pathways will be available at both campuses. You will select your pathway choice(s) in your supplemental application.

Students at the University of Minnesota Medical School will complete the Foundations phase on either the Duluth or Twin Cities campus. This phase will move through nine organ systems of the human body and explore the foundational basic and clinical science that prepares students for their immersive clinical training in the next phase. The Foundations phase will end at the beginning of winter break of the second year. After winter break of the second year, each student’s geographic location will depend on how they’ve scheduled their Clinical Immersion phase. As capacity allows, Clinical Immersion will be able to be completed in Duluth, in the Twin Cities, in Greater Minnesota, or in some combination of those three locations.

Learn more about the new curriculum, specifically the Minnesota Health Pathways here.


Twin Cities & Duluth campuses

  • Dedicated faculty mentor
  • 24 hospitals and 30+ clinical training sites (Twin Cities)
  • Conduct research with faculty
  • Minnesota Health Pathways


Twin Cities campus

  • Dual degree
  • Scientific training in our graduate programs
  • Gain experience in biomedical research
  • Choose from 100+ faculty for thesis mentor

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Duluth Admissions
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