February was an exciting month for members of the BA/MD Scholars Program, and it was filled with connection, education and service. 

On Feb. 17, several scholars across undergraduate and medical school programs gathered for a Game Night organized by the BA/MD Peer Engagement Committee, a scholar-led group that promotes self-governance through initiatives and events. It was a great evening of bonding and mentorship while discussing shared experiences in terms of their classes, medical school experiences, values and cultural backgrounds.

Two days later, scholars Amera Hassan (MS2), Christine Kitoy (UG1), and Sierra Charwood (UG2) participated in Seeds and Snowshoes, an educational and service event sponsored by the Lower Phalen Creek Project and Urban Roots at the Wakaŋ Tipi/Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary in St. Paul. The site is sacred to Dakota communities.

The event was organized by UG1 scholar Nadia Ramirez, and it provided an opportunity for peers to connect and bond with one another while spreading native seeds across the nature sanctuary that will grow into beneficial plant life this spring.

“Spending the Saturday morning/afternoon snowshoeing while helping spread seeds was a very relaxing, cleansing experience,” said scholar Sierra, who is Ojibwe. “I really enjoyed being able to go outside with community members, connect to manidoo ayaa omaa akiing Mother Earth, and the local communities.” 

The BA/MD Peer Engagement Committee is looking forward to providing more opportunities like these for students to connect and serve in the future.