Madhuri Rao

Assistant Professor, Division of Thoracic & Foregut Surgery
Director of Robotic Thoracic Surgery for M Health Fairview


I feel that being able to take care of fellow human beings is a privilege. I aim to provide my patients with the best care that I can deliver to them. And to do this, I strive to excel in my field with continued learning and research and with attention to the needs and wants of patients and their families.

Research Summary

Tobacco Cessation, Lung Cancer screening and Surgical Management of Early Stage Lung Cancer

Clinical Summary

Lung cancer, mesothelioma, benign lung conditions, esophageal cancer, benign esophageal conditions such as reflux, hiatal hernia and achalasia.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Salami, A., Robbins, A., Schoephroester, J., Bhargava, A., Diaz, I., Wang, Q., Andrade, R., Subxiphoid-subcostal versus transthoracic thoracoscopic thymectomy: A safe and feasible approach. JTCVS Techniques,



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420 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Administrative Contact

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