Programs & Centers

Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center (PRC)

The Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center is one of the premier sites in the country for adolescent health research.  We collaborate with state and local organizations and communities to provide training, conduct research, and disseminate findings related to best practices in health youth development.  Researchers are learning about the best methods for providing teens with the necessary skills and opportunities to live healthy and meaningful lives.

State Adolescent Health Resource Center

Evidence-based, free resources for public health professionals working in adolescent health to help build their individual, agency’s, and state’s capacity to support adolescent development, youth engagement, and youth-centered clinical care – in policy and practice.


YouthCHAT Educators are trained as simulated patients employed by the Division to participate in interactive educational sessions with clinical trainees. Educators help interdisciplinary adolescent health professionals hone their clinical interviewing skills through these sessions, and consult both internally and externally on adolescent and young adult health projects.

Youth and AIDS Project (YAP)

The Youth and AIDS Projects is a non-profit organization in collaboration with the University of Minnesota's Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health that provides HIV testing, HIV medical case management, HIV prevention services, and health education programs for young people living in the Twin Cities.