Faculty Development

The Faculty Development and Diversity Plan was created to foster engagement, collaboration, and academic excellence in our pediatric faculty. 

Goal 1. Enhance the academic success of individual faculty by:

    • Holding academic development core curriculum meetings
    • Holding Peer-to-Peer Pop-Up Sessions
    • Implementing PQUAD (Positive Peer Pressured Productivity)
    • Hiring and retaining faculty who are underrepresented in medicine (UIM)
    • Promoting women to the rank of professor by identifying senior women associate professors and providing promotion mentoring and support

Goal 2. Improve faculty engagement, satisfaction, and collaboration by:

  • Including time for small group discussion in development meetings, as meeting attendees have indicated they value this opportunity to connect with peers
  • Conducting a faculty burnout survey annually for at least 3 years to assess changes
  • Instituting home dinner gatherings for assistant and associate professors with department leadership 
  • Developing a group of interested individuals to start one or more book clubs at the assistant and/or associate professor level

Goal 3. Develop greater faculty effectiveness in the areas of mentoring, research, and education by:

  • Implementing the Department of Pediatrics Mentoring Plan
  • Holding trainings on known areas of need for MDs during development meetings
  • Reviewing individual faculty members and their needs for academic mentoring

Goal 4. Develop a cadre of future leaders by:

  • Sending at least 4 faculty to national leadership workshops
  • Arranging formal facilitator training for assistant and associate professor leaders of the small groups at development meetings
  • Holding at least one plenary lecture for associate professor development meetings on the topic of leadership, and ensuring that at least half of development meetings for both assistant and associate professors will have a workshop with a leadership focus