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Studies in Recruitment

The following study is one of many research studies conducted by the Division of Pediatric Cardiology. 


The CHEERS study was designed to improve the identification of individuals with high cholesterol through talking with parents of a child with high cholesterol. The study is also intended to increase communication of information about high cholesterol to their other family members.

What is CHEERS working towards?

Only 1% of families with high cholesterol are diagnosed in the United States.  Our goal is to increase the identification of individuals with high cholesterol by educating parents of children with high cholesterol about their risk and the necessity of communicating that risk to other family members.


If you are the biological parent of a child identified as having high cholesterol that runs in the family (familial hypercholesterolemia) and if you have never had any genetic counseling about high cholesterol that runs in the family, you are eligible to participate in this study.  If you are interested in participating, please contact us at cheers@umn.edu.

Schedule Your Interview

The interview will occur over the telephone and will last about 45 minutes. It will be conducted by a genetic counselor who will present educational materials about your risk for high cholesterol and how to communicate the risk to other family members if you so choose.

You will be prompted to schedule your interview as soon as you complete the initial survey. If you schedule your interview and need to change the time, please email us at cheers@umn.edu or call (612) 626-6743. 

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