Pediatric Psychology Fellowship Program

The pediatric psychology fellow is an integral member of the Pediatric Psychology Program.

The Pediatric Psychology Program focuses on the developmental and psychological aspects of child care. Our program assess developmental disorders, provide consultation to pediatricians, practitioners and parents, and promote the healthy adjustment and successful coping of patients and families.

The program formed in 1973 as part of the former Ambulatory Care Program to provide assessment and counseling for patients with chronic illness and/or developmental disability and their families. The program provides mental health intervention, including individual and family therapy, to address emotional and behavior difficulties. Common issues include compliance with medical treatment, reintegration into the home/school community, and coping with hospitalization and painful procedures. Pediatric Psychology also offers assessments, objective and projective behavior observation, intellectual and learning assessments, and diagnostic interviews to monitor effectiveness of medical treatments in reducing ill effects on patients' intellectual and emotional status.

Community outreach is also an important aspect of the Pediatric Psychology Fellowship Program. Our program is involved in Minneapolis community clinics to provide direct services and staff consultation. We consult with schools, residential treatment programs, and county social services.

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