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The Department of Pediatrics has a long tradition of honoring faculty and learners who exemplify excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Named Lectureships

Julia Berg Memorial Lectures

Two lectureships were established to honor Julia Berg, a pediatric patient who died in 2005.

Julia died due to medical error. Her parents, Welcome Jerde and Dan Berg, established the Julia Berg Memorial Lectureship on Patient Safety to provide funding for renowned speakers whose specialty is in patient safety with a focus in communication between families and medical staff of hospital systems.

Julia had struggled with depression. She was upfront about it and worked hard at managing it. She reached out to friends and classmates to support them in their own struggles, and she was passionate about reducing the stigma of mental illness. The Julia Berg Memorial Lectureship on Adolescent Health provides funding for invited speakers whose specialty is in adolescent health.

To learn more about the Berg's Journey and their family's ongoing efforts to educate about this important issue: 

Visit their website 

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Lewis W. Wannamaker Memorial Lecture

Lewis W. Wannamaker, M.D., a member of the Faculty of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota for more than thirty years, was nationally and internationally recognized for his contributions in infectious diseases and microbiology. These enormous contributions were matched by his astute clinical acumen, academic leadership and scholarship, and respect as a person. His many students and colleagues all over the world were enriched by his warm and generous personality, his quiet and thoughtful manner, his critical and lively intellect, and his uncompromising standards of personal and scientific integrity.

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Mark E. Nesbit Lectureship in Pediatric Oncology

The University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics and the Children’s Cancer Research Fund established this annual lectureship to honor Mark E. Nesbit, and international leader in the field of pediatric oncology for more than 30 years.

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Norma K.C. Ramsay Lectureship

Each year, the Norma K.C. Ramsay Lectureship brings a leading female doctor or scientist from around the world to the university to share their research and inspire new generations of medical pioneers.

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Faculty Awards and Recognition

Alexander Charles Jundt Research Award

The Alexander Charles Jundt Research Award was established by James and Joann Jundt to encourage the innovative entrepreneurial spirit of the faculty to explore new areas of pediatric medicine. The award supports the research project proposed by a member of the Department of Pediatrics that is most likely to generate NIH support in the future.

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American Legion Award

The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary Department of Minnesota in memory of the men and women of this state who served their country in the armed forces in World War II have endowed at the University of Minnesota a memorial heart research professorship to study the causes, prevention and treatment of rheumatic fever and heart diseases especially as these affect children. 

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Department of Pediatrics Faculty Recognition Awards

These awards were created to recognize the impressive breadth and depth of scholarship and achievement of Department of Pediatrics faculty at all ranks/level. On an annual basis, nominations are submitted by peer faculty in the Department of Pediatrics with award winners selected by representative faculty leadership teams. Awards are presented at the annual Julie Ross Faculty Recognition Event.

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Gold-Headed Cane Award

This distinction, which dates back to the 17th century, is recognized as a symbol of excellence and preeminence among physicians. The Department of Pediatrics has awarded this honor, which recognizes “The Physician’s Physician,” since 1972 in recognition of exceptional individual contributions to pediatric care and education in Minnesota.

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Homer Venters Outstanding Clinical Teachers Award

The Homer Venters Outstanding Clinical Teacher Award is presented annually to a member of the clinical faculty who has made outstanding contributions to pediatric education.

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Irvine McQuarrie Research Scholar Award

This award was established in 1990 from funds contributed by emeritus faculty, community physicians, and friends of the Department of Pediatrics in honor of Dr. Irvine McQuarrie, the first full-time chair of the Department of Pediatrics (1930-1955). During his tenure, Dr. McQuarrie created the strong scientific emphasis in the Department of Pediatrics and was noted for his development of academic careers of junior faculty.

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Master Teacher Distinction

The Master Teacher distinction is bestowed upon faculty educators who have been awarded the Outstanding Pediatric Faculty Educator Award four or more times.

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Outstanding Division Educator Award

This award is presented annually to one division from the University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics who has been voted by the residents and fellows to be most outstanding in their commitment to medical education.

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Outstanding Pediatric Faculty Educator Award

The Outstanding Pediatric Faculty Educator Award began in 1982, and is selected by the residents. Achieving this award four times qualifies the faculty educator for Master Teacher distinction, and achieving this award ten times honors the faculty educator with the Youngki Kim Excellence in Teaching Award. This award was most recently modified in 2010-2011 to recognize one faculty educator at the M Health Fairview Masonic Children's Hospital and one faculty educator from our affiliate hospitals and clinics.

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University Children's Foundation Scholar Award

The University Children’s Foundation was created in 1989 as the fundraising and advocacy arm of the Department of Pediatrics. The University Children’s Foundation Scholar Award is presented annually to outstanding young faculty members early in their careers.

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Youngki Kim Excellence in Teaching Award

Youngki Kim is recognized by residents and students as Teacher of the Year four or more times, thus qualifying for the distinction of Master Teacher, and continuing to be recognized as Teacher of the Year for ten years, for having the extraordinary ability to excite, intrigue and foster independent pursuit of knowledge in both students and residents and his exceptional commitment to the education and creation of the next generation of pediatricians.

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Learner Awards and Recognition

Margaret Kendrick Hostetter Award

Margaret Kendrick Hostetter is recognized for outstanding leadership in graduate medical education at the University of Minnesota (1982-1998). Her effective nurturing of the careers of pediatric physician scientists, dedication to excellence in research, and exemplary care of children is recognized by this award.

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Mark Snelling Memorial Award

Mark Snelling graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine and completed his pediatric residency at the University of Minnesota between 1984 and 1987. He worked for two years as a general pediatrician before returning to Minnesota to begin his fellowship in Critical Care in 1989. Barely a year later, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This did not dissuade him from his goal of completing the fellowship program. Mark continued to work around his chemo and radiation therapy schedules and bone marrow transplant.  He died at his home in February 1993. Mark touched many lives; not only was he an excellent physician and teacher during his residency and fellowship, but he demonstrated what one can accomplish through inner-strength, determination and with a sense of humor. This award is given to a fellow who has demonstrated excellence in teaching. 

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Susan Vincent Memoral Award

Susan Vincent joined the University of Minnesota Pediatric Residency Program in 1989 and in her two short years with us, she demonstrated excellence both as a clinician and as a teacher. Those who worked with Susan knew that she would be a success in any area she chose; she died from malignant melanoma in 1991. Her friends, colleagues and faculty established this memorial in her honor to be given to an individual in his or her final year of residency, who has demonstrated excellence in the teaching of others.

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