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Please mark the following dates on your calendars! Faculty should be excused from clinic and pager duty during the developmental meetings. Please email Dr. Moran at moran001@umn.edu with your ideas and comments so that the program can be developed to be as useful and as meaningful as possible. 


1:1 Pandemic Paper Pitt-Stops 

I've had conversations with many colleagues over the last few weeks about the conflict during the current COVID chaos of conceptually having more time to see stalled writing projects to fruition balanced against the decreased mental bandwidth and stamina of balancing social distancing, new workflows, home-schooling regimens, and toilet paper rationing.

Many have mentioned how the thought of taking on a writing project right now seems impossible, while others have said they are eager to use this forced desk time to do so. I don't think either is right or wrong (and have myself vacillated between the two camps). I do know that one of the things I enjoy is working with peers to help them find their story and convert it to a manuscript. If you are interested in a 1:1 check-in on how you could move a project along (questions re: journal selection, paper type, writing logistics, timelines, etc.) please sign up for a  Virtual Office Hour Slot here. If one works for you, click on it and it will add to both of our calendars and we can connect for a chat. If none of these work, shoot me an email and we can find another time. 

With Mike Pitt | Associate Chair of Faculty Development

Still Loading- What Cognitive Load Theory Can Teach Us About Using EdTech Wisely

In this P2P session, the number of available ed tech tools has exploded. And, thanks to COVID, so has our use of tools such as zoom, PowerPoint and audience response systems in medical education. This session reviews evidence-based principles for making your teaching and use of these tools more effective. Participants will gain an understanding of cognitive load theory, experience applying 11 instructional design principles to teaching sessions and best practices for using a range of ed tech tools effectively in their teaching activities.

Rachel Poeppelman, MD

Dates Offered:
Thursday, October 27 (12-1 pm)

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