Upcoming Development Sessions

Please mark the following dates on your calendars! Faculty should be excused from clinic and pager duty during the developmental meetings. Please email Dr. Moran at moran001@umn.edu with your ideas and comments so that the program can be developed to be as useful and as meaningful as possible. 


All Assistant & Associate Professor meetings are from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. Lunch is provided.

Upcoming Dates (all events in Wilf Family Center)

  • January 22 (LEAD cohort only)
  • February 20 (LEAD cohort only)
  • March 17
  • April 23 (LEAD cohort only)
  • May 20 (LEAD cohort only)


1:1 Pandemic Paper Pitt-Stops 

I've had conversations with many colleagues over the last few weeks about the conflict during the current COVID chaos of conceptually having more time to see stalled writing projects to fruition balanced against the decreased mental bandwidth and stamina of balancing social distancing, new workflows, home-schooling regimens, and toilet paper rationing.

Many have mentioned how the thought of taking on a writing project right now seems impossible, while others have said they are eager to use this forced desk time to do so. I don't think either is right or wrong (and have myself vacillated between the two camps). I do know that one of the things I enjoy is working with peers to help them find their story and convert it to a manuscript. If you are interested in a 1:1 check-in on how you could move a project along (questions re: journal selection, paper type, writing logistics, timelines, etc.) please sign up for a  Virtual Office Hour Slot here. If one works for you, click on it and it will add to both of our calendars and we can connect for a chat. If none of these work, shoot me an email and we can find another time. 

With Mike Pitt | Associate Chair of Faculty Development

Pointers and Pitfalls for Posters and Platforms - A Special Joint Faculty Development P2P with colleagues from University of Wisconsin

Just in time for conference season, this special joint P2P with colleagues from the University of Wisconsin will be used to review strategies for effective poster and slide design, presentation pearls, and strategies to elevate our public speaking. 

Nicole St Clair, MD & Mike Pitt, MD

Date Offered:
Tuesday, April 5 from 1-2 pm via zoom

Tricks Are For Kids...and Fun Adults - A Special Fun Forward P2P

Many of you know that long before medicine I was a professional magician, performing 4 nights a week in restaurants and corporate events. I have since done workshops and grand rounds across the country on how pediatricians can learn to think like magicians and improve their bedside rapport. That session focuses a lot on theory and uses a handful of tricks to illustrate the points. In this P2P session, the first of our Fun-Forward  Series, we'll breeze right past the theory and spend most of the time learning some great easy to do magic tricks to up your cocktail party and family reunion game! Grab a deck of cards and be prepared to first be amazed, and then learn to do the amazing!

Mike Pitt, MD

Date Offered:
Wednesday, May 4 from 1-2 pm via zoom

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 We are working on additional ways to keep our peer based faculty development going during the COVID-19 chaos. Be on the lookout for more virtual offerings soon.

Upcoming Development Session

You are cordially invited to a cooking demonstration (optional cook-along) on Tuesday, November 16 from 6-7pm via Zoom with Dr. Kate Shafto. Please RSVP to join us for this exciting event!

Dr. Kate Shafto is a Med-Peds and Integrative Medicine physician, culinary medicine instructor and regenerative farmer. She brings these worlds together in the kitchen. 

Additionally, Dr. Shafto will give the Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds presentation the following morning at 7:30am on Wednesday, November 17. Themes will include how cooking can transform personal health and wellbeing, the impact even simple food preparation has on our community and climate.

Recipes: Wild Rice Pilaf & Miso-Mushroom Greens
(Ingredients list to follow on the calendar invite)