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Kara Beckman
Kara Beckman - Restorative Practices in Education, Legal, and Community Settings

Restorative justice approaches are increasingly being adopted in communities to address harmful and criminal behavior by young people. These practices involve trained practitioners working with those impacted and those who caused the harm to determine healing and restoration. These approaches help young people develop empathy, understand multiple perspectives, and live in accordance with their values, while shifting the narrative about criminal behavior to one where society and community share responsibility. Studies have shown promising results, with some counties achieving higher success rates and lower re-referral rates.

Rebecca Shlafer testifies in front of the MN House
Rebecca Shlafer - Testifies for MN House on Better Options for Children with Incarcerated Parents

Rebecca Shlafer, in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, describes her work on the impact of incarceration on children and families during a Feb. 3, 2023 meeting of the House Corrections Division and House Early Childhood Finance and Policy Division. 

Photo by Mike Cook, Copyright Minnesota House of Representatives, used with permission.

Dr. Judith Eckerle
Judith Eckerle - Improving Korean Adoptions

In May of 2023, Dr. Judith Eckerle traveled to South Korea with a small group of focused, professional Korean adoptees to advocate for change in order to help children who are in orphanages or permanent foster care. Goals of the work include removing family registry requirements, creating Safe Haven Laws that allow women to bring their child to a safe place without retribution or criminal charges, and loosening laws that currently block abandoned children from being adopted. Throughout their time in Korea they spoke with former Korean ambassadors, heads of state, various CEOs and politicians and attended National Adoption Day events.This group doesn't advocate for or against adoption specifically, rather a chance for children to grow up in a family. 

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