University of Minnesota Childhood Cancer Survivor Program

We are updating our contact information to be sure we can reach you with any new information that may be helpful to your care and quality of life as a childhood cancer survivor.

Did you know...

There are now more than 350,000 survivors of childhood cancer and adolescent cancer in the US.

  • Most survivors in the US don't get the specialized care that they need.
  • Most survivor health problems can be treated or controlled with early detection and diagnosis.
  • Our Childhood Cancer Survivor Program cares for survivors of all ages - both children and adults.
  • During your visit, you will be updated on the latest research opportunities specifically for childhood cancer survivors.
  • After every visit to our Childhood Cancer Survivor Program, you get a typed summary of your previous treatments and survivor-specific care plan moving forward.
Minnesota Cancer Survivorship Program

Questions & Appointment Scheduling

For survivors age 21 and younger: 612-365-8100
For survivors age 22 or older: 612-625-5411