Ability Over Disability: Adoption Medicine Clinic Support Enables Teen To Chase Olympic Wrestling Dream

When Logan Hatch struggled with his reading skills in first grade, his parents Angelique and Daniel Hatch took him to the MHealth Fairview Adoption Medicine Clinic. For the following years, Logan’s family relied on their team of experienced clinicians, including Judith Eckerle, MD, and Dana Johnson, MD, PhD, to provide clinical care. Little did they know at that point in time that the care Logan received would not only help him as a student, but it would enable him to become an Olympic-level wrestler.

Logan was referred to Christopher Boys, PhD, LP, Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience, who later diagnosed him with dyslexia. They developed a long-term reading strategy and an education plan to assist Logan in his school work for years to come. Dr. Boys also worked with Logan to help him understand his cognitive processes and how they impact the daily activities of his life, providing a personalized approach that has been shown to help patients outside of just academics. 

Logan began his wrestling career in the 4th grade and throughout high school, he received many state wrestling titles. He trained internationally and in 2016, he was asked to compete with Team USA in Spain winning a gold medal as a Cadet Wrestler. Now age 19, he is a part-time college student at the University of Colorado while he trains at the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. To learn more about Logan’s story and Dr. Boys and colleagues’ amazing work at the MHealth Fairview Adoption Medicine Clinic, follow this link.