Pediatrics Staff Member Competes in the BTAA Data Viz Championship

Lindsy Halleckson, staff member in the Department of Pediatrics and local artist, participated in the Love Data Week Big Ten Academic Alliance Data Viz Championship. Her project, the Leaf Portrait paintings, depicts terpene emissions data from Ponderosa pine needles in 2021, collected by Dr. Dylan Millet's lab in Atmospheric Chemistry. The paintings display the signature of monoterpene gases that Ponderosa pine needles emitted during photosynthesis over the period of the study. 

The goal of her art was to animate the data gathered through the lab's research to present it in a more digestible format to a larger audience. 

To view the submitted project on the BTAA Data Viz Gallery website, follow this link.

To view Lindsy Halleckson's art description and more information on her work, follow this link