There are still no COVID-19 vaccines approved for children. As more adults get vaccinated, what should families with kids do?

As vaccination rollout continues and expands to more of the United States population, Minnesota recently opened its vaccination doors to anyone 16 years of age or older. With many adults already being vaccinated, many families are trying to navigate the difficulties of enjoying some of the past normalities of life while keeping their unvaccinated children safe. This brings around many questions of how to safely socialize with unvaccinated children, when the children will be able to be vaccinated, and what the future and vaccination rollout will look like when the time comes. Mark Schleiss, MD, Professor with the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota has recently sat down with MinnPost to answer some of these common questions and concerns. In the article, Dr. Schleiss discusses when children could see vaccines and ways to possibly get their vaccine early. Additionally, Dr. Schleiss talks about what schools may look like this coming fall and what kids can do in the meantime regarding school and activities outside of academics. To read the full article and Dr. Schleiss’s responses to some common questions, read this article