Nora Erickson, PhD, LP

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Nora Erickson

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Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience
Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain
2025 E. River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry, Ann Arbor, Michigan

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

MS, Clinical Psychology, Washington State University, Pullman, WA


Dr. Nora Erickson is a clinical child psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience at University of Minnesota Medical School. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from Washington State University and completed both a predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan. Her clinical and research work focuses on the intersection between perinatal well-being and early childhood mental health, with a specific emphasis on trauma, toxic stress, and resiliency. Dr. Erickson has prior training in several evidence-based early childhood interventions, including intergenerational and group-based modalities.



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Erickson, N. L., Gartstein, M. A., Hancock, G. R., & Neumann, A. (2020). Baby Preparation and Worry Scale (Baby-PAWS): Instrument development and psychometric evaluation. Early Human Development, 147, 10580-10580. 


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