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In order to better understand the environmental factors that trigger JIA onset and disease flare in children, we will create a registry of all children with JIA who live in the state of Minnesota.

At this time the contributing factors for most types of JIA remain unclear. It is widely believed that JIA is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors. By combining information from about 800 patients and their families we may be able to identify common factors that could improve the health of patients with JIA.

Who is eligible?

  • Are you a parent of a young person with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis?
  • Is the young person currently between the ages of 0-15?
  • Does the young person live in Minnesota?
  • Do you speak and understand English?

If yes to all four questions you may be eligible for the study.

What are current participants being asked to do?

  • Parents will complete a questionnaire
  • Patients and parents will contribute a DNA sample by saliva collection
  • Parents will be asked to sign a release form for medical records, birth certificate information and newborn blood spots.
  • JaMINN study participants will be asked to contribute follow-up information every three to six months.

How can I get more information

  • See the helpful links along the right side of this page
  • Call us at 1-866-434-9879
  • Email at JaMINN@umn.edu