Welcome to the newly established Division of Geriatrics, Palliative and Primary Care (GPPC)! GPPC brings together a diverse group of staff, researchers, educators, and clinicians with the common goal of positively impacting patients and trainees while aiming to gain a national reputation for patient care, education, and research.

Research Funding
Affiliate Faculty

Division faculty are passionate advocates for change, taking part in various groups and activities that address issues at the national, state, university, and local levels.


Our faculty conduct research in a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to); healthcare utilization & health disparities, innovations in medical education, behavioral and psychosocial health and lifestyle change, substance use & tobacco control, optimizing clinical care and quality improvement, remotely delivered clinical trials, and global health.

Academic Clinical Programs

The Division of GPPC prides itself in its approach to educating learners and conducting research in the fields of Primary Care, Health Psychology, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care.

Administrative Contact

Phone: (612) 624-8984
Fax: (612) 624-3189
Email: gppcadmin@umn.edu

Mailing Address
Mayo Mail Code 741
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Administrative Office
Mayo Memorial Building
420 Delaware Street SE
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