Blue Ridge Ranking places the Department of Medicine at #37 in 2023 with $48M in total NIH funding.
Image of Chris Wendt

Dr. Christine Wendt, Vice Chair, Research

The mission of the Department of Medicine's research is to conduct and catalyze scientific inquiry leading to the prevention, detection, and treatment of human disease. Our vision is to provide each patient with the opportunity to participate in the process of scientific discovery and our aspirations are to perform the highest quality patient-oriented research and to train the next generation of biomedical scientists to eclipse our accomplishments.

Image of Dr. Paul Drawz

Paul Drawz, MD, MHS, MS

Associate Chair, Clinical Research

My primary research interests include hypertension, acute kidney injury, and chronic kidney disease.  We have received NIH funding to study the effect of home blood pressure monitoring on blood pressure control, cardiovascular risk, and non-cancer mortality.  In addition, I am a member of the Minnesota EHR Consortium - a statewide collaboration between individuals from 11 large health systems, MDH, and other health care organizations.  The Consortium has worked with MDH and local public health agencies on COVID syndromic surveillance, vaccine distribution, and community health assessments.

Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research Ranking Places Medicine at #37!

Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research Ranking Names Medicine #37 Among Top Performers

We are thrilled to announce that our department secured the prestigious #37 position in the Blue Ridge NIH Rankings, maintaining our funding at an impressive $48 million. Thanks to the hard work, expertise, and creativity of the faculty, staff, and students of this department and the Medical School, the University of Minnesota Medical School remains in the top 25 of all U.S. institutions and top10 of U.S. public institutions in the 2023 Blue Ridge Research Rankings.