Blue Ridge Ranking increases from 37th in 2021 with $40,330,757 to 34th in 2022 with $48,582,516 in total NIH funding
Vice Chair for Research - Peter Crawford

Dr. Peter Crawford, Vice Chair, Research

The mission of the Department of Medicine's research is to conduct and catalyze scientific inquiry leading to the prevention, detection and treatment of human disease. Our vision is to provide each patient with the opportunity to participate in the process of scientific discovery and our aspiration is to perform the highest quality patient-oriented research and to train the next generation of biomedical scientists to eclipse our accomplishments.

Medical School NIH grants accounted for 77% of all NIH funding to the University in FY 2022, up from 66% in 2021 & 64% in 2020
Medicine Jumps to #34 in Blue Ridge Research Ranking

Medicine Reaches Milestone in National Institutes of Health (NIH) Funding

In 2022, the Department of Medicine achieved all-time highs on the Blue Ridge NIH ranking, setting a new milestone of $48.6M in funds awarded, resulting in an unprecedented #34 national ranking!

In March, the Blue Ridge Research Rankings were released, announcing our Medical School as the #20 most-funded institution in the country, with over $340M in funding from the National Institute of Health.