Zohar Sachs Lab

Zohar Sachs

The Sachs Lab's goal is to identify molecular mechanisms of leukemia stem cell self-renewal in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Since AML cells are highly heterogeneous, we specialize in the application of single-cell, high throughput technologies (including mass cytometry/CyTOF and single-cell RNA sequencing) and patient-derived xenografts and genetically engineered mouse models to address these research questions. We believe that this approach will identify effective therapeutic targets for this deadly disease.



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Sachs Lab Members

Image of Sach's Lab Members

Sachs lab presenting new research findings (“Cell type-specific effects of crizotinib in human acute myeloid leukemia with TP53 alterations”) at the 2019 society for hematology (ASH) annual meeting in Orlando, FL. 

Left to right: Jeff Jensen, MD/PhD (former post-doc), Marie Lue Antony, PhD (post-doc), Klara Noble-Orcutt, MS (lab manager), and Zohar Sachs, MD/PhD (principal investigator)

Image of Marie Lue Antony

Marie Lue Antony, PhD, Research Associate

Research Interests: Cancer stem cells, AML
Current Research: Therapeutic targeting of leukemia stem cells in AML; understanding the therapeutic vulnerabilities of TP53 altered AML

Image of Yoonkyu (Ryan) Lee

Yoonkyu (Ryan) Lee, Graduate Student, PhD Candidate, Bioinformatics and computational biology program (BICB)

Research Interests: Cancer, single cell RNA-seq, genomics and machine learning
Current Research: I am developing new computational methods to analyze single cell RNA sequencing data to discover new features and dependencies of self-renewal
Education: BS, Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin (2016)
Email: leex5085@umn.edu

Image of Daniel Chang

Daniel Chang, Graduate Student, PhD Candidate, Bioinformatics and computational biology program (BICB)

Research Interests: Applying machine learning methods to single-cell RNA sequencing data, cancer stem cell self-renewal mechanisms, and statistical modeling of signaling
Current Research: Using a myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) mouse model to study the transformation from MDS to secondary acute myeloid leukemia.
Education: BS, Microbiology, University of Minnesota (2013)

Image of Klara Noble-Orcutt

Klara Noble-Orcutt, MS, Lab Manager

Research Interests: Cancer stem cells, murine models of leukemia
Current Research: Defining therapeutic vulnerabilities in treatment resistant AML using patient-derived xenografts
Education: BS, MS, University of Minnesota
Email: noble116@umn.edu


Zohar Sachs, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation
Department of Medicine
University of Minnesota


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