Programs and Centers

Applied Clinical Research Program

The program will promote and facilitate interdisciplinary clinical research initiatives with schools, centers, institutes and programs in the Academic Health Center, other teaching hospitals, community providers and government agencies.

Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research

The Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research was formed in order to address the growing need to take autoimmune diseases research from the level of excellence that has already been achieved in current animal-based research endeavors, and translate that same success into human-oriented research.

Program in Infection and Immunity

Our Mission is to discover mechanisms of pathogenesis that can be translated into new treatments and strategies for prevention of infectious diseases.

Center for Resuscitation Medicine

The Center for Resuscitation Medicine is a virtual, interdisciplinary center at the University of Minnesota Medical School with the goal to advance research, education, and community engagement in the field of resuscitation medicine.

Lillehei Heart Institute

The Lillehei Heart Institute is a premier clinical and basic science research institute focusing on cardiovascular genomics, heart development, heart regeneration, stem cell therapies, heart failure and vascular biology.

Minnesota Multidisciplinary Vasculitis Program

The mission of this program is to provide patients with systemic inflammatory disease or vasculitis with cutting-edge, individualized, comprehensive and integrated multidisciplinary care and access to clinical trials.

Program in Transplant Infectious Disease

This program integrates clinical care with clinical research. Between stem cell transplantation, abdominal organ transplantation, and thoracic organ transplantation, our program supports the infectious disease consultation needs of hundreds of patients.

Program in HIV Medicine

This program is instrumental in finding the answers needed to solve HIV infection.