Faculty Development

Faculty vitality across the career continuum is supported by a variety of programs administered by the department, Medical School, and the University. 

Department of Medicine Resources for Faculty Development

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Department of Medicine Resources for Faculty Development

Thriving at Mid Career (TMC) Seminar Series

TMC seminars are designed to support the vitality of DOM mid-career faculty, while deepening productive near-peer mentoring relationships.

  • July 11, 2022 | Preparing for Leadership Roles | Recording
  • October 26, 2021 |Reflection & Feedback Session for new Associate Professors

Foundations of Scholarly Writing Seminar Series

  • August 17, 2015 | Session 5: Best Practices for Writing the Main Sections of a Grant Proposal

  • August 10, 2015 | Session 4: Types of Grant Proposals, Logistics of Submission

  • August 3, 2015 | Session 3: Meeting Readers' Expectations for IMRaD; Responding to Reviewers

  • July 20, 2015 | Session 2: Meeting Readers' Expectations for IMRaD; Responding to Reviewers

  • July 13, 2015 | Session 1: What should I write about? Where can I publish?

Scientific Writing Consultation

Dr. Anne Marie Weber-Main, Professor of Medicine and Associate Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs and Development, provides critical review and substantive editing of DOM faculty’s written scholarly products (grant proposals, peer-reviewed articles) at different stages of development.

Potential areas of critique and writing support:

  • Compellingly articulating the project’s significance
  • Communicating complex scientific ideas with optimal clarity
  • Writing to meet the review criteria and funder’s priorities
  • Balancing brevity with appropriate detail
  • Writing in reviewer-friendly prose
  • Developing tables and figures to communicate specific ideas
  • Ensuring logic and cohesiveness of prose 
  • Selecting an appropriate journal
  • Personalized coaching in areas such as productive academic writing

To request assistance, DOM faculty may email Dr. Weber-Main at weber005@umn.edu.