Primary Care Pathway

The University of Minnesota recognizes the unique role of primary care and the importance of properly preparing residents with an interest in this particular field. For those residents, we offer a specific pathway in Primary Care Internal Medicine. Primary care residents will remain integrated into the larger categorical residency program, but they will enjoy an expanded experience in ambulatory medicine including:

  • Population-based patient management, using evidence-based principles
  • Quality improvement in outpatient settings
  • Training in common outpatient procedures
  • Expanded choice of electives related to outpatient primary care (orthopedics, dermatology, office gynecology, mental health, etc.)
  • Team-based coordination of comprehensive care
  • Personal mentorship by nationally recognized primary care internists

Resident Insight
I’ve always had a passion for primary care and treating the “whole person.” I found this was valued and encouraged amongst those I worked with throughout the program’s three sites. The Primary Care Pathway allowed me to learn from thoughtful clinicians treating diverse patient populations in the Twin Cities, have access to unique clinic-based rotations, and fully manage my own panel at the Minneapolis VA throughout my years as a resident. Additionally, the opportunity to experience how three very different health systems operate was important in choosing my path after residency. Being a part of the Primary Care Pathway was integral to my residency training at the University of Minnesota and in developing the doctor I am today.

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Proposed Schedule

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  • Consult months to include: Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Pulmonary, Heme/Onc
  • Clinic Immersion Months in PGY2 and 3 years would allow time for scholarly or quality improvement projects. If residents want to do research or other rotations outside of what is listed would reduce the clinic immersion months to accommodate.
  • Extra continuity clinic days on immersion months. Total of 2 days per week.