The Department of Medicine’s Office of Faculty Affairs and Development is responsible for the management of research awards that support the career development of junior faculty, women, and under-represented minorities. The goal of these awards is to support recruitment, academic productivity, retention and the expansion of junior faculty’s research portfolios. Eligibility details and deadlines vary with each award, information below.

DOM Opportunities

Diverse Faculty Research Award (DRAW)

The DOM is committed to supporting the career development of faculty from backgrounds that are under-represented in our department. The purpose of the DOM Diverse Faculty Research Award (DRAW) is to provide funding opportunities for under-represented minority faculty to support academic productivity, expand the research portfolio, and help recruit minority faculty to the DOM.

DRAW Award

Dr. Anne Joseph Women's Early Research Career (WERC) Award

The Dr. Anne Joseph Women's Early Research Career Award (WERC) provides supplemental funding for women who are junior faculty to sustain their research productivity during early career stages, when completing extra-professional responsibilities (including child-rearing) are common. Applicants must have current financial research support and be on a clear path to a successful independent research career. The supplemental funding is intended to increase research productivity, thereby increasing career advancement opportunities for women in academic medicine.

WERC Award

Lois And Richard King Assistant Professorship

The Lois and Richard King Assistant Professorship in the Department of Medicine honors and recognizes the achievements of Lois and Richard King, MD. This 1M professorship has been established to attract and retain an outstanding faculty member at the level of assistant professor in the tenure-track or research track (*pre-tenure) doing basic science research within the Department of Medicine at the University of Minnesota

Lois And Richard King Assistant Professorship


Medical School Opportunities

Carole J Bland Award

Mentoring among faculty is a crucial component of faculty development and faculty retention and is an integral part of the collegial atmosphere in the Medical School. We believe that mentoring is critical to encouraging faculty vitality and professional growth. By recognizing the mentoring process, the Medical School recognizes its importance together with scholarship, teaching, and service. This award is a visible way to recognize the critical value of mentoring in academic medicine.

Carole J Bland Award