Global Medicine Lecture Series

Since 1999, the Global Medicine Lecture Series (formerly the Tropical and Travel Medicine Seminar Lecture Series - TTMS) has been a tradition of Global Medicine, reflecting our core value of providing medical education in the global village.

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Past Global Medicine Lectures

We record our Global Medicine Lecture Series and archive them here in case you miss any!





NOVEMBER 13, 2019

Global is Local: Equity and Health Disparities in the Twin Cities

Craig Hassel, PhD

This session was not recorded, as it was more of a conversation than a lecture. However, two interesting handouts were provided for us to share:

Creating Culturally Relevant and Responsive Health Care Models

Reconsidering Nutrition Science: Critical Reflection with a Cultural Lens

OCTOBER 23, 2019

Oncology in Tanzania

Dr. Servanti and Dr. Msenga


SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

Obstetrics in Global Health

Malaria, HIV, and TB in Pregnancy - Freddy Mbise, MD, a visiting physician from Tanzania.

Unfortunately, the recording did not function for this session! Thank you for bearing with us.

MAY 15, 2019

Recording (via Mediasite)

Healthcare in Laos

Healthcare in Laos - Saleumkhoun Siriphanh, MD & Cases from Laos - Kristina Krohn, MD

APRIL 17, 2019

Recording (via Mediasite)

Addiction Medicine Across the Globe

Addiction Medicine in South Africa - Bob Levy, MD and Addiction Medicine in South Korea - David Peter, MD, MPH

MARCH 20, 2019

Recording(via MediaSite)

Advanced Gorgas Course 2018: Lessons from Peru

Part 1: Overview of Gorgas Course and Tropical Medicine in Peru

Part 2: Clinical Cases from Gorgas Course 2018 

Presenter: Dr. Megan Shaughnessy (HCMC)

JANUARY 16, 2019

Recording (via Mediasite)

Pediatrics and Global Health

Global Pediatrics Update

NMDA receptor encephalitis for both the adult and pediatrics world and the high and LMIC worlds - Tina Slusher and Neurocysticercosis - Cindy Howard and Risha Moskalewicz


OCTOBER 17, 2018

Recording (via MediaSite)

Safety and Security with International Work

An Unusual Case of Dyspnea in an Elderly Tanzanian Woman - Cole Pueringer
Concepts and Case Presentations on Personal Security During International Travel: What You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Safe - Ron Johannsen

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

Recording (via Mediasite)

Mobile Populations: Definitions Implications

Global Health Update: Amr El-Bokl
Role of VOLAGs in Refugee Resettling: Michelle Eberhard
CDC Centers of Excellence: Hope Pogemiller


Older presentations

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