Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Image of Briar DuffyWe are thrilled that you are interested in our program for furthering your education in internal medicine. At the University of Minnesota, we pride ourselves in providing an inclusive, supportive, and friendly learning environment that provides ample experiences to explore the wealth of opportunities that internal medicine training affords. While our program stands out in many ways, our people, our education, and our drive to discover are truly exemplary in what they offer to our trainees.

Briar Duffy, MD, MS
Residency Program Director


At the University of Minnesota, we strive to provide a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive training environment for all of our trainees. Our residents, faculty, and staff work together in a collaborative, inspiring learning environment. We are advocates for health and equity, in medicine and in life outside the hospital.


  • Our residents practice across three distinct hospital systems, each with a unique patient population which helps to promote deeper understanding of disease and the impact of social determinants of health. 

  • Residents choose one of our five continuity clinics where they work as a primary care physician during their training. 

  • Our strong didactic curriculum includes a longitudinal academic half-day, an array of educational conferences led by our chief residents and senior residents, and hands-on ultrasound curriculum.


At the University of Minnesota, we strive to foster an environment of inquiry in basic science, clinical research, quality improvement, medical education, and career development. To meet this goal, our program provides ample research opportunities in both basic science and clinical research with world-renowned faculty, a dedicated quality improvement curriculum, and clinical pathways targeting future career goals of our residents. Each of these experiences help our residents to explore passions and interests in an effort to help them to become the clinicians, scientists, and educators they aim to be.

Stipend & Benefits

Financial Benefits

  • Current Stipends {with increases each year}
  • In-state University of Minnesota tuition rates for spouse and immediate family

Educational Allowance of $200.00 in the first year and $600.00 in the second and third years.

  • May be used for medical-related expenses including:  books, journal subscriptions, medical software, travel to scientific/medical meetings or conferences.

On the Job Benefits

  • Embroidered white coat
  • Breakfast at IMED (academic half day)
  • Vehicle and bike parking at all sites during hospital and clinic rotations
  • Meal allowance for on-call days
  • Child care centers available at the U of MN and the VA
  • On-site resident/fellow fitness facilities at UMMC and Regions Hospital

Off The Job Benefits

  • Four weeks flexible vacation each year plus 1 extra week after intern year
  • Parental leave: 6 weeks
  • Discounted theater, film, and sporting events tickets
  • Discounted Metro Transit passes
  • Discounted membership to campus recreational facilities

Insurance & Tax Benefits

  • Health and dental insurance
  • $25,000 life insurance policy
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Malpractice insurance at each hospital
  • Pre-tax health care reimbursement
  • Pre-tax dependent care reimbursement

Educational Benefits

  • 5 days educational leave for CME, conferences and other approved activities
  • ACP membership for residents presenting a poster or vignette
  • Access to campus libraries
  • Internet access and e-mail
  • Medline searches, MD Consults, and many other online databases and journals anywhere via the web

For more detailed information please refer to the GME Stipend and Benefits page.

Verification of Training

Requests to verify an Internal Medicine resident's training at the University of Minnesota need to be emailed to or faxed to the attention of Verification Processing at (612) 625-3238. For verification of subspecialty training, please contact the subspecialty directly.

To verify professional liability insurance information for a former UMN resident or fellow, find instructions on the Medical Malpractice Credentialing/Insurance Verification site.

Verification Contact List