Certificate & CTropMed® Preparation

Offered by the American Society For Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH), CTropMed® is a valuable certificate of knowledge that recognizes individual excellence in training and knowledge in clinical tropical medicine and travelers' health.

We prepare you for CTropMed Certification

When can I sit for the exam?

ASTMH 2024 CTropMed® Examination
The CTropMed® Examination will be held September 30 – October 20, 2024. The ASTMH has added an extra week this year since there are two Jewish Holidays which fall within this timeframe.

For students who are enrolled or are planning to take a Diploma Course, the course MUST be completed prior to June 17, which is the exam registration deadline date. 

How does the Global Health Course count toward my certification?

To be eligible to sit for the exam, you must have proof of 300 contact hours, including a minimum of 35 hours of practical, hands-on laboratory/simulation time. Our In-Person Global Health Course fulfills the hands-on requirement and our Clinical Tropical Medicine & Online Global Health Curriculum fulfills the content portion of the requirement. Upon your successful completion of the requirements, our administrator will provide you with a verification letter, which you will include in your examination application. You can also consider the Asian Clinical Tropical Medicine Course as an additional way to fulfill the hands-on requirements.

What resources do you recommend for exam preparation?

  • Of course, we recommend the renowned University of Minnesota hands-on In-Person Global Health Course and our Clinical Tropical Medicine & Online Global Health Curriculum; our training is 1 of only 17 ASTMH-approved courses, and the only program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • We also offer the ASTMH CTropMed® Online Exam Review. This review site is free for anyone who has taken 2 or more courses of the Clinical Tropical Medicine & Online Global Health Curriculum through the University of Minnesota.
  • A discounted rate for the exam review site is available for those who have completed the ASTMH's Intensive Update Course In Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler Health.

What is the pass rate for past Global Health Course participants?

The University of Minnesota boasts an 80% pass rate for providers who participated in either or both of the In-Person Global Health Course and the Clinical Tropical Medicine & Online Global Health Curriculum as preparation for the CTropMed® exam. 

How do I verify that I've completed the Global Health Course?

You are required to have completed our entire curriculum, which includes all seven online courses plus two-weeks of the hands-on in-person course or the Asian Clinical Tropical Medicine Course. ASTMH will not accept your application to sit for the exam unless all of the curriculum has been completed prior to October 2023.

ASTMH will require a separate certificate of completion from the University of Minnesota that will need to be included with your application.

Please send an e-mail request to globalhealth@umn.edu with your name, address, and the date(s) that you completed the requirements and Sarah Sponsler will send you a certificate.