Medicine Pediatric Residency Program Residents

The UMN MedPeds residency is a tight-knit, warm, supportive community. Without further ado, here are our 2020-2021 MedPeds residents. 

Class of 2020-2024

Class of 2020-2024

Front Row: Maggie Singer, Ali Hochstetler, Madeline Barnes, Ashwini Arumugam, Loretta Allotey
Back Row: Laura Stolbrock, Jack Kotecki, Tom Reimann, Kyle Baumann, Stephen John

Loretta Allotey

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Why did you choose this program?

I chose this program because I was looking for a MedPeds program that cared about my personal development just as much as my professional development. It was clear on interview day that Mike and Taj are thoughtful in structuring this program to fulfill that. This was also evident in the conversations I had with Residents on interview day. 

What are your plans after residency?

Combined Medicine and Pediatrics Hospital Medicine with some flavor of primary care and global health 

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

I love spending time with my nieces, trying new recipes, podcasts, and biking! Minneapolis has amazing biking trails. If you don't own a bike you can always rent one of the Nice Ride bikes at one of the many locations around town.  

What would you be if you weren't a physician?

A Teacher

Ashwini Arumugam

Coming soon

Madeline Barnes

Hometown: Kenmore, WA

Undergraduate: Scripps College

Medical School: University of South Florida

Why did you choose this program?

First and foremost the people, at the interview dinner I thoroughly enjoyed spending time talking to each of the residents. It is a group of people who are all passionate about promoting medicine and social justice as well as kind and funny. I also fell in love with the cities. As someone who has never lived in the Midwest, I was initially nervous but the Twin Cities are amazing. There are so many good restaurants, the park system is the best I have ever seen and its incredibly bikeable! 

What are your plans after residency?

Unsure, but definitely working with kids and adults

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

Hiking, biking, cross country skiing and cooking

Favorite game to play on a game night?

Ticket to Ride

What would you be if you weren't a physician?



Kyle Baumann

Hometown: Westbrook, MN

Undergraduate: South Dakota State University (BS in Biology) and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (MPH)

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)-Virginia Campus  

Why did you choose this program?

(1) The program’s excellent clinical training and exposure within multiple clinical settings, unparalleled global health training, and abounding opportunities for public health research involvement through collaboration with University of Minnesota faculty.  (2) The leadership’s commitment to resident well-being.  Plus, Minneapolis is a great city!  

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

Hobbies- Reading from genres including theology and worldview literature, learning Arabic, playing strategy board games, running, and dating my wife. Favorite Minnesota Activities- Enjoying the twin cities fantastic park system, fishing for northern pike, ice skating

Favorite game to play on a game night?

7 Wonders Duel

What would you be if you weren't a physician?

A professor and researcher in a school of public health or an epidemiologist

Ali Hochstetler

Hometown: Goshen, Indiana

Undergraduate: Goshen College

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Why did you choose this program?

I chose this program because it felt that residents were valued as people and as a part of the medical community. During my interview, they spoke to the importance of social justice, healthcare equity, and being active members of the larger communities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Also everyone I met was awesome and seemed like they were a tight-knit group who enjoyed spending time over shared food and exploring all of the amazing parks in the area! 

What are your plans after residency?

My hope is to be a combined hospitalist at an institution that has learners. I've always loved being a part of teaching teams and would enjoy continuing to be a part of medical education. I also have a strong interest in global health and would hope to be involved in global healthcare, whether abroad or locally, in some capacity! 

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

I love running along the many trails and through the neighborhoods in the Twin Cities - it's a great way to explore and see all of the lakes and parks that the cities have to offer. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, and spending time with my dog Millie.  

What would you be if you weren't a physician?

In real life, probably a science teacher. In my dream world where money does not matter, I'd probably own and run a used book store/vintage clothing/coffee shop/bar/flower and plant shop. You know. Something real chill. 

Stephen John

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Undergraduate: Western Michigan University

Medical School: University of Michigan

Why did you choose this program?

Some of the factors which drew me to the program include: a strong med-peds community with many attending physicians who practice both medicine and pediatrics, an exciting medical device ecosystem with the densest concentration of medical device talent in the country, the ability to train at a variety of clinical sites, a solid global health program and the fact that I have family in the area. 

What are your plans after residency?

global health; cardiology vs. general med-peds

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

badminton, taekwondo, making and listening to music, cooking Indian food and exploring the Twin cities' great network of parks and trails 

What would you be if you weren't a physician?

med tech entrepreneur 

Jack Kotecki

Hometown: Coleman, WI

Undergraduate: UW-Madison (go badgers)

Medical School: UW-Madison (go badgers)

Why did you choose this program?

I chose Minnesota because the program is committed to supporting residents in rounding out their educations. That could mean giving residents extra time off to work on advocacy projects, or supporting projects through our world class global health programming; they will work with you to make your 4 years of residency what you want them to be. Also, the Minnesota Med-Peds program is well-established in the Twin Cities area which gives it the vibe of a big family!

What are your plans after residency?

Not sure!

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

When I’m not eating ice cream, I like to play dad-rock on my beat-up Fender, run the trail around Lake of the Isles or re-watch Veep bloopers. I’m a big fan of Badger football, until we inevitably lose in the Big Ten Championship. My favorite Minnesota activities include hunting for the best pho and best breweries in the Cities. 

Favorite game to play on a game night?


What would you be if you weren't a physician?


Tom Reimann

Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN

Undergraduate: Luther College

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Why did you choose this program?

The people are wonderful, fun, and supportive. We have a strong med-peds presence in GME and in our broader medical community, and our categorical programs are terrific. I love that we get to train in a variety of different types of hospitals and clinics; I think it really helps for planning the sort of career one wants to pursue. Above all, the program feels like it has a soul.

What are your plans after residency?

I really like the idea of being a med-peds hospitalist, but I'm open to all sorts of things. I definitely want to be involved in med ed.

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

I like to eat, read, do lots of things outside, and hang out with my wonderful wife Tess and my delightful pup Ruby.

Favorite game to play on a game night?

Settlers of Catan

What would you be if you weren't a physician?

Maybe a linguist or a gentleman adventurer.

Maggie Singer

Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Undergraduate: Wake Forest University

Medical School: Wake Forest University

Why did you choose this program?

When I started interviewing for Med-Peds, I initially was resistant to moving home. But after seeing the program here, it was hard to resist. The program really checked all my boxes: strong global health, a focus on social justice and emphasis on advocacy, opportunities for me to explore immigrant/refugee health, and residents that loved their hobbies as much as their jobs (aka, they had time for said hobbies). Lastly,  there is such a robust Med-Peds cultures in the twin cities (coming from a place without Med-Peds, I was excited about this). 

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

Hiking, Running (especially with my co resident Ali), Rock climbing (surprisingly a lot of outdoor climbing in MN),  Painting, Gardening, Cross Country Skiing. Love the MN breweries and restaurants, and running/walking/playing Frisbee/soccer/etc around the MN lakes! 

Favorite game to play on a game night?


What would you be if you weren't a physician?


Laura Stolbrock

Hometown: Eau Claire, WI

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

Medical School: University of Washington

Why did you choose this program?

The program leadership and residents had genuine interest social justice and were doing inspiring community-based work that I would love to be involved in. The global health training was robust and aligned with my approach and ideals around global medicine. I wanted to work with various health systems especially county hospitals and top-tier academic hospitals. I also had a lot of respect for the program director, his vision for the program and his use of evidence-based strategies to combat racism in the interview process.

What are your plans after residency?

No plans, just lots of interests...

What are your hobbies? Favorite Minnesota activities? 

Playing and going outside with my cats, spending time with my partner, climbing of all kinds, skiing.  In MN I love to spend time on the lakes, mountain biking, canoeing, spending time with friends and family.

Favorite game to play on a game night?


What would you be if you weren't a physician?

Anthropologist or artist

Class of 2019 - 2023

L to R: Haithien Phu, Rosemary Liu, Mackenzie Stice, Michael Downey, Jason Hoard, Thomas Klink, Amrith Shettigar, Mary Katherine Shoemaker, Talitha Wilson, Peter Ladner

Michael Downey

What is your hometown? Golden Valley, MN

College: Middlebury College

Medical School: University of Minnesota

When I grow up, I want to... Cardiology or Critical Care

My Hobbies are... Running, woodworking, nordic skiing, and anything on a lake

Why I chose this program: There are a ton of great med-peds programs out there, and when I was interviewing the first nonnegotiable criterion was a leading program where the training would not be compromised. While this narrowed it a little, what made Minnesota stand out to me was the vision and intentionality of the leadership in everything they did - big and small. As I'm interested in systems and possible leadership roles, training in such a culture offered unique benefit. Also there is critical balance between clinical skills and research here, without either being sacrificed for the other.  And finally, the people! (What's awesome about med-peds is most people will say this about their own program, and we all mean it. Find your crew on trail and go for it!)

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... A science teacher (Bill Nye generation forever!)

Favorite Residency Memory: Poolside (in a socially distanced manner) with my co-interns, sharing stories and reflecting on surviving a crazy year

Jason Hoard

What is your hometown? Indianapolis, IN

College: University of Notre Dame

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

When I grow up, I want to... be a combined med-peds hospitalist with a side of global health, academic medicine, and primary care. 

My Hobbies are... Camping, running, vegetarian cooking, bicycle repair

Why I chose this program: Minnesota immediately struck me as an exceptional program committed to social justice, community engagement, and resident education. Mike and Taj stood out as incredibly passionate program leaders, who are part of a close-knit med-peds network in the Twin Cities where our field is well-established and supported. The global health opportunities here are some of the best in nation. To top it off, Minneapolis is an awesome city, with endless parks, bike trails, lakes, and fun events year-round. 

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... Teacher + summer camp director

Favorite Residency Memory: Getting married! Also camping and hiking in beautiful northern Minnesota.

Thomas Klink

What is your hometown? Stillwater, MN

College: Macalester College

Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

When I grow up, I want to... be the best advocate for patients that I can be as a PCP.

My Hobbies are...  Attempting to build and fix things for my wife, trying to keep plants alive, cleaning up after my dogs. I now have chickens!

Why I chose this program: 

Three main reasons: 

1. The social justice orientation of the program
2. The residents that I met here on interview day
3. Focus on structuring the program to promote wellness--aka not just giving us lectures on resiliency. For example: 24 days of PTO that I can use as I want on outpatient months, plus an additional 4 professional development/advocacy days. I can't emphasize how huge it is to be treated like a professional and not be forced to schedule my vacation in 1-2 week blocks or to have all my vacation scheduled for me. "

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... Chip Gaines with fewer kids

Peter Ladner

What is your hometown? Deephaven, MN

College: Carleton College

Medical School: University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

When I grow up, I want to... Practice primary care

My Hobbies are...  Explore the beautiful parks, lakes, rivers and trails throughout the Twin Cities and statewide on foot, bicycle, cross-country skis, kayak, and canoe with my partner, Rebecca, and our dog.

Why I chose this program:  I was attracted to the program for a number of reasons; namely, the large Med-Peds community in the Twin Cities, the program's focus on activism and social justice, the thoughtful program leadership, the wide variety of training sites, and the friendly, inclusive resident community. In addition, I couples matched with someone in Family Medicine, so having a stellar Med-Peds program in a city with phenomenal FM programs was a significant plus. Finally, Minnesota is home - I couldn't be happier to be back!

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... A teacher

Rosemary Liu

What is your hometown? Overland Park, KS

College: Vanderbilt University 

Medical School: University of Texas at San Antonio 

When I grow up, I want to... Not quite sure yet, but likely transitional/complex care, global health, or palliative care 

My Hobbies are... Traveling, writing, reading in the park in my hammock, hiking, running outside, and being the official photographer for my roommate’s cat

Why I chose this program: The amazing global health opportunities, the prominent Med-Peds presence here, the diversity of training settings, the commitment to social justice and resident well-being, and most of all, the people I met on interview day all drew me to this program.

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... a writer, a travel or food journalist, or an ultrasound tech

Hai-Thien Phu

What is your hometown? Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

College: University of Minnesota

Medical School: University of Minnesota

When I grow up, I want to... be a Med/Peds Hospitalist.

My Hobbies are... I love cooking/baking for family and friends, hosting dinner parties where we play board games and have deep conversations, badminton, work with my husband on home improvement and decor, eating.

Why I chose this program: The global health program is one of the best in the country- there is so much support from staff and the program to accomplish your goals. I also appreciate the strong med/peds presence in the hospital sites we rotate through, which was very unique when I was on my interview trail. Last but not least, Minnesota is home for me, where my family and friends reside. Triple Gopher status achieved. 

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... A science teacher

Amrith Shettigar

What is your hometown? Troy, MI

College: University of Michigan

Medical School: Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

When I grow up, I want to... become a dual hospitalist with some element of global health. 

My Hobbies are...  Hiking and being out in nature, playing soccer, eating all of the food, Netflix, video games (especially Smash Bros!!)

Why I chose this program:  When I left my interview day, I felt that if I wanted to learn how to change the world there would not be a better place than here! It is home to a wonderful global health program, excellent clinical training at multiple hospitals, and a strong Med-Peds culture in the community. Also, the residents were so happy and it seemed like such a supportive family (I was right!). 

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... Video Game Developer vs. fantasy novel writer vs. professional super smash bros player

Favorite Residency Memory: Adopting 2 puppies during 2nd month of 2nd year, enjoying the snuggles while the husband takes care of them while I’m working.

Mary Katherine Shoemaker

What is your hometown? Fairhope, AL

College: Southern Methodist University 

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine

When I grow up, I want to... be a primary care physician! I would love to have adolescent medicine and women's health be a part of my practice too. 

My Hobbies are... Walking our dog Ralph, watching the Food Network, exploring the different neighborhoods in Minneapolis, and searching for the perfect bowl of queso

Why I chose this program: I chose this program because the residents all seemed to be part of such a strong, tight-knit community!

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... a high school teacher

Favorite Residency Memory: Every time my class gets together, we make Peter stand and give a toast. They are always lovely and make us laugh.

Mackenzie Stice

What is your hometown? St. Paul, MN

College: College of St. Benedict

Medical School: University of Minnesota 

When I grow up, I want to... experience all of our national parks, travel the world, and probably be a dual hospitalist +/- palliative care 

My Hobbies are... tromping through state parks with my dog, otherwise, I spend the majority of my free time in my kitchen

Why I chose this program: It was obvious to me that this program takes care of its people. From the PTO model for vacation (seriously, the best) to making sure you're covered without issue should an kind of emergency arise, to a dedicated medpeds chief that watches out for us and advocates for us, the program administration and faculty are here to train us to be excellent medpeds physicians and also to help us take care of ourselves along the way. 

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... an amateur food blogger

Talitha Wilson

What is your hometown? Juneau, Alaska

College: University of Puget Sound

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

When I grow up, I want to... combine teaching, thinking, and procedures, possibly through cardiology or peds EM. I am also excited about social justice, global health, and transitions of care. 

My Hobbies are...  Sleeping, running, skate skiing (youtube it!), backpacking, crossfit, and cuddling other people's dogs. 

Why I chose this program:  I was impressed by the diversity of training sites (VA to county newborn nursery to university hospital system just to name a few) as well as the patient population. More big picture, I was inspired by the program's emphasis on thriving not just surviving residency. Coming from the pacific northwest where there is less of a med-peds presence and being new to the midwest, I felt very welcomed. 

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... Yoga teacher in Hawaii

Class of 2018 - 2022


Front Row, L to R: Bryan Leyva, Brenda Her, Gabriela Contino, Vidhu Pandey (and Thea!)
Back Row: Parrisha Roane, Alec Duffy, Alexandra Alejos, Brittany Kimball, Mahjub Hammond, Erik Anderson 


Alexandra Alejos

Hometown: Culver City, CA

Undergraduate: Tufts University

Between undergrad and med school: I was a clinical research coordinator at MGH

Medical school: University of Michigan

My medical interests and career direction: I'm still figuring out where I'm going in medicine. I really enjoy the social impact of medicine and plan to find a field where I can incorporate that.

Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee, baking, crafting and board games

Languages spoken: Spanish and a very small amount of French

If I were not a physician I would: Own a bakery with my sister

Furthest you've traveled from home: Japan

Favorite activity in the twin cities: So far I've enjoyed trying various restaurants and bringing picnics to some of the beautiful outdoor spaces.
Why I chose this program: I really appreciated the emphasis on social justice that was not just stated but was evident throughout the course of the interview day! I was also excited about the diverse group of kind, enthusiastic and generally awesome residents I met during my interview dinner and who I am now lucky to count among my friends!

Erik Anderson

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Undergraduate: Gustavus Adolphus College

Medical school: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

My medical interests and career direction: My medical interests include health equity, advocacy, medical education, and palliative care.

Hobbies: Where to start!? Just a few of the things I enjoy include hanging out with friends and family, running, photography, sitting on pontoons up north, napping for hours on end, following Wisconsin sports, and singing along to a good Disney song or two.

Languages spoken: English

If I were not a physician I would: Probably be a high school teacher

Furthest you've traveled from home: India

Favorite activity in the twin cities: Spending time on or around the lakes. Can't get enough of the lake life here!

Why I chose this program: While there were a lot of things that attracted me to this program (e.g. strong categorical programs, opportunity to train at multiple sites, etc.), the biggest things were the friendly and welcoming nature of everyone I met, and the program leadership's commitment to community engagement and social justice. It was clear from my interview day that Mike and Taj (program directors) aim to create a strong sense of community wherever they go, both within our program and in the surrounding Twin Cities area. The opportunity to be a part of such a program - where the focus was not only on learning medicine, but on how to be an active member of the community - was really important to me, and I couldn't be happier thus far.

Favorite Residency Memory: I would say our program's annual med-peds graduation + intern welcome picnic is one of my favorite memories from residency thus far. Between celebrating the graduating residents, welcoming the new interns, and reconnecting with UMN med-peds alumni, the event always reminds me of how lucky I am to be a part of this incredible med-peds family here in the Twin Cities.

Gabriela Contino

Hometown: Bridgeton, New Jersey

Undergraduate: Muhlenberg College

Between undergrad and med school: Road trip across the US, camping and hiking the National Parks along the way!

Medical school: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

My medical interests and career direction: Academics, Global Health, Inpatient Medicine, and possibly a Fellowship

Hobbies: Tennis, Hiking, Photography, and anything outdoors

Languages spoken: A little Spanish

If I were not a physician I would: be a National Geographic Photographer

Furthest you've traveled from home: Bangladesh (for a Sustainable Development and Climate Change class in college)

Favorite activity in the twin cities: Exploring all the parks and lakes. I especially enjoy going to Minnehaha Falls and Dog Park

Why I chose this program: It had everything I was looking for in a program! The residents I met on interview day were hands down my favorite on the trail. The program had a huge Med-Peds presence at all the hospitals. It offered a large diversity of clinical experiences, including an amazing global health track. At the end of the day, it came down to feel. I thought back on the people I met on interview day and I knew immediately they were the type of people I wanted to be my colleagues and mentors. I wanted to be a part of this Med-Peds family!

Alec Duffy

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Undergraduate: University of Utah

Between undergrad and med school: I worked for a year at an acupuncture clinic with a doctor of Chinese medicine in Salt Lake City, then did a postbac at New York Medical College.

Medical school: New York Medical College

My medical interests and career direction: I am pretty undecided. I've thought about med-peds hospitalist, cardiology, primary care, other. I know I want to teach and have pediatric and adult patients.

Hobbies: Climbing, yoga, running, ukulele (I can play one Moana song and half of the whistling intro from Robin Hood)

Languages spoken: English

If I were not a physician I would: Teach, I will probably do this anyway.

Furthest you've traveled from home: Christchurch, New Zealand

Favorite activity in the twin cities: I like climbing at Minneapolis Bouldering Project and trying new restaurants.

Why I chose this program: I was looking for a program with strong categorical programs and big med-peds presence (there is med-peds faculty all over the place here) with residents that I got along with. I found all of those things here, plus the program leadership has been very supportive. Also, I was previously unaware, Minneapolis is amazing.

Mahjub Hammond

Hometown: Chadds Ford, PA

Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh

Between undergraduate and medical school: I spent a few weeks in my father's home country of Ghana with him and my sister!

Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

My medical interests and career direction: I'm interested in hospital medicine and primary care and currently hope to practice a combination of the two. However, I also really enjoyed working in both the MICU and PICU in medical school, so I may alternatively choose to pursue critical care.

Hobbies: I love rock climbing, going to the movies, listening to/discovering new music, dancing, attending theatrical performances (i.e., plays, musicals, ballets, etc.), hiking, visiting museums, and spending time (including doing all the above) with family and friends!

Languages spoken: English

If I were not a physician I would: Be a veterinarian for sure—I love animals!

Furthest you've traveled from home: Iran in the summer of 2000

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Bouldering at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project!

Why I chose this program: Minnesota was my favorite program on the interview trail for so many reasons but primarily because of the people and location. Fairly early into the pre-interview day dinner, I could already tell from both the residents and other applicants that the kinds of people this program attracts are ones with whom I would love to make friends and work alongside; my interview day only reaffirmed that initial impression. I was also attracted to the city of Minneapolis for being a mid-sized city located in the Midwest, new to me, and with everything to offer that larger cities do without being too expensive or overly crowded. Furthermore, I was attracted to the unparalleled Med-Peds network here; the opportunity to train at virtually every type of clinical setting there is; and Mike and the program's emphasis on social justice.

Rita Hurd

What is your hometown? Mankato, Minnesota

College: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Medical School: University of Minnesota

When I grow up, I want to... work with patients with complex psychosocial backgrounds, including people who use drugs and people who have been or are incarcerated. What this means for a specific career path I have yet to figure out :)

My Hobbies are...  Long-distance running (especially around the Minneapolis city lakes), cooking and baking with my husband, gardening and visiting the numerous local farmers' markets, learning about wine and winemaking, and spending time with my dog Jack

Why I chose this program: Support from leadership is authentic and extends beyond professional development to include support for health and wellbeing, plus Minneapolis and St. Paul are wonderful, welcoming cities full of opportunities to decompress following challenging rotations, stressful days, etc.

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... a food blogger

Favorite Residency Memory: After our second-year pediatrics retreat (which was a wonderful day on its own), which happened to fall on Valentine's Day this past year, much of our Med-Peds class gathered at my house for a last-minute take out pizza dinner and bonding session. This was pre-COVID-19, so my favorite part was that we all piled on my sectional couch and curled up with blankets around the fireplace - our last time all together without masks and social distancing! It felt special to spend a holiday that is traditionally spent with a partner or significant other as a class instead.

Brenda Her

Hometown: Maplewood, MN

Undergraduate: St. Catherine University

Between undergrad and med school: I took a year off and worked as a medical scribe and nursing assistant, and volunteered at a free clinic. I went to Thailand for a month and did a road trip to the west coast visiting the national parks along the way.

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

My medical interests and career direction: Medicine Hospitalist and Medicine-Pediatrics clinic in the Twin Cities

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and capturing photos and videos of the beautiful places I travel to.

Languages spoken: English, Hmong

If I were not a physician I would be: a science teacher, chef, or photographer.

Furthest you've traveled from home: Japan

Favorite activity in the twin cities: eating at my favorite restaurants and spending time with family and friends

Why I chose this program: Training a variety of clinical sites (free standing Children's, university hospital, community hospital, VA, continuity clinic) with Medicine-Pediatric attendings and residents, each site with its own diverse patient population. Diversity in Medicine-Pediatric faculty and residents regarding life experiences and career interests. Supportive chiefs and co-residents including the categorical programs. The Twin Cities is my home and it's great to be close to family.

Brittany Kimball

Hometown: Circle Pines, MN

Undergraduate: Augsburg University

Between undergrad and med school: AmeriCorps VISTA working with college students and community members to improve health around food insecurity, homelessness, and immigrant health

Medical school: Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

My medical interests and career direction: Hematology/oncology for adolescents and young adults, transitional care, cancer survivorship, health disparities, community engagement

Hobbies: Camping, gardening, listening to podcasts, Finnish things

Languages spoken: Finnish

Furthest you've traveled from home: Luosto, Finland

Favorite activity in the twin cities: Exploring all of the unique neighborhoods, checking out a new exhibit at the American Swedish Institute, eating East African food or Izzy's ice cream, walking around or paddling on one of the many lakes

Why I chose this program: This program offered the unique combination of opportunities for advocacy and community engagement as well as access to an incredible academic health center with numerous research opportunities in heme/onc. Plus, thoughtful leadership, happy, inspiring, motivated residents, multiple sites to gain a broad experience base, and an ideal location (Minneapolis/St. Paul is diverse, has great outdoor activities, plenty of good food, public events, and great arts and culture)--all of this came together to make this program the place I wanted to be for residency training.

Favorite Residency Memory: Playing Heads Up!, hiking, or sitting around a bonfire with my co-residents (aka my favorite humans); sledding during the peds retreat; and delivering presents to patient rooms on Christmas Eve.

Bryan Leyva

Hometown: Providence, RI

Undergraduate: Boston College (Go Eagles!)

Between undergrad and med school: Public health research (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard School of Public Health & The National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health)

Medical school: Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

My medical interests and career direction: Health equity; maybe primary care or hospital medicine, maybe oncology or infectious disease

Hobbies: Food. Food. Food. Also, travel, dancing, painting, hanging out with friends, exercise and sports

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese (basic)

If I were not a physician I would: I'd become a social scientist or policymaker, while regretting that I didn't go into a field like Finance that makes a lot of money.

Furthest you've traveled from home: Brazil

Favorite activity in the twin cities: Hitting the club (j.k. Going hiking at Minnehaha Regional Park or going to the various festivals in the area)
Why I chose this program: The various clinical sites, and the program director's focus on family, community, advocacy, and equity.

Parrisha Roane

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Undergraduate: Cal Poly Pomona

Medical school: UCLA/Drew Medical Education Program

My medical interests and career direction: Primary care, medical education, diversity & inclusion

Hobbies: fiction writing/reading, watching an unacceptable amount of TV/movies, DIY home projects, visiting quirky places I find on Yelp

Languages spoken: Creole, some Spanish

If I were not a physician I would: Writing, teaching, or computer programming

Furthest you've traveled from home: New Zealand

Favorite activity in the twin cities: There is always so much going on in Minneapolis/St. Paul that I’m usually doing something different every week! I’ve gone to art fairs, block parties, concerts, tried tons of new cuisine, etc etc. I actually go out more now than I did before intern year, just because events are so frequent, cost of living is cheaper so I can actually afford to do stuff, and events are so much easier to get to!

Why I chose this program: So many reasons! I loved the unique patient population, the program’s focus on advocacy, and the diverse training experience. I felt like Mike and Taj (our program directors) really cared about about personal and professional development, which was really important to me. I also loved the vibe at my pre-interview dinner - it was a packed house filled with residents, spouses, kids, and pets and just felt very “homey” and down-to-earth. I felt like I could be exactly who I am and that would be welcome. 

Favorite Residency Memory:  Staying up with Billy (Gabriela Contino's fiancé), Alec, and my husband talking and laughing until the early morning hours (thank you, outpatient months!)

Vidhu Pandey

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY

Undergraduate: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where I studied engineering

Between undergrad and med school: I worked as an aerospace engineer doing aerodynamic design at a major jet engine manufacturer for 9 years. Along the way I earned a MS in mechanical engineering from Ohio State, and met and married my wife Diana.

Medical school: University of Minnesota

My medical interests and career direction: Adult critical care versus med/peds hospitalist; ideally I would stay involved in medical device development

Hobbies: Hanging out with my two kids, Wally and Thea. I also like working on my car and cooking.

Languages spoken: English and varying forms of baby and toddler-speak
If I were not a physician I would: be less sleep deprived. Just kidding! I would be a science or math teacher, probably sleep deprived from having kids anyway

Furthest you've traveled from home: New Zealand on a trip with my high school orchestra (viola)

Favorite activity in the twin cities: Aside from playing with my kiddos, I like to eat and drink around the Twin Cities with my wife.

Why I chose this program: I felt that a significant majority of the people that I looked up to in medical school were graduates or residents in this program and that I really liked the diverse training opportunities, as well as the chance to stay here in town where my wife and family are already established. The interview dinner and day let me meet more of the current residents and I found that I was really at home with everyone. Finally, I really wanted my kids to grow up with adorable Minnesota accents.

Class of 2017 - 2021

L to R: Jenn Arnold, Emily Halverson, Deirdre Croke, Erica Ting, Hannah Lee, Megan Mehring, Tess Michielutti, Sharon Li, Polly Godfrey, Marta Michalska-Smith. Cameo appearance by Goldy Gopher

Jennifer Arnold

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Undergraduate: Michigan State University

Between undergrad and medical school: 6 month long Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) including 2.5 months of outreach activities in Brazil.

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

My medical interests and career direction: Hospitalist, Global health, under-served outpatient

Hobbies: Running, paddle boarding, hiking, skiing (basically anything to be outside and active!) photography, and guitar

Languages spoken: Conversational Spanish

Furthest I've traveled from home: Probably my study abroad in Spain

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Paddle Boarding on the Lakes!

Why I chose this program: There were so many reasons I was beaming ear-to-ear after I left my interview day here! I had a really great time at the interview dinner getting to know such a warm and inviting group of residents who obviously were one big family. Also, my abs hurt from how much I laughed during the night! During my interview day I was amazed by all the opportunities this program offered including amazing support for global health, diverse patient populations, and a strong med-peds presence with tons of med-peds faculty to work with and be mentored by!

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... Some sort of non-profit or advocacy work

Favorite Residency Memory: I think any of those moments that get us together outside the hospital and celebrating life events — baby showers, weddings, birthdays, house warming parties. We have a fantastic group of people we get to “do life” with during our four years of training.

Deirdre Croke

Hometown: Monroe, NY

Undergraduate: SUNY Geneseo

Between undergrad and medical school: No gap year but worked for the summer as a research assistant addressing birth outcome disparities through a Healthy Start program.

Medical School: University at Buffalo

My medical interests and career direction: Primary care physician at Fairview Eagan, my continuity clinic!

Hobbies: Soccer, baking, online shopping, pretending to be good at trendy workouts, eating all the ice cream.

Languages spoken: Barely any Spanish.

Furthest I've traveled from home: Galapagos Islands

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Biking or kayaking at Lake Calhoun. And of course all the breweries.

Why I chose this program: The program here checked all my boxes, but really it came down to a gut feeling. I had so much fun on my interview day and kept comparing other programs to this one. The variety of training settings, strong med-peds presence, beautiful city, and incredible residents and faculty make for a really strong yet fun program.

Favorite Residency Memory: Trip to Iceland after intern year during the week we get off, or a trip to Mexico last year in January. Or a recent last minute weekend trip up to northern Minnesota. Or to lake cabins in Wisconsin in the summer. Or to Barcelona. Or a Covid staycation where we did day hiking trips in nearby state parks for a week and went tubing down a river. Really have been able to take a lot of great vacations thanks to our PTO policy.  

Polly Godfrey

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Undergraduate: Emory University

Between undergrad and medical school: Completed pre-medical coursework and traveled

Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

My medical interests and career direction: Undecided at this time but I hope to incorporate my interest in global health in whatever I decide to do

Hobbies: Gardening, travel, cooking, dogs, and any outdoor activity

Languages spoken: English

Furthest I've traveled from home: Tanzania, Mongolia

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Walking/running along the Mississippi River

Why I chose this program: The people are so friendly, supportive, and down-to-earth. Additionally, I liked the diversity offered by rotating at many different hospital sites as well as the possibility to explore global health opportunities.

Emily Halverson

Hometown: Duluth, MN

Undergraduate: Wheaton College

Between undergrad and medical school: I worked for a small solar energy company that was starting a non-profit branch to promote education in isolated, rural areas around the world.

Medical School: University of Minnesota

My medical interests and career direction: I'll be sticking around as Global Health chief next year!

Hobbies: Jamming on my violin, cross-country skiing, hiking along the rugged north shore of Lake Superior.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Furthest I've traveled from home: The Amazon Rainforest

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Minneapolis/St. Paul is great for outdoors lovers, foodies, art critics and pretty much everyone in between. I love getting out and exploring new restaurants and cafes with friends after a walk in one of the many parks or green spaces around town. It's my goal to get out for a mini-kayaking expedition in one of the many lakes located right here in the city! 

Why I chose this program: There's definitely a reason I wanted to stay at the U of MN after finishing medical school here!

This program has a winning combination of rigorous clinical training and a great sense of fun. I've appreciated the opportunity to work with world-class physicians who care deeply about excellent patient care & resident education but don't take themselves too seriously.

Also, the U of MN has arguably the best Med-Peds Global Health Program in the country. Many programs have opportunities for residents to travel abroad but most don't offer comprehensive pre-travel education that equips residents to hit the ground running in tropical areas of the world (i.e. it's nice to know about cerebral malaria vs. yellow-fever vs. other before it's critical you make a care decision for a patient with altered mental status in Sub-Saharan Africa.) In addition, there is a strong culture of global health here in the Twin Cities.  Residents have access to a whole community of mentors who have been involved in global, immigrant and refugee health for years and are eager to pass on their pearls of wisdom!

The Minnesota Med Peds program is exceptionally warm & supportive as residents navigate all the twists and turns that training inevitably brings. At the U of MN, residents have mentors who care, encourage, teach and who celebrate residents' successes both large and small!

Favorite Residency Memory: Classes in our program are tight and ours is no exception- we enthusiastically celebrate birthdays in our cohort and for one birthday we went boating on the river to taken in a summer sunset with pizza and beer... it was perfect...

Hannah Lee

Hometown: Busan, South Korea & Chicago, IL

Undergraduate: University of Chicago

Between undergrad and medical school: Was an afterschool teacher through AmeriCorps in Houston, TX & then received my Masters of Public Health at The Dartmouth Institute in Hanover, NH. I then worked with a pediatric hematologist/oncologist at the University of Chicago helping with her research before starting medical school.

Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

My medical interests and career direction: Hospitalist/Public health research/Global Health

Hobbies: Running outside (not intense), reading fiction books (when time allows), hanging out with new found friends, and finding the high quality coffee and food spots in the Twin Cities!

Languages spoken: Korean and English

Furthest I've traveled from home: Capetown, South Africa - very beautiful and amazing fun! Highly recommend to anyone who loves nature and animals!

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: To be determined. I have bought a bike to try and fit in. I am currently enjoying the high accessibility of nature (was I the only one that was surprised that the Mississippi River starts all the way up in Minnesota?)

Why I chose this program: Strong Med-Peds presence in faculty, very approachable and friendly leadership (Mike and Taj), Erica is also awesome, and the global health presence was unbeatable here. Also, the strong social justice and awareness that the program exhibited to me during interview day was very memorable. Great co-residents and attendings have been more than welcoming thus far!

Sharon Li

What is your hometown? Plano, TX

College: Cornell University

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine

When I grow up, I want to... teach in graduate or undergraduate medical education, teach (and practice!) yoga, and visit all 61 U.S. national parks. 

My Hobbies are...  Indoor gardening (obsessing over my houseplants, essentially), anything related to my cat (Bella), practicing yoga, and going for walks-- be it along the beautiful lakes in the Twin Cities or across the country on national park road trips with my husband.

Why I chose this program:  I knew I wanted to train at a program that has a county hospital, a VA, and at least one freestanding children's hospital because I rotated in all of these as a medical student and came to appreciate how varied the experiences were. So six different sites? Sign me up! My interview day sealed the deal for me, though-- I appreciated how forthcoming and honest everyone felt about the ups and downs of the program.

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be... a Disney princess or a kindergarten teacher.

Favorite Residency Memory: Fall evenings around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows with my class of Wonderwomen.

Megan Mehring

Hometown: Muskego, Wisconsin

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Between undergrad and medical school: During two gap years, I traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua on a medical mission trip, worked as a medical scribe in Family Practice and backpacked in national parks.

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

My medical interests and career direction: Currently, I am interested in general practice either inpatient or outpatient or some combination of the two.

Hobbies: In my free time, I love to trail run with my dog along the Mississippi. I also enjoy baking and going to new restaurants as well as gardening (both veggies and flowers). Winter fun includes cross country skiing and dabbling in skijoring. 

Languages spoken: English and very little German.

Furthest I've traveled from home: Australia in spring 2019 which included exploring the Great Barrier Reef!

Favorite Residency Memory: Bonfire side chats and s'mores with my co-residents 

Marta Michalska-Smith

Hometown: Statesboro, GA

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame

Between undergrad and medical school: AmeriCorps in Humboldt Park, Chicago

Medical School: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

My medical interests and career direction: Adult Rheumatology Fellowship

Hobbies: eating, cuddling with my dog, having people over, long conversations, coffee and chocolate, theater,

Languages spoken: English, Polish

Furthest I've traveled from home: China, Thailand, Tanzania, Romania,

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Dog Parks! Light festival on the frozen lake

Why I chose this program: I fell in love with the program's obvious dedication to social justice and resident wellness as well as the relaxed, embracive culture the residents foster. I felt that the people drawn to this program valued a dynamic training environment, a commitment to advocacy, and invested in rich friendships. This group is filled with genuine people who have a wide range of interests and talents, and with such a large program, there is always someone to hang out with. I really love the strong med-peds presence and the diverse patient population.  On my interview day, I was excited to hear about the writing group which I now attend and love and learned about a Harry Potter podcast from a resident that I've since fallen in love with. Orientation confirmed my choice as it was obvious that the program was very resident-centered and supportive. I'm excited and proud to be part of this program!

Favorite Residency Memory: Resident story slam event! Beer, food, friends, a stage, and stories to make you laugh like a baby and cry like a man.

Tess Michielutti

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN

Undergraduate: Boston College

Between undergrad and medical school: I moved back home to Minnesota where I worked as a phlebotomist and specimen processor for one year.

Medical School: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus

My medical interests and career direction: MedPeds Primary Care in the Twin Cities.  I really enjoy inpatient time! Helping patients and their families through such a difficult time can be very rewarding. However, I have also grown to enjoy clinic more than I expected and love forming longer lasting relationships with adults and kids in the outpatient setting. I know my practice will involve working with patients from a variety of diverse backgrounds - global is local is very true in the Twin Cities!

Hobbies: I enjoy playing golf, going to local farmers markets and cooking, as well as trying new restaurants with friends. I also love being outdoors - my fiance and I have spent most of our recent vacations traveling to national parks!

Languages spoken: A little Spanish

Furthest I've traveled from home: Scotland where I studied abroad in college.

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Rollerblading around the lakes in Minneapolis! Also, all the brunches.

Why I chose this program: I'm from Minnesota and I love it here! There is a huge MedPeds community in Minnesota and the MedPeds physicians in the Twin Cities have so many career options - something I realized is not true everywhere. This program is incredibly supportive of residents, the faculty and program leadership are fantastic. Most importantly, my co-residents are amazing, unique, and awesome people! If you need someone to talk to late after work, a brunch buddy, a friend to let your dog out, or a group to help you move apartments we've got you covered :)

Favorite Residency memory: All 9 of my residency classmates were able to make it to my wedding - no small feat when usually half of us were on inpatient at any time! Our program made it work and it was amazing to celebrate all together!

Erica Ting

Hometown: Carmel, IN

Undergraduate: University of Chicago

Between undergrad and medical school: Set up a volunteer "Wellness Advocate" program in Kasson, MN as part of a team of designers at Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

My medical interests and career direction: I'll be Peds Chief next year! Then aiming to work in med-peds primary care with urban, underserved populations.

Hobbies: Visiting ALL the dog parks with Scruffy and Pepper in tow on my bike, cooking food that only I really eat, finding all the brunch/patisserie places, traveling the world, learning to ballroom dance, getting lost in books

Languages spoken: English, Spanish (simple, conversational), Cantonese (enough to understand what I'm being scolded for), Mandarin (to speak to a kindergartner maybe)

Furthest I've traveled from home: China

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities: Biking!!

Why I chose this program: This was *the* most thoughtful program on the trail. I remember going through interview day in the middle of my interview season and just recognizing and admiring how much intention and effort was put into making our time useful and welcoming. I remember listening to Mike and Taj talk in really thoughtful ways about not just meeting GME requirements in our program but taking the time to brainstorm how to make the requirements meaningful for us as residents. This is not a program that just checks the boxes. It's clear from every interaction I had on interview day - and every day since I arrived at orientation - that this program and everyone in it cares about you, your wellbeing, and your development in becoming a socially engaged and personally fulfilled physician. This is an all-around strong program, with exposure to different clinical settings and populations, unique opportunities (global health!), and really engaged staff and leadership.

Favorite Residency Memory: Smashing a wooden board with a single hand during orientation with Molly Wyman, one of the then-recently graduated Med-Peds residents. All of my co-interns lined up to chop a board while Molly shared some tips from being a top-notch practitioner of an obscure martial art. I think this is perhaps when we adopted the Wonder Woman theme, and it's stuck with us all 4 years!