Department of Medicine K Club

Since early 2019, the process for identifying prospective career development award (K- or foundation) candidates, has been executed through a process led by the prospective applicant together with her or his division director. 

No less than 4 months, but as many as 6 or more months prior to the anticipated submission deadline, the prospective applicant, division director, and primary research mentor should communicate the intention to submit a prospective career development award application with the department's vice chair for research, Peter Crawford

At this time, the candidacy, proposed grant mechanism, and submission timing may be strategically tuned, if needed, based on career development trajectory and milestones. As needed, other mentors and departmental leaders, including the Career Development Committee, through the Office of Faculty Affairs and Diversity, may be included in this discussion. 

The candidate may be asked to prepare and present a 20 minute (+10 min Q&A) Career Development Seminar within the Department of Medicine research conference series, ideally 3 months prior to intended submission of the proposal.

Finally, at least 8 weeks prior to the prospective application's submission deadline, the candidate is required to complete an intent to submit form with the department's pre-award proposal development team. Approval by the division director and vice chair of research should have already been completed by this time.

Prior to application submission, the prospective candidate will receive input on proposal development from the Office for Research, including the vice chair, and other faculty as needed. 

The letter of institutional support needs to be drafted by the division director, and submitted to the Office for Research, at least three weeks before the submission deadline for the application.