Lung Biology T32 Training Program

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As faculty at a Carnegie Classification R1 University (very high research activity), we investigate fundamental lung science and patient-oriented problems.  In the last decade, our faculty have successfully competed for $68 million in sponsored grants. This includes 221 individual grants as well as an NHLBI T32 Training Grant in Lung Science that has supported 106 trainees over 23 years and is funded through 2024.

The three major aims of our training program are to:

  • Provide three years of rigorous scientific training for physician-scientists, enabling them to serve as independent investigators examining scientific questions directly related to human lung disease.
  • Provide up to three years of postdoctoral training to PhD scientists, focusing their studies in lung biology.
  • Train graduate students from the MD-PhD program and other established degree-granting programs – and guide them into careers in lung research.

MD trainees are strongly encouraged to obtain advanced degrees to optimize their opportunities for a successful investigative career.

Three Major Curricular Areas

Cell & Molecular Biology

Cancer Biology and Control of Cell Growth
Peter Bitterman, MD
Colin Campbell, PhD
Stephen Hecht, PhD
Craig Henke, MD
Robert Kratzke, MD
Carol Lange, PhD*
Sharon Murphy, PhD*
Brian Van Ness, PhD

Regulation of Lung Ion Transport 
David Ingbar, MD
Scott O’Grady, PhD

Regulation of Transcription and Cell Function by Hormonal and Environmental Signals
David Bernlohr, PhD
Stephen Hecht, PhD
David Ingbar, MD
Carol Lange, PhD
Sharon Murphy, PhD
Brian Van Ness, PhD
Christine Wendt, MD

Applied Technologies: Gene Transfer, Genomics, Proteomics & Experimental Therapeutics
Marshall Hertz, MD
Scott McIvor, PhD
Joseph Metzger, PhD
Gary Nelsestuen, MD
Carston Wagner, PhD
Christine Wendt, MD

Immunobiology and Lung Inflammation
Patrick Arndt, MD
Bryce Binstadt, MD, PhD* **
Marshall Hertz, MD
Marc Jenkins, PhD
Kristin Hogquist, PhD*
Louis Mansky, PhD
Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD
Daniel Mueller, MD
P. Sriramarao Rao, PhD
Yoji Shimizu, PhD
Brian Van Ness, PhD
Bryan Williams, MD, PhD* **

*Faculty new to this application since the last competitive renewal

** Associate / junior mentors

Clinical & Public Health Research

COPD, Asthma and Airways Disease
Dennis Niewoehner, MD**
John Connett, PhD
Ken Kunisaki, MD* **

Tobacco: Biologic Effects and Control
Dorothy Hatsukami, MD
Stephen Hecht, PhD
Anne Joseph, MD
Sharon Murphy, MD

Outcomes in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Lung Transplantation
Cynthia Gross, PhD*, Director, Clinical Research Curriculum
Marshall Hertz, MD
Pamela Lutsey, PhD, MPH* **
Craig Weinert, MD, MPH*

Public Policy and Environmental Health
Bruce Alexander, PhD
Karen Kuntz, DSc*
Jeffry Mandel, MD, PhD*
Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH*
Beth Virnig, PhD*
Maryam Valapour, MD, MPP***

*Faculty new to this application since the last competitive renewal

** Associate / junior mentors

Systems Biology, Bioengineering & Bioinformatics

Systems Biology
John Osborn, PhD
Joseph Metzger, PhD
Jasmine Foo, PhD* **

Respiratory Biomechanics and Bioengineering and Devices
John Marini, MD, Professor of Medicine
Victor Barocas, PhD*
Saurav Paul, PhD, MS, JD*

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
John Connett, PhD
Jasmine Foo, PhD
Vipin Kumar, PhD
Cavan Reilly, PhD

Neuroscience and Sleep
Timothy Ebner, MD, PhD
Conrad Iber, MD
Teresa Nick, PhD
Jerold Vitek, MD, PhD

Full Faculty Mentor List

*Faculty new to this application since the last competitive renewal

** Associate / junior mentors

Training Faculty are drawn from four Academic Health Center colleges and the College of Science & Engineering. Faculty expertise extends across a broad spectrum, including pulmonary fibrosis; lung injury; lung cancer; COPD; sleep medicine; asthma; cystic fibrosis; and bioethics. Comprehensive resources and stable research funding in each area provide an outstanding training environment.