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The Global Medicine Pathway is for residents in the internal medicine, medicine-pediatrics and medicine-dermatology residency programs. The Global Medicine program consists of over 35 faculty, one to two chief residents, and approximately 50 residents from the internal medicine, medicine-pediatrics and medicine-dermatology residency programs. More than 80 residents have completed international rotations through our partner sites since 2000. 

We prepare physicians to provide better care in the global village:

  • Improve your ability to deliver healthcare to immigrants, refugees, and travelers.
  • Develop a clinical or academic career in global health.
  • Expand your understanding of under-represented diseases.
  • Increase your confidence and competence in caring for multicultural patient populations.
  • Pursue a career in under-served communities.
  • Build and foster local, national, and international community collaborations.

Why Join the Pathway?

  • Connect with global medicine faculty mentors from the surrounding community
  • Access global medicine communities at the University of Minnesota
  • Join nationally-renowned online and in-person courses
  • Sit for the exam for the internationally recognized Certificate of Knowledge in Clinical Tropical Medicine & Travelers’ Health (CTropMed®) from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, or the Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene from the UK-based Royal College of Physicians
  • Receive sponsored membership to the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
  • Enjoy priority scheduling for international rotations and continuity clinic

Details about the Pathway

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Details about the Pathway

Global Medicine Pathway Eligibility

  • Participants must be a current Internal Medicine, Medicine-Dermatology, or Medicine-Pediatrics resident within the University of Minnesota’s Department of Medicine.
  • Residents must obtain approval from their residency program director and coordinator.

Global Medicine Pathway Core Components

  • Clinical Tropical Medicine & Global Health Curriculum; 7 online courses – the first of its kind in the country.
  • Live Global Medicine Course, a 4-week elective during residency.
  • International and domestic rotations for one-two months during your residency.
  • Global Medicine Lecture Series and other UMN and Twin Cities campus conferences.
  • Continuity clinic that serves globally mobile populations available to a limited number of residents each year.
  • Travel and Tropical Medicine elective month.
  • Global health academic project/scholarly activity during residency.

Global Medicine Pathway Requirements

  1. Complete Online and In-Person Global Health Course (offered each May - we strongly recommend you do this before your international rotation).
  2. Participate in a Global Medicine rotation at an approved site (international elective or approved domestic rotation) during residency. For international rotations, we suggest 2 months.
  3. Complete a research, educational, or advocacy project focused on global health (research, poster presentation, case presentation, update at a GMLS lecture, or discuss other options with mentor/global health chief resident).
  4. Meet with Global Medicine Program Directors during 1st or 2nd year.
  5. Attend 6 Global Medicine Lecture Series events over your residency (make sure to sign in when you arrive to get credit).

Suggested Plan for the Pathway Year-by-Year

Year 1 (IM and Med/Peds)

  • Enroll into Medicine Global Health Pathway on the Google Form
  • Attend Global Medicine lectures including morning report, noon conference and TTMS
  • Start thinking about areas of interest and connecting with Global Health Mentors
  • Sign up for Global Health online courses

Year 2 (IM) -- Year 2/3 (Med/Peds)

  • Choose mentor and begin working on a global medicine project
  • Attend Global Medicine lectures including morning report, noon conference and TTMS
  • Complete 5 global health online courses prior to taking GH live course
  • Consider local global health electives (Migrant Farm Worker Elective, Travel Medicine Clinic, Rosebud)
  • Global Health In-Person Course in May (recommended before international elective)

Year 3 (IM) -- Year 3/4 (Med/Peds)

  • Continue mentor meetings and career development
  • Attend Global Medicine lectures including morning report, noon conference and GMLS
  • Finish and present academic project/activity
  • International elective (preferred in latter part of training)
  • Finish any remaining global health online courses.

Reading List

Core Texts

Tropical & Travel Medicine

Cross-Cultural Health


If you're in the Pathway, make sure you join the WhatsApp group to stay in touch! Ask Sarah to send you the join link. 

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