Our Clinical Sites

Each hospital has its own Associate Program Director (APD), a Head of Internal Medicine, and 2 to 4 Chief Residents. This means, whenever an issue arises, you as the resident have leadership, support and advocacy right there on site. This also ensures very high quality teaching and conferences at all three hospitals.

Ask any of our current residents what they think the strengths of our program are, and you will often get “the three hospital sites” as a response. That is because the three sites are quite different from each other, in terms of types of patients, acuity of presentation, and complexity of disease. But at the same time, they are very complimentary to one another, and you will leave our program feeling as though you have “seen it all.”

University of Minnesota Medical Center


The University of Minnesota Medical Center is an incredible teaching institution with over 500 physicians involved in the care of its patients. It is located in the heart of Minneapolis, and is actually set on two campuses. One hospital is located on the West Bank of the Mississippi River and consists mainly of orthopedic, OB/Gyn, and psychiatric patients. The other campus is located on the East Bank of the Mississippi River. The East Bank of the River houses the general internal medicine patients, the surgical patients, the bone marrow transplant and ICU patients.

Associate Program Director
Dr. Meghan Rothenberger

Regions Hospital

regions hospital

Regions Hospital has an illustrious history dating back almost 150 years. It was originally the public St. Paul-Ramsey County Hospital and later became Regions Hospital, a private, non-profit hospital which still serves as the county hospital for the city of St. Paul and surrounding communities. It is a Level I adult and pediatric trauma center and has a renowned Burn Center. These attributes allow residents to care for insured and uninsured patients with both common and rare diseases, providing a wealth of educational opportunities and experiences.

Associate Program Director
Dr. Paula Skarda

Minneapolis VA Health Care System

minneapolis va health care system

The Minneapolis VA Health Care System (MVAHCS) offers a unique experience that is an integral part of Internal Medicine residency training at the U of MN. Here, the majority of patients are elderly males, but many are surprised to learn we have a comprehensive women’s health center on-site. At the VA, you will have ample opportunity to fine-tune your clinical skills and treat “bread and butter” medical diseases. However, one must also be able to recognize and treat the zebras, since we are the tertiary referral center for patients in the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 23, which includes 390,000 square miles across the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and portions of Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, and Wyoming.

Associate Program Director
Dr. Nacide Ercan-Fang