Metabolism and Metabolomics Club

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Metabolism and Metabolomics Club (MMC) is a weekly work-in-progress/journal club series aimed at sharing and facilitating the understanding of scientific advances by our colleagues at the University of Minnesota and beyond. A particular focus of MMC presentations are basic science discoveries and the technologies used to better understand cellular, organ, and whole organism metabolism in health and disease. Individuals of all training levels and scientific backgrounds are welcome. Join us as we marvel at the wonders of metabolic homeostasis!

MMC meetings include multiple presentation formats:

(i) Original science presentations broadly related to the metabolism in health and disease.

(ii) Original science presentations broadly related to metabolomics. This includes research that employs analytical chemistry, informatics, and/or other computational approaches in the -omics space.

(iii) Presentations of research proposals, prospective studies, and/or planned experiments. This is a great format for trainees and junior faculty to share ideas in an informal environment and receive feedback on potential new directions that might be taken with preliminary data.

(iv) Presentations of published papers/journal club. The papers to be presented are chosen by the speaker(s) and should be related to metabolism and/or metabolomics.

To schedule a presentation 

MMC is held on Mondays at 4pm in one of two meeting forms. For virtual meetings, Zoom meetings are conducted. For in-person meetings, the NMR Conference Room (G205 Mayo) will be reserved. Follow this sign-up link to schedule your presentation date.

Please complete the following as you sign-up:

(i) Indicate the presentation format (i.e. original science, paper presentation/journal club, research proposal).

(ii) Provide the paper title and PMID if you sign up for a paper presentation/journal club format. To provide audience members an opportunity to come prepared with questions and comments, do not wait until immediately prior to your presentation to provide this information. Of note, these paper presentations are not restricted to in-press articles. Papers that have been in the public domain for years are still worthy of presentation and discussion.

Fostering scientific knowledge and accessibility

With prior permission of the speaker(s), original science presentations completed under the Zoom format will be recorded and freely available to the greater scientific community via the following link. The division may also promote original science presentations via social media platforms.