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Department Head: Peter Igarashi, MD

As the Nesbitt Chair & Head of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Igarashi leads the department's efforts towards the mission to improve the health and well-being of people, now and in the future, by providing exemplary medical care, discovering and applying new knowledge, and training the next generation of physicians in the science and practice of medicine.

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Our Outstanding Healthcare, Education & Research encourages the greatest outcome for Healing, Teaching and Discovery.

Medical Education

The Department is an innovative leader in medical education and has developed new, exciting curricula for medical student and resident education.

Our Divisions

The Department of Medicine is organized into subspecialty divisions. Please select from the links below to learn about each division's faculty, clinical services, research projects and special programs.


The Department of Medicine is one of the top research departments in the United States and represents the largest research faculty group at the University of Minnesota. 

Dr. Seaquist - Women's History Month

Celebrating our Distinguished Medical School Colleagues

Accomplishments at the Medical School: “I am most proud of being able to support the career development of others. It is incredibly rewarding to see my mentees succeed in academic medicine. I am also proud of contributing to the growth of two teams that support different aspects of clinical investigation; one uses high-field magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging to examine the impact of diabetes and insulin-induced hypoglycemia in the brain, and the other has participated in three of the most important multicenter trials addressing diabetes treatment issues in the last 20 years.”

Advice to Women Interested in Medicine: “Follow your passion. Be persistent. Learn from your mistakes. Keep the needs of the patient front and center.”

Elizabeth Seaquist, MD ∙ Professor ∙ Department of Medicine ∙ Celebrating 31 years at the Medical School