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Medical Education

The Department is an innovative leader in medical education and has developed new, exciting curricula for medical student and resident education.

Patient Care

Our expert physicians work together and collaborate across specialties to offer access to state-of-the art medical treatments and clinical trials.

Research Dom

The Department of Medicine is one of the top research departments in the United States and represents the largest research faculty group at the University of Minnesota. 

Elizabeth Seaquist, MD

Elizabeth Seaquist, MD, Department Chair

"I am deeply honored to serve as Nesbitt Chair and Head of the Department of Medicine and look forward to working alongside you to advance our missions of research, education, and clinical care while we continue our work to become a more diverse, caring, and inclusive community."

Dr. Seaquist was appointed Chair of the Department of Medicine on September 2, 2022. Read more about her in a recent Press Release

Medicine Jumps to #34 in Blue Ridge Research Ranking

Medicine Jumps to #34 in Blue Ridge Research Ranking 

In 2022, the Department of Medicine achieved all-time highs on the Blue Ridge NIH ranking, setting a new milestone of $48.6M in funds awarded, resulting in an unprecedented #34 national ranking!

Department of Medicine research teams engaged with fairgoers inside the Driven to Discover Research Facility at the Minnesota State Fair. The teams shared their studies and recruited individuals to participate in groundbreaking research.

Led by Medicine's Dr. Demetri Yannopoulos, M Health Fairview launched the ECMO Center of Excellence. The Center for Resuscitation Medicine pioneered the idea of taking lifesaving care of ECMO to patients & thanks to a $10 million grant from Helmsley Charitable Trust, the idea became a reality.

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Dr. Carol Lange at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Medicine is working to discover just what the relationship is between hormones and cancer? It has a lot to do with cells multiplying.

In the News
Recently published research from the University of Minnesota Medical School suggests individuals with hepatitis C should consider revaccination for hepatitis B. The study was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.
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