Robert P. Hebbel DOM Research Day

22nd Annual Robert P Hebbel Research Day: Spring 2023

Research Day is designed to recognize and showcase the wide range of research in the Department by our investigators at all levels of training. It is an opportunity for departmental faculty to share ideas and knowledge while stimulating discussion about opportunities for future collaboration.

We look forward to an engaging and interactive live remote poster session for Hebbel Research Day. All those who submitted Abstracts are encouraged to present live over Zoom in a thematically-aligned breakout room that offers the opportunity for question, answer, and live exchange.

Those unable to attend the live session are welcome to pre-record their presentation, which will be posted on the Department of Medicine's website, allowing others to view and initiate subsequent interactions. Recordings of live presentations, with their Q&A sessions from the breakout rooms, will also be recorded and posted on the Department of Medicine website.

All presenters who are at the learner level: 

  • predoctoral student, 
  • PhD graduate student, 
  • postdoctoral resident/fellow 

have the opportunity to compete for award recognition. 

All learner presentations, both pre-recorded and live presentations (that will also be recorded), will be evaluated. All learner presentations will receive equal opportunity to compete, but note that only live presentations include Q&A, which can be a component of the evaluation.

While pre-recorded submissions will in no way be penalized in the evaluations process, responses of presenters to live questions could give some presenters a competitive advantage. For this reason, and more importantly, to encourage a robust and collegial exchange, we encourage a live presentation, if your schedule allows it.

Those submitting Abstracts only, without either a pre-recorded or a live-then-recorded presentation, will not be eligible for award consideration.

Abstract Submission

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2021 Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission is closed for the 2021 event.

PREPARING A Presentation and Guidelines

Live Presenters

  • PowerPoint slides
  • 5-minute presentation window (with strict cut-off by moderator)
    • Followed by Q&A and exchange, 5 additional minutes maximum per presenter

Recorded Presenters

  • PowerPoint slides
  • 5-minute presentation window 
  • Presentations longer than 5 min will have all time over the first 5 min removed
  • Videos must be in mp4 format (recording over through your own Zoom account is effective) and submitted via e-mail to no later than November 9th, 2021

2021 Awardees

Research Excellence Awards - 2021

  • Adetunji Bakare: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Alexander Dwyer: Outstanding Graduate Researcher 
  • Alisa Nelson: Outstanding Graduate Researcher
  • Sasha Prisco: Peter Bitterman Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Basic Research
  • Ferrol Rome: Outstanding Predoctoral Researcher
  • Xiaolei Shi: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Hannah Szafraniec: Outstanding Predoctoral Researcher


Research Excellence Awards - 2019

  • David Haynes: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Adam Khan: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Daniel Murphy: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Olamide Ojo-Fati: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Caroline Ortiz Cordero: Outstanding Graduate Researcher
  • Patrycja Puchalska: Peter Bitterman Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Basic Research
  • Lauren Rose: Outstanding Predoctoral Researcher
  • Milagros Silva Morales: Peter Bitterman Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Basic Research

Group Photo


Research Excellence Awards - 2018

  • Elizabeth Goldsmith: Outstanding Postdoctoral Clinical Research
  • Katelyn Hoff: Outstanding Predoctoral Research
  • Kurt Prins: Peter Bitterman Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Basic Research
  • Christopher Tucker: Outstanding Graduate Researcher


Research Excellence Awards - 2017

  • Katharine Block: Outstanding Fellow Postdoctoral Research 
  • Irena Cich: Outstanding Medical Student Researcher
  • Krista Newman: Outstanding Resident Researcher
  • Ian Nykaza: Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher
  • Carol Perez Kerkvliet: Outstanding Graduate Researcher


Special Guests & Keynote Speakers

2021: Kenneth I. Ataga, MD
"Natural History of Sickle Cell Disease-Related Glomerulopathy: Implications for Therapy" 

2019: Joan M. Bathon, MD
"Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Paradigm of the Link Between Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease"

2018: Jean Schaffer, MD
"Lipotoxicity: Getting to the Heart of the Matter"

2017: Susan E. Quaggin, MD
"Uncomplicating Diabetes: High 'Tek' Solutions on the Horizon"

2016: Susan M. Wolf, MD
"The Challenge of Developing Best Practices for Translational Medicine: Return of Results & Incidental Findings in Genomics"

2015: Peter Igarashi, MD
"Polycystic Kidney Disease: A Model Ciliopathy"

2014: Peter Agre, MD
"Opening Doors Worldwide through Medical Science"

2013: Mark Anderson, MD, PhD
"Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome and the Genetic Control of Immune Tolerance"

2012: No Research Day

2011: Andrew I. Schafer, MD
"The Vanishing Physician-Scientist?"


Special Guests & Keynote Speakers

2010: Richard A. King, MD, PhD
"The Intrigue of Genetics in Medicine"

2009: Antony Rosen, MD
"Human Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases: The Key is in the Human"

2008: Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD
"Control of HIV Replication: Identification of a Missing Dimension in the Drug and Vaccine Efficacy"

2007: David A. Schwartz, MD, MPH
"Environmental Genomics and Complex Human Diseases"

2006: Karl Nath, MD
"Mentoring and Biomedical Research: A Personal Perspective"

2005: Joseph Bonventre, MD
"Acute Kidney Injury: From Zebrafish to the Patient "

2004: Barry Coller, MD
"Translational Research: The Best of Times"

2003: Martin Blaser, MD
"Evolution of Helicobacter Pylori Diversity in Individual Hosts"

1999: James Kazura, MD
"Pathogenesis and Genetics of Human Malaria"

1998: Philip Leder, MD
"Cancer: An Unfortunate Genetic Collaboration"

Past Awardees

Past Special Guests & Keynote Speakers