Our approach is distinctive. Our vision is bold. And with your help, we can pursue work that can transform the lives of millions of people with rheumatic and autoimmune diseases. We have developed an ambitious plan that allows us to build strategically on our unique strengths and move forward with our research quickly and effectively.

Establish a new Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research
This center will help us bring together researchers, patients, ideas, technology, and data. By formally organizing our work into a center, we will pursue common goals, provide researchers opportunities to share ideas and collaborate, and bring people together through forums and conferences. The center will attract new patients, offer connections for researchers around the world, and help us present new research and data.
Create a powerful database to explore diverse sets of data. Over time, we have collected enormous stores of data, but as the technology has changed, so too has our ability to access it easily. We are eager to create a database that can store and retrieve all of our collected information easily. With the right technology, our own researchers—and those from around the world—can study our data to move the field forward.

Build a robust repository to strengthen research opportunities
Once we’ve established the Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research, we’ll be in a position to create a significant repository for patient samples. This requires upfront costs to collect, manage, and store patient samples, but it’s an investment that makes future research less expensive and more convenient.

Design new probes to identify offending T and B cells
With these dangerous lymphocytes in our sights, we will be able to test therapies to slow these harmful cells down.

Add key investigators to our team
To make significant progress, we must add strong researchers at every level. These additions will allow us to expand our work with large and collaborative human disease research groups. And it will increase our opportunities to earn federal grant funding.

Your help can transform the lives of millions
Our researchers have already made remarkable results. But we need to help them push their work forward by building a stronger foundation with the right experts, the right connections, and the right technology. Private funding is critical for us to pursue bold work; it helps us nurture early, promising research that only later can be funded by major federal grants.

Your support will help us quickly achieve these goals so our researchers can do what they do best: solve important and vexing medical problems.

Giving to the Center for Autoimmune Diseases Research

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Jean Gorell is a Senior Gift Officer for the University of Minnesota Foundation, and specifically works with the Division of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases.