Kristina Krohn

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Dr. Krohn is an internal medicine and pediatric hospitalist and Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota. She completed medical school and residency here in internal medicine and pediatrics. She completed the Stanford University - NBC News Fellowship in Global Health and Media in 2013 and spent two years working with Health Frontiers in Laos, teaching in the country's internal medicine and pediatric residency programs. Dr. Krohn believes everyone should be equipped with the tools they need to understand their health and to make healthy choices. As the Director of Online Content for our Global Medicine Program, Dr. Krohn works to ensure that providers know how to care for people from diverse backgrounds including underrepresented minorities, immigrants, and refugees right here in Minnesota. As the "thread" lead for medical communications with lay audiences in our Becoming a Doctor course for third and fourth-year medical students, Dr. Krohn teaches students strategies to improve their ability to talk with anyone about their health.

Research Summary

Medical Education How people outside of the field of medicine learn about medicine Medical Journalism

Clinical Summary

Global Health; Hospital Medicine; Internal Medicine; Pediatrics; Refugee/Migration Health