Zachary Davis

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Administrator Info
Name: Kris Blomquist
Phone: 612-625-8942
Fax: 612-625-6919

Dr. Davis graduated from Rush University with a PhD in immunology in 2013 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Jeff Miller at the University of Minnesota in 2018. After completing his fellowship, Dr. Davis directed a team of skilled researchers in a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and an industry partner in the development and use of a natural killer (NK) cell-based immunotherapy platform. Dr. Davis's research focus is primarily on mechanisms of NK cell target recognition and preclinical development of NK-based cellular immunotherapies. His interests also include the use of NK-cell based immunotherapies for the recognition and eradication of HIV from latently infected reservoirs in anti-retroviral therapy-treated individuals.

Research Interests
Elimination of Latent HIV
Targeting of Glioblastoma
Enhancement of NK Cell Function

Teaching Summary

Immunology, Laboratory Research and Experimental Design

Clinical Summary

HIV, Glioblastoma

Honors and Recognition

George Santos Award, American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation