Faculty Volunteer Activity

Insurance Coverage for Volunteer Activities

UMPhysicians medical malpractice insurance policy covers volunteer activities of physicians employed by UMPhysicians who are “acting at the direction of” UMPhysicians. The policy provides that volunteer activities will be covered “if approved by” UMPhysicians. Physicians who are employed by UMPhysicians and want their UMPhysicians malpractice insurance policy to cover volunteer activities must seek approval of the volunteer activities to ensure coverage. It is important for physicians to be aware their UMPhysicians malpractice insurance is not a “24/7” policy and that approval for coverage of volunteer activities is discretionary based upon established coverage criteria. (See attached Professional Liability Coverage for Volunteer Health Care Activities Policy)

Below is the DOM process for determining what volunteer activities will be covered:

  1. Inquire about potential insurance coverage from the sponsoring organization. If coverage is offered, request and personally maintain a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage. UMPhysicians insurance policy will not apply.;

  2. If insurance coverage cannot be provided by the sponsoring organization, complete a Volunteer Activity Form 
    (Single Activity) (Multiple Activity) signed by your Division Director and e-mail to Department of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs (dom-ofad@umn.edu) for Department Head approval.

  3. Department Head will recommend whether UMPhysicians should assume the malpractice risk for the reported volunteer activity. Factors that should be considered include whether the activity furthers the mission, vision and values of UMPhysicians and the CSU.

  4. DOM OFAD will submit the Voluntary Activity Form signed by your Division Director and Department Head to UMPhysicians Risk Management Department for final approval.

  5. If the activity is not approved, the physician will be notified in writing by either the Department Head or UMPhysicians Risk Management Department.

Physicians are expected to report volunteer activities to their Department Heads before accepting any volunteer engagement for which they are seeking UMPhysicians insurance coverage. This is an ongoing process throughout the year. There are examples of approved and non-approved volunteer activities on UMPhysicians administrative policy found here.


International Activities


Faculty traveling for University purposes outside of the United States must register their international travel in advance.  Visit http://global.umn.edu/travelregistry/ to register your travel. You will be prompted to log in using your x.500 and provide basic travel details including destination, dates, and emergency contact. Please note this is NOT an approval process. Registering your travel provides important safeguards and benefits including:  

  • Health, safety, and logistical updates and assistance from the University before, during, and after your international trip
  • The opportunity to purchase high-quality international medical insurance at low group rates
  • Travel discounts negotiated by the University using the registry data

International Insurance Coverage

University-issued international insurance, with coverage by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), (paid via a University EFS number) is mandatory for faculty in the following instances:

  • All University of Minnesota faculty traveling abroad with students
  • All University of Minnesota faculty traveling to Cuba for University purposes
  • All University of Minnesota faculty who are NOT covered by United Healthcare Global through a U-Plan

Opting Out: Faculty who have U.S. health insurance through the U of MN and are covered by United Healthcare Global and not traveling with students may opt-out of purchasing CISI per Office of General Counsel and Office of Risk Management.   

Note: it is very strongly recommended to obtain Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)  

University Liability Coverage

The University's liability insurance provides coverage for third party liability claims arising out of an employee's participation in international activities that are directly related to the individual's employment with the University. Non-university volunteer activities would not qualify for coverage. Please refer to the Board of Regents Policy - Legal Defense and Indemnification of Employees for further clarification.