Methodist Residents

First Year: Class of 2027
Hunter Herber, MD

Hunter Herber, MD (he/him/his)

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School 

Medical interests: LGBT+ / gender-affirming healthcare, geriatrics, hospice and palliative care, dermatology, procedures, family medicine, longitudinal care, advocacy.

Personal interests: Reading, cooking, LGBT+ Stonewall Sports (kickball and dodgeball), home projects, furniture restoration. 

Why Methodist? Minnesota is my home. I plan to work and live my life here. I chose Methodist specifically because of the broad and robust training opportunities they offer. Methodist was the residency site I felt I would receive the training I need to become the best and most well-rounded provider possible. Their interests and goals are also very similar to mine, as evidenced by their elective opportunities aligning with my personal interests. 

Career goals: Being a part of a broad-spectrum family medicine practice in Minnesota.

Emilie Mouritsen, MD

Emilie Mouritsen, MD (she/her)

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Rural health, longitudinal care, addiction medicine, pediatrics

Personal interests: Reading, hiking and camping with my husband, lake days with family and friends, scuba diving, trying new soup recipes, exploring local restaurants.

Why Methodist? I chose Methodist because of their dedication to producing well-rounded family physicians with strong training in a variety of contexts. The faculty and residents I met were supportive and kind, and I immediately felt at home. I knew it would be a caring environment where I can grow as a physician and as a person. 

Career goals: I hope to provide full-spectrum primary care for individuals of all ages in a rural setting.

Mariah Reed, MD

Mariah Reed, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School 

Medical interests: Geriatrics, sports, and dermatology. 

Personal interests: Golf, pickleball, and trying new restaurants. 

Why Methodist? The people! You really feel like you’re a part of a family. It’s a very supportive environment. 

Zach Sebens, MD

Zach Sebens, MD, MPH (he/his)

Medical School: University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Medical interests:

Full-spectrum care, rural medicine, dermatology, and working with underserved and vulnerable populations.

Personal interests: Health literacy and research in women's health disparities.

Why Methodist? I knew I wanted the highest quality of training, and I knew that the University of Minnesota Methodist Family Medicine Residency Program could deliver that after my interview.

Career goals: I'd like to work in a clinic and continue my public health research at a public health department or within a government agency.

Katie Schleck, MD

Katie Sharpe, MD (she/her)

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School 

Medical interests:

Sports medicine and underserved medicine

Personal interests: Yoga, running, volleyball, skiing, and gardening.

Why Methodist? I chose Methodist Family Medicine Residency because of the wonderful faculty and residents that work there and for the opportunity to explore my career interests and grow as a clinician in the Minneapolis area.

Not pictured: 

Macie Darden, MD

Second Year: Class of 2026
Ainslee Crose

Ainslee Crose, MD 

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical Interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, rural medicine, obstetrics, women’s health, pediatrics, and adolescent health.

Personal Interests: Spending time with my husband and our toddler, reading, running, Nordic skiing, bar trivia, cooking, and baking.

Why Methodist?: I wanted a program that would help me become a well-rounded physician prepared for full-spectrum practice, so the strong OB and inpatient training was a draw. Equally important was finding a place with a family-friendly culture, and Methodist definitely has that!


Ryan D'Mello, MD

Medical school: Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

Medical Interests: Preventative medicine, community health, minority and LGBTQ+ health care, medical education, health equity and disparities.

Personal Interests: In my free time I enjoy puzzles, DIY crafting, yoga, peloton/biking, gardening sustainably, and baking (endless) cupcakes!

Why Methodist: From sending personalized and hand-written notes to paying attention to my career goals and interests outside of medicine, my interview at UMN felt personal and inclusive. I was impressed by the excellent and broad training opportunities and the commitment that everyone here—staff, residents, and faculty—have to create a supportive culture and positive learning environment.


James Holmquist, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical Interests: Sports medicine and addiction medicine.

Personal Interests: Weightlifting, piano, spending time with my wife, Abby, and our dog, Beau.

Why Methodist: The faculty and residents were very down-to-earth, excited to teach, and friendly during my medical school rotation here. Methodist also has great faculty and opportunities for my medical interests.


Stuart Lien, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical Interests: Rural medicine, procedures, and palliative care.

Personal Interests: Spending time outdoors with my family, doing dad things, biking, and anything involving the lake.

Why Methodist?: I chose Methodist because of their robust training in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, supportive faculty, and their ability to graduate residents who pursue a diversity of careers. Perhaps most importantly, I came to realize that the people here are not only those who I would be thrilled to share an office with but those who I would also love to grab coffee with or save a spot for at happy hour.


Morgan Russek, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical Interests: Obstetrics, women’s health, and pediatrics.

Personal Interests: Hiking, backpacking, playing pickle ball, baking, and being outdoors with friends and family.

Why Methodist: The people!!! Everyone I met during interviews and sub-internships was supportive, welcoming, friendly, and compassionate.

Morgan grew up in St. Michael. She attended The College of Saint Benedict for undergrad, and the University of Minnesota Medical School. She has a passion for rural family medicine and participated in RPAP in Mora during her third year of medical school. Morgan plans to return to her RPAP site following residency to practice full scope family medicine. She married Andrew in September 2021, and they adopted a miniature Bernedoodle (Honey) in January. Morgan and Andrew have an extremely smiley and chunky 7-month-old daughter named Lettie Lou. With her spare time, she enjoys baking, running, hiking, and backpacking. She is very close to perfecting her peanut butter chocolate chip muffins.


Jordan Treder, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Sports medicine, preventative health, health and wellness, community health, and procedures. 

Personal interests: I enjoy adventuring with my wife, road tripping, downhill skiing, game nights, cooking, and cheering on our Minnesota sports, especially the Vikings. Skol! 

Why Methodist: I chose Methodist because, as a fourth-year medical student, I had a terrific experience with the resident team. The culture of teamwork and compassion was obvious in everyone and as a resident, this has remained true. The program truly values all types of learners and embraces you and your support system as family. Not only will I leave with a great education, but I know I found a great fit, too. 

Third Year: Class of 2025
 Namrata Damle, MD

Namrata Damle, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, procedures, community health, and underserved medicine.

Personal interests: Gardening and floral design, reading, jigsaw puzzles, and spending time with family and friends.

Why Methodist: I chose Methodist because I had wonderful experiences here during my third-year rotations. I was impressed with the well-rounded curriculum and the approachable and kind residents, faculty, and staff.

Madison Duppenthaler, MD

Madison Duppenthaler, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum preventative care, women's health, OB, addiction medicine, and palliative care.

Personal interests: Being a wife and mom, puzzling, reading romantic fiction, getting outside, and eating good food, of course!

Why Methodist: The program has a strong emphasis on quality preventative care and reproductive health, which are two of my favorite things. The residents and staff are absolutely wonderful and make a great team to support each other and our patients.

Anne Magnuson, DO

Anne Magnuson, DO

Medical school: University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical interests: Women's health, PCOS, adolescent medicine, LGBTQ-affirming care, weight management, and health equity and disparities.

Personal interests: Cooking new recipes, baking killer-good chocolate chip cookies (so much butter...), downhill skiing, re-organizing spaces, quality time with friends and family, and spoiling my doggo Howie.

Why Methodist: I chose Methodist because even in a virtual interview, I could clearly feel how supportive, caring, and fun the Creekside family is! I am also excited about the diverse experiences and flexibility Methodist has to offer. I really appreciate that Methodist has two nurse practitioners as teaching faculty because it shows they value each type of voice on the care team!

Savannah Nelles, MD

Savannah Nelles, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Palliative and hospice care, obstetrics, sexual health, mental health, addiction medicine, and care for the medically underserved.

Personal interests: Sending greeting cards, going to the beach, quality time with my cat Pippa and comedy movies, practicing my Spanish language skills, celebrity gossip magazines, and audiobooks or podcasts.

Why Methodist: I loved my fourth year Sub-I rotation at Methodist so much, I honestly wrote most of this back then because I knew I was meant to be here! I was immediately embraced as a valued part of the team, and I could see myself being friends outside of work with every single person I met. My month of great experiences (including an inpatient team ice cream break on a slower afternoon!) and the program's well-rounded, strong training with a possible OB focus had me sold.

Brittany Schultz, MD

Brittany Schultz, MD

Medical school: Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical interests: Women's health, mental health, sexual health, medical education, addiction medicine, and LGBTQ+ health care.

Personal interests: Arts and crafts, cooking, traveling, hiking, coffee, craft beer, and spoiling my three furry children (Murphy, Oliver and Millie).

Why Methodist: I had heard wonderful things about the program prior to interview day. Then I met the residents, faculty, and staff, which made Methodist an easy choice. Everyone was welcoming, friendly, and immediately made me feel comfortable. I look forward to calling Minnesota home.

Rachel Staebell, MD

Rachel Staebell, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Addiction medicine, mental health care, women's health care, and pediatrics.

Personal interests: Reading, crocheting, walking with my rescue dog, and spending time with family and friends.

Why Methodist: I had the privilege of rotating at Methodist during medical school. During my rotation, I fell in love with the program. The supportive faculty, welcoming environment, the program's involvement in the surrounding community, and the rigorous training program made Methodist the perfect fit for me.


Below are our graduates of the last few years, including their current practice site.

2024 Graduates

Adow Omar, MD

Omar Adow, MD

Michael Burgdorf, MD

Michael Burgdorf, MD

Dureetire Foge, MD

Dureeti Foge, MD

Ryan Heltemes, DO

Ryan Heltemes, Do


Maddie Jagerson, MD

Maddie Jagerson, MD

Maren Murray, MD

Maren Murray, MD

2023 Graduates

Maggie Abraham

Maggie Abraham, MD

Park Nicollet, Shakopee

mariah eggebraaten

Mariah Eggebraaten, MD

Allina Centennial Lakes Clinic

molly favour

Molly Favour, MD

Park Nicollet, Chanhassen, MN

Anil Gherau DO

Anil Gherau, DO 

Park Nicollet, Chanhassen, MN

Kelsey Lien

Kelsey Lien, MD

Park Nicollet, Wayzata, MN

Paul McManus

Paul McManus, DO

Park Nicollet, Plymouth, MN

2022 Graduates

Emily Hemler

Emily Hemler, DO

Mesa View Internal Medicine, Golden, CO


Eric Hemler, DO

Eric Hemler, DO 

Table Mountain Family Practice, Golden, CO

cory lymburner

Cory Lymburner, MD

Health Partners/Park Nicollet Clinic, Eden Prairie, MN

janisha manhas

Janisha Manhas, MBChB

kate roselius

Kate Roselius, MD

Mayo Clinic, Waseca, MN

mattie strub

Mattie Strub, MD

Essentia Health, Duluth, MN