Methodist Residents

  • First Year: Class of 2024
  • Second Year: Class of 2023
  • Third Year: Class of 2022
  • First Year: Class of 2024

    Adow Omar, MDOmar Adow, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Health and wellness promotion, community health, and working with underserved populations.
    Personal interests: In my free time, I enjoy hiking, swimming, gaming, and spending time with family and friends. 
    Why Methodist: I did my family medicine clerkship at Methodist hospital and had a great time during my rotation. I really fell in love with the clinical training opportunities and the overall warm and welcoming environment.


    Michael Burgdorf, MDMichael Burgdorf, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Hospice and palliative care, underserved care, medical education, addiction and substance use, and adolescent medicine.
    Personal interests: I love road and gravel biking as well as bike-commuting in the expansive temperatures of Minnesota, nordic skiing, running up the steepest trails I can find, watching Rotten Tomatoes approved movies with my wife Kiki and dog Chester the Sheltie, and viewing the many textures of life through my camera lens. 
    Why Methodist: Lessons my bicycle taught me about choosing a residency:

    • Fit is everything.
    • Riding solo is fine, but the miles really fly by when you’re surrounded by great people.
    • Whatever bike you choose, make sure it’ll keep you balanced and upright through sweltering sun, drenching rain, and the freezing cold.

    From the many interactions with residents, faculty, and staff during interview season, I knew that the Methodist community would support me through the challenging days and encourage my passions both inside and outside of medicine. I also saw the strength and breadth of the curriculum that prepares graduates to practice in any and all scopes of family medicine. Finally, the holistic focus I witnessed from the residents and faculty showed me that Methodist would train physicians to not only care for their patients but also care for their communities. If that all wasn’t enough, the extensive bike trails connecting the twin cities right to Methodist solidified that this program was the perfect fit for me.


    Dureetire Foge, MDDureeti Foge, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine including maternal/child health, women’s health, family planning, health disparities, mental health.
    Personal interests: I enjoy experimenting with different crafts/DIY projects, reading, blogs, exploring the outdoors with my toddler and husband, and traveling to off-the-beaten-path destinations.
    Why Methodist: I chose Methodist Family Medicine Residency for its wonderful and welcoming faculty, staff, and residents that I worked with when I was a fourth-year medical student. I was also impressed with the broad-spectrum training opportunities while having the flexibility to pursue special interests, the diverse patient panel as well as the program's emphasis on resident well-being.


    Ryan Heltemes, DORyan Heltemes, DO

    Medical school: Des Moines University
    Medical interests: Community health, preventative medicine, digital health technologies, and AI, osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT), and medical education.
    Personal interests: I enjoy playing soccer, broomball, video games, and tabletop-roleplaying games. I am interested in many genres of music and love playing the guitar.
    Why Methodist: The residents and faculty at Methodist were friendly, happy, and welcoming when I was a visiting medical student. I observed a culture of camaraderie and respect at the program that creates an ideal learning environment to train as a family physician. In addition, the Creekside program has a strong reputation for producing excellent physicians and leaders in the medical community.


    Maddie Jagerson, MDMaddie Jagerson, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Adolescent health, women’s health, chronic disease management, and underserved medicine.
    Personal interests: I am an avid Wisconsin Badgers fan and love watching Badger football and basketball. I also enjoy spending time with my family, long walks with my golden retriever, and reading. 
    Why Methodist: I had always heard wonderful things about Methodist from my mother who graduated from the program over 20 years ago. Then when I met the Methodist residents, faculty, and staff, I was blown away by how welcoming and well-balanced they all were. I knew I wanted to be part of this collaborative and fun medical community. I am confident that I will receive comprehensive and full-spectrum family medicine training that will prepare me for a robust independent practice.


    Maren Murray, MDMaren Murray, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Mental health, addiction medicine, weight management, obstetrics, and rural medicine.
    Personal interests: Gardening, foraging, painting, sewing, watching home renovation shows, socializing, and taking my daughter to the playground. 
    Why Methodist: I have been a patient at Methodist and found that all of my interactions were so positive. I felt cared for by every person, from my doctor to the lab technicians. I wanted to be a part of a team of people that shared this common goal of making the patient experience as pleasant as possible. Conversations with faculty and residents at the program only confirmed that Methodist truly is a warm and supportive environment that will help me become the kind of doctor I want to be.

  • Second Year: Class of 2023

    Maggie Abraham, MDMaggie Abraham, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota
    Medical interests: Family medicine is perfect for me because I love seeing people of all ages, doing procedures, and helping to improve community health and patient education/health literacy.
    Personal interests: I enjoy traveling, playing with my two dogs Rafa and Zuko, and spending time with friends and family.
    Why Methodist: I chose the Methodist residency because I had a wonderful experience at Creekside during my third-year rotation. I especially loved the many opportunities to serve the community, the diversity of the patient population, and the camaraderie of everyone here. I'm really looking forward to my next three years at Methodist.

    Mariah Eggebraaten, MDMariah Eggebraaten, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota
    Medical interests: Women's health, community health, and addiction medicine.
    Personal interests: I enjoy doing anything outdoors and on the lakes, drinking good coffee, and spending free time with my husband, our new baby boy Kit, and our cat. My newest hobby is cookie decorating, which I will soon share with everyone!
    Why Methodist: Methodist felt like the perfect fit from the warm welcome, interacting with residents, faculty, and staff, and hearing their genuine fondness of the program and support for each other. I was impressed with the learning opportunities for a well-rounded education in preparation for full-spectrum family medicine, with a balance of hard work and focus on wellbeing.

    Molly Favour, MDMolly Favour, MD

    Medical school: Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia 
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, obstetrics, sexual health, and adolescent health.
    Personal interests: I enjoy reading, taking Gwen (my dog) on long walks, baking (specifically bread), researching my ancestors, and spending time on the water with my family.
    Why Methodist: I chose Methodist for the people and the wide variety of experiences the program offers. My experience on interview day was so welcoming and comfortable, and I'm grateful to be joining such a great group of humans!

    Anil Gherau, DOAnil Gherau, DO

    Medical school: Des Moines University
    Medical interests: Community health, adolescent care, and working with minority populations.
    Personal interests: In my free time, I enjoy fishing, hiking, cooking, music production, and remixing music.
    Why Methodist: I chose the Methodist Family Medicine Residency because I was very impressed with the clinical training opportunities available and the close-knit sense of community. Furthermore, I previously worked at Methodist Hospital as a nursing assistant, and I was very impressed with how well trained and competent the residents of this program were. I am very excited to continue the next three years of my medical training at Methodist, and I have full confidence that it will shape me into the well-trained, compassionate family medicine physician that I aspire to be.

    Kelsey Simmons, MDKelsey Lien, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota
    Medical interests: Nutrition/wellbeing, rural medicine, women’s health, pediatrics, and geriatrics.
    Personal interests: Gardening/house plants, long-distance bicycling, beach volleyball, hanging out with my dogs, and camping.
    Why Methodist: I had heard great things about the Methodist program before interviewing, and I guess it was the people that made this program so appealing and stand out to me! That's a classic response but it's really true. I had a great time at the interview the night before, and then coffee at The Depot in the morning was a nice way to get to know you guys! I'm so excited to join the Creekside crew!

    Paul Mcmanus, DOPaul McManus, DO

    Medical school: Kansas City University
    Medical interests: Geriatrics, inpatient medicine, and medical education.
    Personal interests: Computer design/building, going to the gym, video games, and hanging out with my wife and cats.
    Why Methodist: I choose Methodist because of the welcoming nature of the program and the ability to be back in Minnesota.

  • Third Year: Class of 2022

    HeadshotEmily Hemler, DO

    Medical school: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Medical interests: Women’s health, mental health, dermatology, and adolescent medicine
    Personal interests: Creativity, crafting, cooking, exercising, and exploring new restaurants as well as museums
    Why Methodist: I chose Methodist family medicine residency for a few different reasons. The first being that the program offers the chance to tailor my residency training through electives to my individual interests within family medicine. The residents expressed a fondness for the faculty and attending physicians, which I believe can greatly impact training in a positive, meaningful way. Secondly, the residents and faculty are friendly, inviting individuals who stress the importance of collaboration and support of one another. Lastly, St. Louis Park and the Minneapolis area in general offer diverse patient populations and have thriving cultures with fun activities to fill free time.


    HeadshotEric Hemler, DO 

    Medical school: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine 
    Medical interests: Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Weight loss, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT)
    Personal interests: road and mountain biking, weight lifting, skiing, and chasing Australian Shepherd Avery
    Why Methodist: There are multiple reasons why I chose Methodist Family Medicine Residency. From a professional standpoint I was impressed by the quality and balance between inpatient hospital medicine and outpatient clinical work. It also allows me to pursue extra training in fields important to my future career goals. What also drew me into the program was the close-knit group of residents who see each other not just as colleagues but as friends. Whenever someone is struggling, the whole team helps pull them up to success.


    HeadshotCory Lymburner, MD 

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School 
    Medical interests: Mental health and addiction; Procedures
    Personal interests: : Hunting, fishing, hiking, thrifting, vacationing with my significant other, and both playing and watching sports
    Why Methodist: Methodist was an easy choice for me for residency for a number of reasons.  Methodist has outstanding inpatient learning opportunities, allows for wide-ranging development of procedural skills, and has an excellent patient population from which to acquire both the knowledge and skills to practice anywhere.  The tight-knit relationships of the faculty and residents was another obvious draw to the program, as Methodist has established a very welcoming and collegial environment.


    Janisha ManhasJanisha Manhas, MBChB 

    Medical school: NUI Galway School of Medicine 
    Medical interests: Geriatrics
    Personal interests: gardening, sewing, art, yoga, spending time with friends and family
    Why Methodist: As a student I travelled to the family medicine conference in Kansas City. The highlight of that day was the warmth of the welcome I received from the Methodist program. This was also true during my interview. I truly enjoyed my day getting to know everyone and what this program valued. I left feeling that this was where I would actually enjoy my next years in training. With all of the opportunities at Methodist, I knew I would be able to explore and develop my areas of interest.


    HeadshotKatherine Roselius, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: full-spectrum family medicine, obstetrics, emergency medicine, procedures, and rural medicine
    Personal interests: love exploring new restaurants and foods, traveling, writing, reading, going to local theater, hiking, and downhill skiing 
    Why Methodist: Methodist’s commitment to training full-spectrum family medicine physicians who are dedicated to practicing evidence based, patient-centered care was exactly what I was looking for in a program. During medical school, I had the pleasure of working with several Methodist-trained Family Medicine physicians and was impressed by their competence, compassion, and leadership. I knew I wanted to join a program that produced this kind of physician. Additionally, on my interview day I was able to witness the faculty and residents’ welcoming and supportive attitudes towards each other and their patients. I couldn’t imagine working in a better environment!


    HeadshotMattie Strub, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School 
    Medical interests: Women's health, adolescent medicine, rural medicine, preventive medicine, global health
    Personal interests: Camping with our family and friends, hiking on the North Shore (snowshoeing in the winter), and traveling, playing piano, painting, cooking, coffee, ice cream, and puppies
    Why Methodist: I knew that Methodist was where I wanted to train after completing a rotation with the program. I loved the strong sense of community within the program. The residents were very supportive of each other and the faculty are were excited to teach. I was also drawn to the flexibility offered by the program, which will allow me to explore and pursue special interests.