Collaborative Scholarship Intensive (CSI)


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Collaborative Scholarship Intensive (CSI) is a six-month workshop that comprehensively addresses skill development in the publications arena. It's designed to help faculty become more knowledgeable and skilled in the following areas:

  • Partnering with family medicine research resources
  • Exploring the possibilities for data sources
  • Performing a streamlined literature review and managing references
  • Becoming a more efficient and productive writer
  • Writing a review paper
  • Writing all sections of a publication, including introduction, methods, results and discussion
  • Understanding and navigating the IRB
  • Analyzing your data
  • Initiating and managing collaborative work with colleagues
  • Mentoring residents, medical students, and junior faculty on research projects
  • Providing and responding to peer reviews
  • Disseminating work through presenting and publishing
  • Add at least 2 scholarly projects to your curriculum vitae
  • Increase knowledge of and skill in partnering with department research resources
  • Improve efficiency and time management related to scholarly activity
  • Develop and enhance writing ability
  • Greater skill in initiating and managing collaborative work with colleagues
  • Enhance mentoring skills for doing research with residents and junior faculty
  • Improve ability to respond to peer review and become a constructive peer reviewer
  • Submit completed manuscript for peer review with a scientific journal
  • Disseminate work by presenting at the annual Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Innovation and Research Forum

Detailed course sessions


CSI is open to University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine and Community Health faculty members and their research collaborators within the University of Minnesota who are seeking instruction and technical assistance in streamlining their scholarly activities.

Attendance at all sessions is expected; thus, participants will need protected time away from clinical and teaching duties. Please arrange the time with your program director and complete the application form.


Katie Loth, PhD, MPH, RD, LD

Hamdi Ali
Program Coordinator

"I really loved the course and learned a ton. So glad to learn that this is not just about writing in one's cubicle by oneself."

—What our faculty say