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Welcome, Family Medicine Preceptors

As a community preceptor, you are a vital part of our mission to educate medical students to support primary care in Minnesota. Preceptors have a strong influence on their students selecting primary care. We welcome enthusiastic community family physician mentors to help us improve the shortage of medical students going into primary care and to reach a goal of 25 percent of students choosing family medicine by 2030.

America Needs More Family Doctors: 25 × 2030 Collaborative


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  • Upcoming events:
    • October 7 - Stranger Things: Strange and Scary, Suzanne Hecht, MD
    • November 4 - TBA, Kevin Peterson, MD, MPH
    • December 2 - Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Grand Rounds Series, Andrea Westby, MD

Preceptor Resources

Family Medicine Preceptor Manual (in progress)

Preceptor Development (enhancing teaching skills) (in progress)

STFM (Society for Teachers of Family Medicine) (in progress)

ABFM Performance Improvement Project (in progress)

SAMJam (Knowledge Credit) (in progress)



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Family Medicine Community Adjunct Appointment Criteria (in progress)


This 4 week outpatient clinic-based experience in Family Medicine involves working with practicing family physicians, colleagues from other disciplines and, at some sites, FM residents.

Elective Courses

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health offers a variety of elective courses design to give students a wide introduction into family medicine.