Primary Care Behavioral Health and Medical Education Fellowship

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School is actively recruiting for postdoctoral fellows in primary care behavioral health and medical education. The primary aim of our fellowship is to provide fellows with the training they need to succeed as a psychologist in academic healthcare settings. 

Fellows will further develop clinical skills in integrated primary care as well as prepare to be effective educators and researchers that serve patient populations that are marginalized. Within this fellowship, fellows will have the choice of receiving more focused training in either academic teaching or research through longitudinal participation in the Collaborative Scholarship Intensive or the Teaching, Evaluation, and Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals (TEACH) programs. This is a one to two-year fellowship. Fellows have the option to renew for a second year.

Fellow activities include:

  • Providing evidence-based psychological services in the primary care setting with special attention to refugee and immigrant populations.
  • Educating family medicine residents on topics such as  patient-centered communication, behavior change counseling and mental health diagnosis and treatment.
  • Participation in a variety of teaching activities as part of the overall behavioral medicine curriculum for family medicine residents such as reviewing digitally recorded patient encounters with the residents, shadowing residents in outpatient and inpatient settings, as well as providing feedback on team communication.
  • Developing and implementing behavioral health programs that improve population health and other clinic quality initiatives.
  • Completing a scholarly project that advances the field of integrated behavioral health or other aspects of care in primary care settings.
  • Working effectively in an inter-professional team (faculty physician, resident physicians, clinical pharmacists, social workers, care coordinators, legal partners and others).

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The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School is actively recruiting two postdoctoral fellows for the Primary Care Behavioral Health and Medical Education Fellowship.  One will be in a position split between M Health Fairview Clinic - Bethesda and M Health Fairview Clinic - Smiley's. The second position will be at UMPhysicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

When applicants apply, they will be considered for both of our tracks.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must have a PhD or PsyD degree in clinical or counseling psychology from an APA/CPA accredited program and completed an internship that meets APA, APPIC, or CAPPIC requirements.
  • Preference is given to applicants that have experience in primary care, health psychology, or behavioral medicine, as well as an interest in psychotherapy.
  • Must be eligible for Minnesota licensure. 
  • Fellows need to complete all doctoral program requirements prior to the start of the fellowship.
  • Candidates must be authorized to work in the US. The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health is unable to support visas for primary care psychology fellows at this time.


Bethesda/Smiley's Track

The Bethesda/Smiley's partnership originated in 2007, has expanded since its inception, and currently includes two fellows, a junior and senior fellow, at any given time. At Bethesda/Smiley's, the fellow's time is split equally between two clinics, one in St. Paul (Bethesda/Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency) and one in Minneapolis (Smiley's/UMN Medical Center Family Medicine Residency). The opportunity to provide care within two clinic settings offers unique opportunities to fellows interested in how the integrated care model may be adapted to best fit the unique needs of various populations and communities based on the resources available in those settings.

Our Clinics:


bethesda family medicine clinic

M Health Fairview Clinic - Bethesda is a certified health care home located in the St. Paul neighborhood of Frogtown, just blocks from the state Capitol. The Bethesda team includes family physicians, social workers, psychiatry, care coordinators, nurses, and pharmacists. The clinic has a medical-legal partnership with a local free/low-cost legal service team, which provides patients with help for health-harming legal needs. Bethesda serves a diverse patient community with many populations including Karen, Burmese, Hmong, and Afghan refugees and populations that are historically marginalized. A hallmark of the culture of care at Bethesda is caring for the whole patient within their unique socio-cultural context. For more information on Bethesda and the Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, see the following links:

Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

M Health Fairview Clinic - Bethesda


smileys family medicine clinic

M Health Fairview - Smiley's Clinic is a certified healthcare home and certified behavioral health home located in South Minneapolis. The Smiley's team includes family physicians, psychiatry (both adult and child), social work, pharmacists, nurses, and care coordinators. The Smiley's team cares for a racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse patient population including Somali, Ethiopian, and Oromo immigrants. Smiley’s clinic has been a pioneer in developing primary care services and training family medicine physicians to provide appropriate care to gender diverse individuals. Our clinic is well-known in the community as a safe place offering gender-affirming primary care. For more information on the University of Minnesota Medical Center Residency Program/Smiley’s Clinic, see the following links:

University of Minnesota Medical Center Residency Program

M Health Fairview - Smiley's Clinic

Examples of past quality improvement projects and research by Bethesda/Smiley's fellows include:

  • Caring contacts: Culturally relevant suicide prevention for the Karen community
  • Patient survey of interest in/format of pain management groups
  • Naloxone teaching and electronic medical record tools to assist providers
  • Quality improvement regarding follow up after psychiatric discharge
  • Implementation of a healthy lifestyle program for child well checks


In the Bethesda/Smiley's Track, fellows will have two primary supervisors and receive one hour of individual supervision from each supervisor.

Broadway Track

The Broadway primary care behavioral health fellowship began in 2017. Unique training opportunities at Broadway include the following:

Advocacy Opportunities: Broadway hosts a monthly mentorship program for youth from underprivileged areas who are interested in careers in healthcare (The Ladder:

Our Clinic:


Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

Broadway Family Medicine Clinic is a certified healthcare home that has been an anchor in the North Minneapolis community for more than 40 years (in a brand-new building as of January 2021). The clinic has 24 family medicine residents and 16 faculty members. The Broadway team cares for a culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse population, including approximately 70% Black and 10% Hmong patients. Broadway truly embraces an inter-professional team approach to full-spectrum patient care and resident education, including physician faculty and residents (MDs and DOs), nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, a dietitian, social worker, community health worker, and care coordinators.

For more information on the North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program and Broadway clinic, see the following links:

North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

Examples of past quality improvement projects and research by Broadway fellows include:

Supervision: In the Broadway track, fellows will have one primary supervisor and receive two hours of individual supervision from this supervisor, Director of Behavioral Health/Primary Supervisor at Broadway: Elizabeth Martinez, PhD, LP.


Behavioral health fellows are provided with the following benefits:

Learn more by viewing the following: 

Continuing Medical Education Credit

Receive $2,000 of continuing medical education credit per year that can be used for educational expenses such as conferences or courses. These funds roll over from year to year, and any unused funds would be forfeited upon the end of the two-year fellowship.


For more information regarding payroll, vacation, assistance planning leave, or sick leave:

Angela Kamau

For more information regarding other benefits:

UMN Office of Human Resources
612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363


Mailing Address:
420 Delaware St. SE
MMC 381
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Office Address:
516 Delaware St. SE
5-255 Philips-Wangensteen Bldg
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Clinical Services

Fellows provide integrated behavioral health care and patient care at either Bethesda and Smiley’s family medicine clinics or at Broadway Family Medicine Clinic. Fellow are available to see patients and consult with physician providers as patients are attending appointments with their primary care providers. Examples of some of the issues that come up during these visits include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Medication assisted treatment and substance use
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Health behavior change
  • Delivering bad news
  • Mental health assessment
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion and chronic disease prevention across the lifespan

Fellows also see their own patients, referred by the primary care providers at the clinics. Issues that fellows see patients for include:

  • Acculturation issues
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Health behavior change
  • PTSD
  • Somatization disorders
  • Finally fellows participate in population management efforts in the clinics that include:
  • Population health management
  • Chronic pain and complex patient management
  • Post-hospitalization team visits

Each clinic serves ethnically and economically diverse populations. Fellows work with refugee and immigrant populations, particularly from the Hmong, Karen, and East African communities.


The fellowship curriculum is longitudinal with the ultimate goal of fellows being able to function as exemplary integrated behavioral health clinicians, effective medical educators, and design appropriate scholarly work to answer clinical and educational research questions.


We are currently recruiting fellows for the upcoming academic year. 



Fellows are involved in the training of family medicine residents regarding psychosocial aspects of patient care. Fellows will:

  • Review digital recordings of patient encounters with residents and provide feedback
  • Shadow residents while engaged in patient care (inpatient and outpatient) and provide feedback on patient-centered communication skills
  • Co-precept and conduct co-visits with residents
  • Provide lectures on relevant primary care behavioral health topics
  • Provide training on Motivational Interviewing to third- and fourth-year medical students

Due Process

Due Process and Grievance Procedures

Fellows are informed at the beginning of their fellowship about due process and grievance procedures. They are given printed copies as well as digital access related to all of their training activities.


Tera Meerkins, PhD, LP
PhD Psychotherapist, Testing Psychologist 
Hamm Clinic

Sarah Addicks, PhD, LP
Assistant Professor, PsyD Clinical Psychology
Augsburg University

Mary Becker, PhD, LP
Integrated Primary Care Psychologist
Hennepin Healthcare

Ehren Emter, PsyD, LP (they/them)
Assistant Director of Behavioral Science and Residency Development
Sacred Heart Family Medicine Residency
Saint Luke’s University Health Network, Allentown, PA

Marchion Hinton, PhD, LP
Associate Program Director Hennepin Family Medicine Residency
Hennepin Healthcare

Stephanie Hooker, PhD, LP
Research Associate
HealthPartners Institute

Bethany Fiebelkorn Kennedy, PhD, LP
Clinical Health Psychologist
MNGI Digestive Health

Nathaniel Lombardi, PhD, LP
Integrated Behavioral Health Psychologist
Mayo Clinic Health System

Eli Martinez, PhD
Behavioral Health Faculty
M Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

Ryan Miller, PsyD, LP
Primary Care Health Integration Psychologist
St. Cloud VA Medical Center

Deirdre Paulson, PhD, LP
Director of Behavioral Health
Eau Claire Family Medicine Residency Program
Mayo Clinic Health System

Adam Sattler, PhD, LP
Clinical Psychologist
Psychology Express
Hastings, MN

Kristi White, PhD, LP, ABPP
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Internal Medicine
University of Minnesota