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 Residency Programs

We have seven family medicine residency programs—five in the Twin Cities and two in Greater Minnesota.
We train family physicians to provide comprehensive, personalized care for the whole family in any setting: urban, rural, global. Each program has its own curricular strengths, unique feel, and sense of community.

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Education & Training

Our top-ranked educational programs include seven distinct residency programs and five fellowships, as well as many courses and opportunities for medical students and community physicians.

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Patient Care

Our approach to care is collaborative and team-based, within multiple clinics and hospitals across the state of Minnesota. We are dedicated to comprehensive, personalized care for the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community.


One of the top-funded family medicine departments in the country by the NIH, we focus on collaborative and cutting-edge research across multiple health-related areas, including diabetes, obesity, smoking cessation, health inequities and health equity, nutrition, integrated care, behavioral health, opioids, community-based participatory research, and sexual health.

Photo of Dr. Jim Pacala

Department Head, James Pacala, MD, MS

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health is part of the University of Minnesota Medical School. The department was created more than 50 years ago in response to a legislative mandate to train primary care physicians.


Family Medicine News

The shift from a rotation-based model to the set day model, initiated by Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program Director Casey Martin, MD, was prompted by the department’s “Clinic as Curriculum” initiative led by Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs Dr. Pita Adam. One of the aims of Clinic as Curriculum is to prioritize and improve residents’ continuity clinic experience. For residents at M Health Fairview Clinic - Bethesda, the set day clinic model had an almost immediate impact.


Carolyn Torkelson, MD, recently retired DFMCH faculty and an alum of Methodist Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, discusses her new book, “Beyond Menopause: New Pathways to Holistic Health,” and her hopes for the future as more women become advocates for their health.


Welcoming a new child is a momentous and incredibly special experience. The team at University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic makes it extra special by providing handmade, hand-assembled, specially curated bundles for the newborns through a program called Bundles of Love.


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