All in the Family

All in the Family is a secondary data analysis of data from two linked National Institutes of Health-funded studies (Project EAT and F-EAT). It examines the relationship between multiple family members' weight and weight-related behaviors, adolescents' body mass index (BMI), dietary intake, and physical activity. Berge serves as co-prinicpal investigator.

Results will inform methodological considerations for data collection with youth and their families and public health intervention efforts targeting youth obesity.

Study Details

  • Identify whether, and how, multiple family members' weight and weight-related behaviors are associated with adolescents' BMI score, overweight status, dietary intake, and physical activity
  • Identify whether the association between parents' and adolescents' weight and weight-related behaviors vary by child (i.e., sibling dyads in the same home)
  • Identify concordance and discordance among family members regarding aspects of the weight culture in the home environment (e.g., weight talk/teasing, support for physical activity) and determine associations with adolescent BMI, overweight status, dietary intake, and physical activity


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Publications are ordered by the year they were published.


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