Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residents

  • First Year: Class of 2024
  • Second Year: Class of 2023
  • Third Year: Class of 2022
  • First Year: Class of 2024

    Collin BeyerCollin Beyer, DO

    Medical school: Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Medical interests: Medical education, health policy, preventative medicine, and community health.
    Personal interests: Dogs, outdoor activities, football, soccer, basketball, and board games.
    Career goals: I want to serve in medical education to further train and improve our future physicians.
    Why Woodwinds: The family feel of the residency as well as support from faculty and staff. It has a great clinic location to serve diverse populations in a large city, plus a community hospital. St. Paul also offers ample opportunity to be involved in state and local health policy to help serve our patients.

    Carter DuncanCarter Duncan, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine with OB, rural medicine, sports medicine, procedures, and addiction medicine.
    Personal interests: Baking, disc golf, yoyo-ing, weightlifting, gardening, board games, brewing, and drinking craft beer.
    Career goals: My goals are to practice full-scope family medicine in the rural midwest. I would love to be C-section-certified, deliver babies, offer a wide array of procedures, and care for those suffering from addiction.
    Why Woodwinds: I got to know many of the residents and faculty throughout my medical school career, and everyone I talked to was happy and enthusiastic about where they worked. There was a strong emphasis on community and the wellbeing of the residents. The faculty are passionate about what they do and love being medical educators.

    Kathryn George, MDKathryn George, MD

    Medical school: Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine with OB, geriatrics, underserved community medicine, rural medicine, and palliative care/hospice.
    Personal interests: Spending time with my family and friends, hiking, camping, canoeing, traveling, and going for walks with our dog.
    Career goals: In the future, I hope to practice full-spectrum family medicine with OB in a small town or suburb. I want to provide excellent care to my patients and continue to learn and grow as a physician throughout my career. I also hope to pursue some form of teaching, either medical students or residents.
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds because of my interview day. Everyone I met was very friendly, relaxed, and welcoming. All the residents and faculty that I met seemed to enjoy working together and were very dedicated to serving their patients. Woodwinds also has a strong reputation for training very skilled family medicine physicians, and I knew I would get the training and experience necessary to practice anywhere in the future. Being from the Twin Cities area, I was also thrilled at the chance to return home!

    Samantha Lore, MDSam Lore, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Preventative and integrative medicine, mental health, pediatrics, LGBTQIA+ care, addiction medicine, and community health and social justice.
    Personal interests: Trying various art projects, cooking new recipes with my partner, playing ukulele outdoors, learning about plants, bonfires with family and friends, listening to podcasts on my runs or hikes, and talking with my cats.
    Career goals: My career goals are especially around supporting peoples' voices and agency in their own health and wellness through integrative medicine and community work.
    Why Woodwinds: It was clear the program would provide excellent training in full-spectrum family medicine with interesting electives, but what stood out most was the kind and welcoming team. Right away, it seemed like a genuinely fun and supportive environment as well as one that would challenge me to grow. The opportunities to serve the community and the opportunities around social justice and community work were also very important to me.

    Najaha Musse, DONajaha Musse, DO

    Medical school: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia Campus
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine with OB, behavioral health, osteopathic manipulation, chronic disease management, health equity and advocacy, global health, and lifestyle medicine.
    Personal interests: Travel, cooking, gardening, and keeping active.
    Career goals: I plan to practice full-spectrum family medicine with OB in Minnesota. In my free time, I hope to volunteer for medical relief agencies such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).
    Why Woodwinds: I was very impressed with the program's commitment to patient advocacy and community health. On my virtual interview day and resident-hosted meetings, everyone seemed very happy, approachable, and genuinely took time to listen. As a St. Paul resident, the clinic location was also very convenient.

    Rachel Paull, MDRachel Paull, MD

    Medical school: University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Science
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum rural medicine including OB, women's health, medical procedures, community health, and sports medicine.
    Personal interests: I enjoy distance running, playing all sorts of sports, playing the piano, gardening, sewing, craft projects, and spending time with family and friends.
    Career goals: Return to a rural/underserved community in the Midwest and educate upcoming physicians.
    Why Woodwinds: This program offers everything I need to become the physician I want to be and is close to family. They have strong OB training, and the residents/faculty members were genuine and fun to spend time with!


    Allison Venzon, MDAllison Venzon, MD

    Medical school: Creighton University School of Medicine
    Medical interests: Mental health and women's health.
    Personal interests: Baking, alpine skiing, hiking, swing dancing, creative writing, Jesuit spirituality, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and anime.
    Career goals: I plan to perform full-spectrum care in a community setting working for either urban or rural underserved communities. In addition, I plan to be active in community health initiatives like teaching sexual education at high schools or offering discussions about depression and anxiety to decrease social stigma.
    Why Woodwinds: Woodwinds has absolutely everything I could have wanted in a family medicine residency. I knew that I wanted a supportive, healthy learning environment that is also tailored to my interests in mental healthcare and women's health. This program allowed me to immerse myself in these interests while giving me a strong background in full-spectrum patient care. In addition to my personal interests, Woodwinds made me feel at home right away. I knew that I would love to work with these wonderful doctors at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. alike! Finally, Woodwinds's commitment to caring for the underserved and finding ways to address social determinants of health spoke to me. Being a Jesuit-educated physician, I needed a program that valued caring for patients' physical illness as well as advocating for their wellness beyond the clinic or hospital. I'm beyond thrilled to be working and training here for the next three years!


    Kaitlan Vossen, MDKaitlan Vossen, MD

    Medical school: Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
    Medical interests: Addiction medicine, global health, preventative medicine, and pediatrics.
    Personal interests: Soccer, hiking, traveling, rollerblading, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.
    Career goals: To practice full-spectrum family medicine while also pursuing global health trips.
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds because it stood out to me as having the most supportive learning environment. Even with virtual interviews, I could tell that everyone was very kind and down-to-earth. Just like the Twin Cities, the Bethesda Clinic population is very diverse, and I was impressed with their care for communities that are underserved with limited access to health care.

  • Second Year: Class of 2023

    Benita BehmBenita Behm, MD

    Medical school:  University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Rural medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, inpatient medicine, and hospice. I also enjoy mentoring medical and pre-medical students.
    Personal interests: Home improvement projects with my husband, showing the world to our toddler, outdoor activities, spoiling our pups, spending time with family, exercising, watching sports, and Amazon Prime.
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds residency because they made me feel incredibly welcomed on my interview day. Everyone was so genuine and down-to-earth that I wanted to be a part of the same team. Woodwinds' diverse patient panel and comprehensive curriculum will prepare me well for any avenue I choose for my future practice. I truly believe Woodwinds will support me in becoming the best, most well-rounded family medicine physician I can be. 

    Tony Zhengyu CuiTony Zhengyu Cui, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Sports medicine, immigrant and community health, adolescent medicine, emergency medicine, and procedural medicine.
    Personal interests: Tennis, table tennis, basketball, hiking, biking, spending time with friends and family, and exploring different restaurants and bars.
    Why Woodwinds: Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency program offers a diverse and supportive faculty core with excellent training facilities located in a diverse and vibrant city. The residents are fun, kind, genuine, and supportive of each other.

    Kayla DharampaulKayla Dasrath, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Community health, working with underserved populations, women's health, quality improvement, and full-spectrum family medicine.
    Personal interests: Spending time with friends and family, trying new foods, drawing, traveling, and going for walks.
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds because of the welcoming, caring, supportive, and collaborative environment. I also chose this program because of the strong commitment and dedication that the faculty and residents have in serving its diverse community needs, which is a focus that strongly resonates with my interests. 

    Anya DmytrenkoAnya Dmytrenko, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Hospital medicine, women’s health, obstetrics, procedures, adolescent medicine, integrative medicine, and community health.
    Personal interests: Going for walks and bike rides, doing house projects of all kinds, reading, listening to music and podcasts, crocheting blankets, and spending time with my family. 
    Why Woodwinds: Woodwinds offers high-quality, unopposed training in a richly diverse area, the best people to work with, and a great city to enjoy on your days off! I really enjoyed my interview day and could tell that the residents really care about each other and had fun together and that the faculty are supportive, approachable, and enjoy teaching. Woodwinds felt like the perfect place for me to learn and grow as a person and as a doctor.

    Ahmed ElhindiAhmed Elhindi, DO, MPH

    Medical school: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine – including geriatrics, emergency medicine, palliative care, pediatrics, hospitalist, immigrant health, global medicine, and integrative medicine.
    Personal interests: Gardening, cooking, reading, traveling, outdoor sports, and spending time with my family.
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds because of the diverse practice environment that addresses the comprehensive needs of our patients, and the program provides community outreach and collaboration with others who are similarly focused on improving the health and lives of our patients. Also, the program provides a unique and totally encompassing training experience including immigrants/refugee health. During my interview, the residents and staff made me feel comfortable and welcomed, so I knew it would be a supportive and positive learning environment for my training. 

    Lisa MarshallLisa Marshall, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine with OB, adolescent medicine, women's health, and advocacy.
    Personal interests: Knitting, playing piano, nail polish enthusiast, jogging (slowly), playing fetch with my cat, and visiting breweries with my husband. 
    Why Woodwinds: I was fortunate enough to rotate at St. Joe's (the residency's former hospital training site) during my fourth year of medical school. I loved everything about it - the residents, faculty, patients, and community. The faculty genuinely cared for their residents and encouraged them to pursue their own visions of their family medicine careers. The community served by the program is unique and diverse, and I found myself wanting to learn more about my patients in order to better serve them. I have no doubt that Woodwinds will train me well for a career in family medicine. 

    Alvin YangAlvin Yang, DO

    Medical school: Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Medical interests: Sports medicine, community health, refugee populations, and mental health.
    Personal interests: Basketball, hiking, cooking, wood burning, and board games.
    Why Woodwinds: I liked the strong sense of community fostered at Woodwinds with the friendly and supportive staff and residents and the numerous opportunities to get involved in the diverse communities the program serves. The training seems catered to the individual resident to allow them to explore their own areas of interest. 

    Amanuel ZewdieAmanuel Zewdie, MD

    Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical interests: Underserved medicine, preventative medicine, global health, and procedures.
    Personal interests: Spending time with family, especially my niece and nephew, playing board games, jogging around the lakes with friends, foreign fiction novels, and sci-fi movies/TV.
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds because of its robust curriculum and the genuine sense of community I saw among the residents, staff, and faculty. I was also attracted to the program's commitment to providing affordable, high-quality care to St. Paul's diverse and underserved population. 

  • Third Year: Class of 2022

    ashleyAshley Forstrom, MD

    Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical Interest: hospital medicine, ER, adolescent medicine, global health, sport medicine, behavioral health
    Personal Interests: Hiking, Mn Lakes, Yoga, cooking, travel, reading, fashion, theatre
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds because of the full-spectrum training in an urban and diverse setting. I also felt a strong sense of community and support among the faculty, residents, and staff.

    MadelineMadeleine Grosland Sather, MD

    Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical Interest: Pediatrics, OB, Sports Medicine, Full spectrum family medicine
    Personal Interests: Outdoor activities, biking, walking dog, playing tennis, boardgames, crocheting, relaxing, reading good book
    Why Woodwinds:  I knew they would provide me the training I needed to go out and practice full spectrum family medicine somewhere in Minnesota. I love the Twin Cities area, and that they do a lot of good work helping the underserved in Saint Paul. I also felt very comfortable with the faculty and other residents on my interview day, which is so important for emotional health during residency.

    sarahSarah Halloran, MD

    Medical School: University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine
    Medical Interest: Addiction Medicine, Sports Medicine, Palliative Care
    Personal Interests: Swimming, running, hiking, being outdoors, cooking, trying new foods, crossword puzzles, reading, spending time with family and friends (especially my parent's two dogs).
    Why Woodwinds: I have always wanted to live in the Twin Cities. I loved Woodwinds because of the kind and hardworking residents and staff, and I was impressed by the diverse and complex patient population they serve.

    MayaMaja Johnson, MD

    Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical Interest: Full spectrum family medicine with obstetrics, women's health, pediatrics, rural healthcare, immigrant and refugee health
    Personal Interests: Running, reading, weight-lifting, listening to podcasts, exploring farmer's markets, spending time with friends and family, Minnesota sports teams, concerts, theatre
    Why Woodwinds: I was fortunate to spend one month with Woodwinds Hospital Family Medicine Residency early in my fourth year of medical school and was immediately taken by the profound sense of community among the faculty, residents, and staff. Not only did the people of residency seem to care greatly for one another but they also demonstrated an unmatched dedication and pride towards the community they serve. I have always been interested in full spectrum family medicine along with care for the underserved. For all these reasons, Woodwinds felt like a great place to learn and grow as a physician.

    EvanEvan Jungbauer, MD

    Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
    Medical Interest: Full spectrum family medicine, preventative medicine, underserved community medicine, emergency medicine, procedural medicine.
    Personal Interests: hiking, biking, camping, playing banjo, guitar, piano, live music, drawing, photography, illustration
    Why Woodwinds: I chose Woodwinds after having a really positive sub-I experience. I found the faculty residents and staff to be fun, caring, genuine, and hardworking people. Later, on my interview day they stressed that the purpose of the interview process was really to "find my people." I just felt that my people were those caring, kind, genuine ones at Woodwinds.

    thuyThuy-Linh Nguyen, MD

    Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
    Medical Interest: Women’s health, obstetrics, adolescent medicine, pediatrics, working with diverse communities, community health, global health
    Personal Interests: Dance fitness, skiing, tennis, reading sci-fi/fantasy, running, jogging, trying new foods
    Why Woodwinds: Woodwinds has everything I want for my future: fun residents that feel supported in exploring family medicine, interesting curriculum, strong faculty, a fantastic location with communities, and good foods in a vibrant city.

    Jennifer StrongJennifer Stong, MD

    Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
    Medical Interest: Chronic disease management, quality improvement, preventative medicine, and rural practice
    Personal Interests: love outdoor activities, nature, hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, walking, board games, try new foods, crafting, coffee chat, spending time with family and friends
    Why Woodwinds: The faculty, residents, and staff are very welcoming and team-oriented. The program trains residents for full-spectrum family medicine practice and serves a wonderfully diverse patient population. At Woodwinds, I felt I would be challenged to grow while being supported by a great team.

    donnaDonna Ugboaja, MD

    Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
    Medical Interest: Global health, population health, preventative medicine, food as medicine, mental health, addiction medicine
    Personal Interests: International cuisine, live music events, art museums, hiking, camping, and watching football
    Why Woodwinds: Woodwinds offers a unique blend of rigorous academic medical training, emphasis on resident well-being, and situated within a diverse community with patients from all over the world.  It is truly a privilege to be able to train here.