Teaching, Evaluation, and Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals (TEACH)

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  • TEACH is a six-month faculty development course focused on developing and implementing a curriculum that addresses an educational need in the participant’s program.

  • This is a highly collaborative course where participants work with people from our department programs—including residencies and fellowships—as well as programs outside of the department.

Participants attend a total of six 3-hour course meetings from January to May, culminating with a poster presentation in early June. The sessions include a mix of lecture, discussion, group activity, and facilitated work time. A participant's curriculum project is the backbone of the course.

"Overall, an excellent course, and one I would highly recommend as being an excellent introduction into the work of faculty."

- What our faculty say

Continuing medical education credit

The AAFP has reviewed Teaching, Evaluation and Curriculum for Healthcare professionals and deemed it acceptable for up to 13.25 Live AAFP Prescribed credits. Term of Approval is from 01/16/2024 to 06/18/2024. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

AMA/AAFP Equivalency - Providers may choose to include the following in addition to the AAFP credit statement:

AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™ toward the AMA Physician's Recognition Award. When applying for the AMA PRA, Prescribed credit earned must be reported as Prescribed, not as Category 1.

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Diana Cowdrey, MD and Parker Hanson, DO
"Osteoporosis Education for Family Medicine Residents"

Greg Dunkinfield, MD
"Innovative Mechanism to Produce Residents Open to Vital Exchanges re: Quality Improvement (IMPROVE QI)"

Kurt Hessen, MD and Jason Parviz, DO
"A Crash Course in Palliative Medicine for Emergency Medicine Residents"

Elizabeth Martinez, PhD, LP
"Management of Trauma in Primary Care: Improving Family Medicine Residents' Confidence and Abilities"

Katherine Montag Schafer, PharmD, CDCES
"Redefining Three-Year Pharmacotherapy Curriculum Across a Family Medicine Residency Program"

Allison Newman, MD
"First Trimester Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum"

Benjamin Rosenstein, MD, MA, CAQ-Geriatrics
"An Age-Friendly Geriatrics Curriculum: Based in the 5Ms"

Frances Tepolt, MD
"Quality Improvement Curriculum"

Amber Winkelman, DO
"Implementation of a Home Visit Experience Curriculum within a Family Residency Program"


Rosean Bishop, PhD, LP
"An Integrated Behavioral Health Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents"

Christopher Boswell, MD
"Bringing It All Together: A Comprehensive Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents"

Michelle Jones, MD, Callie Schnitker, MD, Daniel Schnobrich, MD, Rena Singleton, MD, and Jocelyn Wong, MD
"Palli-curious: A Proposed Palliative Care Podcast as a Novel Curriculum Tool"

Rahul Kapur, MD
"Curriculum for Faculty Precepting Musculoskeletal Problems"

Benjamin Lai, MB,B. Ch, BAO
"Chronic Pain & Opioid Management Curriculum"

Nathaniel Miller, MD
"Quality Improvement Curriculum for a Family Medicine Residency"

Kirsten Morissette, MD
"Pediatric Curriculum for Faculty Development"

Zia Okocha, MD
"Miscarriage* Management Curriculum for FM Programs"

McKayla Schmitt, MD and Jake Wessels, MD
"Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine Ultrasound Curriculum"

Erica Seidel, MD
"Electromyography Curriculum for PM&R Residents"


David DeGear, MD
"Rural Residency Adolescent Depression/Suicidality Curriculum (Ages 8-18)"

Kristin Eide, DO
"Osteopathic Education at an Allopathic Family Medicine Residency"

Andrew Garcia, MD and Aaron Goldish, DO
"Advancing Primary Palliative Care in Minnesota"

Jonathan Harvey, MD
"Sports Medicine Residency Curriculum"

James Hougas, MD
"Colonoscopy Training in a Family Medicine Residency"

Bob Jeske, MD
"Standardizing Adult ADHD Management in a Residency Clinic"

Anne Keenan, MD
"Community Health Rotation Curriculum"

Javad Keyhani, MD
"Physician, Heal Thyself: A Curriculum and Culture of Wellness and Resiliency"

Jonathan Koretoff, MD
"Sports Medicine Residency Curriculum"

Ari Nahum, MD
"Advancing Primary Palliative Care in Minnesota"

Amy Olmschenk, DO
"Integrating Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine into an Allopathic Family Medicine Residency"

Steven Solum, MD
"Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Utilization of Opioid Maintenance Medication"

Kyja Stygar, MD
"Office-Based Procedural Education Curriculum"

Patrick Sura, MD
"Rural Residency Adolescent Depression/Suicidality Curriculum (Ages 8-18)"

Amanda Weinmann, MD
"Developing a 4-Week Research Elective"


Mark Berg, MD
"Vasectomy: An Office-Based Procedure Provided by Family Medicine"

Jennifer Budd, DO
"Teaching Quality Improvement"

Chandra Cherukuri, MBBS and Jonathan Dickman, MD, PhD
"Connecting Our Patients to Health: Building an Online Community of Resources for Low-Income Individuals"

Edward Feinstein, MD, Allison Feldman, MD and Amanda Hinrichs, DO
"The Family Meeting: A Communication Curriculum for Primary Care Residents"

Selamawit Kifleyesus, APRN, CNP
"Teaching Health Literacy in a Family Medicine Residency Clinic: Tools to Narrow Gaps in Communication Between Patients and Physicians"

Jillian Landeck, MD
"Geriatrics Rotation Redesign"

Jun Liang, MD
"Teaching Quality Improvement"

Ward MacCracken, DO
"Teaching Physicians Ultrasound-Guided Procedures"

Eric Poulin, MD
"Essential Office Procedures for Our Medicare Patients"

Elena Wahmhoff, MD
"The Family Meeting: A Communication Curriculum for Primary Care Residents"

Andrea Westby, MD
"Practically Nourished: Teaching Practical Nutrition While Building Resilience in Residents"

Ashley Yelinek, DO
"Teaching Physicians Ultrasound-Guided Procedures"


Amy Bonifas, MD
"A Focus on Postpartum Care: Filling Education Gaps"

Karen Borchert, MD
"Got Culture? A Curriculum in Cultural Humility"

Elliot Bruhl, MD
"A Three-Part Curriculum for Teaching Suturing Skills to Medical Students"

Ann Hoff, MD, Daniel Townsend, MD, Meghan Young, MD, and Hannah Hall, MD
"Palliative Care Curriculum for Emergency Medicine Residents"

Marcelin Solberg, MD
"Understanding an Epidemic: Developing an Obesity Management Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents"

Shane Maxwell, DO, and Karin VanBaak, MD
"Sideline Sports Medicine Resident Education Course"

Uchemadu Nwaononiwu, MD, and Praveen Tupakula, MD
"Research and Scholarly Activity Curriculum for a Family Medicine Residency Program"

Jennifer Nelson Albee, LICSW, Clarice Konshok, MD, and Mary O’Donnell, DNP
"Early Childhood Social Emotional Health: The Forgotten Milestone"

Jamie Starks, MD
"NET: Neurology Educator Track: Teaching Workshop for Neurology Interns"

Berto Torres, MD
"The Missing Link of Physical Examination: Bedside Ultrasound"


Michael Broton, MD
"Wilderness Medicine in the City: A Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents at an Urban Residency Program"

Kate Brown, MD, MS, and Marchion Hinton, PhD
"Teaching Motivational Interviewing to Family Medicine Residents: Intervention Through the 5210 Project"

Dana Brandenburg, PsyD
"Interprofessional Team Meetings: Working Together to Improve Population Health One Patient at a Time"

Joel Giffen, DO, and Micah Johnson, MD
"Faculty Teaching Faculty: Curriculum for Ambulatory Point-of-Care Ultrasound"

Brad Changstrom, MD, and Matt Gorman, MD
"Ultrasound for Diagnosis and Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"

Christine Danner, PhD
"Motivational Interviewing Training in Family Medicine: Moving Past Didactics"

Jay Dirks, MD
"Precepting Clinic Procedures for Resident Physicians"

Katie Freeman, MD
"Working Effectively With Medical Students: Helping Our Learners Become Better Teachers"

Karen Fruechte, MD
"When the World Comes to Your Clinic, What Do You Do? Teaching Immigrant Medical Evaluations"

Muna Irfan, MBBS
"Sleep Medicine Rotation Structure and Design"

Kathryn Justesen, MD
"A Redefined Pediatric Development Residency Curriculum"

Jennnifer Oberstar, MD
"Sports Ultrasound in the Arthritic Hip in a Resident Workshop"

Lisa Papic, MD, Emily Schafhauser, MD, and Nancy Whitley, MD
"Inpatient Code Status Discussions: Focused Training for Residents"

Jason Ricco, MD, MPH
"Teaching Patient-Centered Shared Decision Making at a Family Medicine Residency Program"

Katie Spencer, PhD
"Transwomen’s Sexual Health Group Curriculum"

Rhianna Tuchscherer, PharmD, Matt Olson, MD, MPH, and Marchion Hinton, PhD
"Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Care: Clinic-Based Learning at the Round Table"

Jason Wall, MD
"Art and Medicine Curriculum"

Liz Westby, MD
"Dump (Some of) the Didactics!"

Robert Wilfahrt, MD
"A Pediatric Mental Health and Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents"


Roli Dwivedi, MD
"Team-Based Care for Diabetes in Somali Population During the Month of Ramadan"

Margaret Gill, MD, and Vicki Jacobsen, MD
"Community Physician Apprenticeship Program"

Jamie Kalafatich, DO, MS
"Small Group Diabetes Visit - Hmong Population"

Sonia Karimi, MD, and Sam Maiser, MD
"Palliative Care and Communication: A Curriculum for Neurology Residents"

Allison Knutson, PharmD, Jason Kallestad, MD, and Elizabeth Jeffrey, MD
"Opioid Analgesic Curriculum"

Laura Miller, MD
"Community Health Rotation: A Work in Progress"

Dennis Peterson, MD
"Procedural Training"

Lisa Phifer, MD
"Community Health Curriculum"

Michael Pipestone, MD
"Health on the Outside: A Collaboration Between a Family Clinic and Prison Halfway House"

Nate Waibel, MD, and Austin Krohn, MD
"Sideline and Event Management Course"

Erin Westfall, DO
"Education and Utilization of Pediatric Oral Health Tools"

John Wood, MD
"Ultrasound Training in a Family Medicine Residency Program"