St. John's Residents

First Year: Class of 2026
Ryan Bjerke

Ryan Bjerke, MD

Medical school: University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Medical interests: Sports medicine, mental health, procedures, geriatrics, and full-spectrum family medicine.

Personal interests: Music production, soccer, weight-lifting, golf, basketball, investing, watching Minnesota sports teams (Skol Vikings), and going to concerts.

Why St. John's: St. John's had the best people of all the places I interviewed and I felt so welcomed! I shared many common professional and personal interests with the faculty and residents. My significant other and I wanted to move to the Twin Cities for a long time and St. John's was the perfect fit for us. I believe St. John's will train me to be the best family physician I can become!

Career goals: I want to pursue a fellowship in Sports Medicine upon graduation and someday eventually own and operate my own private practice sports medicine and full-spectrum family medicine clinic!

Cameron Holmes

Cameron Holmes, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Sports Medicine, Rural Medicine, Nutrition and Exercise Medicine.

Personal interests: Hiking, camping, weight-lifting, lake walks with my wife and goldendoodle Sully, and DJ'ing.

Why St. John's: I chose St. John's because of the incredible experience I had rotating there as a medical student. It was abundantly clear that the faculty, support staff, and residents were truly passionate about their program and their patients and I immediately felt at home. Additionally, St. John's has an exceptional sports medicine curriculum and I knew I would well-equipped to pursue a sports medicine fellowship after residency.

Career goals: I plan to practice a combination of family medicine and sports medicine somewhere in Minnesota (hopefully in a rural community with plenty of lakes). Another passion of mine is coaching, so I would love to be able to blend my passion for sports medicine and exercise with a volunteer coaching position.

Sam Olson

Samuel Olson, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: I am interested in partnering with my patients to provide compassionate, full spectrum care. I have specific interests in addiction medicine, sports medicine, prenatal OB care and medical education.

Personal interests: I am passionate about watching sports, especially any Minnesota team. I enjoy staying active by playing basketball and golf whenever possible or getting to the gym. I am a budding cook and just stepped into bread-making as well. I stay connected with friends through playing video games on my custom built PC or going out to a brewery and getting a drink. I enjoy getting outside no matter the season, but my favorite outdoor activity is deep sea fishing in the Caribbean.

Why St. John's: I chose St. John's based on its reputation for preparing FM residents for full spectrum care as well as its strong hospitalist and sports medicine training. In addition, the close knit nature and camaraderie of the residents was a large draw as I could see myself thriving along side them.

Career goals: Beyond outpatient family medicine, I want to explore my many medical interests and possibly pursue hospitalist work, sports medicine, prenatal care, and medical/surgical abortions. I have always loved teaching, so participating in some form of medical education is also something I could see myself pursuing.

Emily rock

Emily Rock, DO 

Medical school: University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine     

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, sports medicine, rural medicine.

Personal interests: I love spending time with my family and friends. I love all things athletics (lately jumped on the pickleball bandwagon)! My husband and I enjoy traveling and exploring new restaurants. I love playing different instruments, especially my ukulele.

Why St. John's: My husband and I wanted to return to the beautiful state of Minnesota to be closer to our family. Throughout the interview process, the faculty and residents at St. John's were all so kind and welcoming. I was drawn to the culture and team dynamics that are present at St. John's as well as the quality of teaching that is provided.

Career goals: My goal is to practice full spectrum family medicine in a suburb or rural community.

Thane Swisse

Thane Swisse, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Pediatrics, sports medicine, medical procedures.

Personal interests: Sharing time with family and friends in the great outdoors. Walking, running, biking, skiing, fishing, driveway basketball, etc. I also enjoy traveling.

Why St. John's: St. Johns seemed like it was one of the residencies that would meet my needs. It was in the metro area, so close to family. It would provide the training necessary to become a physician capable of treating people of all ages and walks of life.

Career goals: I will likely end up focusing my work in the clinic. I have an interest in pediatrics and procedures. If it is a smaller rural or regional hospital, I could see myself doing shifts in the hospital as well.

Honoree Thor

Honoree Thor, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Broad-spectrum family medicine, preventative medicine, immigrant/refugee health, healthcare for inner city populations and minorities, urgent care, mental health, adolescent medicine, ultrasound, procedures.

Personal interests: Tennis, running, dance, movies, music, spending time with family and friends.

Why St. John's: When searching for a residency program, there were three main factors that I took into consideration: (1) diverse patient population, (2) a robust and balanced curriculum between inpatient and outpatient, and (3) emphasis on physician wellness/mindfulness. I had the privilege of rotating at St. John's during medical school and from my first week here, it was evident to me that these three characteristics were fundamental to the program in providing excellent patient care and creating a conducive teaching environment. In addition, East Saint Paul is a socially and culturally diverse community; having the privilege to work with and learn from this population excites me. The close comradery between residents, faculty, and even other clinic staff is another aspect that I knew I wanted in my training to get through the
difficult parts of residency. St. John's was a place I felt I could call home while getting world-class training in becoming a well-rounded family physician.

Career goals: As of right now, I am undecided as there are so many opportunities to pursue in family medicine and my interests are scattered. Ultimately, I aspire to be a family physician working with a diverse urban community and providing patient-centered care. Growing up in a marginalized community in Saint Paul and experiencing/witnessing health disparities due to various barriers, I am motivated to bridge the gap between each unique patient from groups like my own and the healthcare system, and further create a welcoming environment where they are satisfied with themselves, their health, and their care.

Second Year: Class of 2025
Emily Bergstedt, MD

Emily Bergstedt, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Lifestyle medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics, and rural medicine.

Personal interests: Gardening, singing in choir, road tripping, snowboarding, reading classic literature, hiking, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends.

Why St. John's: I chose St. John's for its strong training in full-spectrum family medicine and for its friendly, supportive, and fun-loving community of residents and faculty. During my interview day and rotations as a medical student at St. John's, it was clear to me that the residents encourage one another to become the best physician they can be while supporting each other's work-life balance and having a lot of fun together in and outside of work. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community!

Career goals: I plan to practice full-spectrum family medicine somewhere along the shores of Lake Superior.

Alex Fredrickson, MD

Alex Fredrickson, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine and sports medicine.

Personal interests: Running, cycling, hiking, and most things outdoors.

Why St. John's: The faculty and residents I interacted with as a medical student and during the interview/application process were all so incredibly kind and welcoming. It was clear to me that everyone at St. John's had a great working and personal relationship, and that the workplace culture as well as quality of medical training fit with what I was looking for in a residency.

Career goals: Practicing family medicine in our great community here in Minnesota! I am still exploring a few career paths including hospitalist work, sports medicine, as well as focusing on full-spectrum family medicine.

Mitchell Moe, MD

Mitchell Moe, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Rural medicine, LGBTQ health, family planning, mental health, and procedural medicine.

Personal interests: Hiking/backpacking, running, cooking, daily coffee runs, and walking and playing with our new corgi puppy Gwilym.

Why St. John's: I knew I wanted to stay in Minnesota for family medicine residency, and after months of closely analyzing all the programs across the state through our collective interview and rotation experiences, my friends and I decided St. John's was the best option for the quality of teaching, work-life balance, and full-spectrum training.

Career goals: I have signed on to practice inpatient and outpatient primary care up at the gateway to the Boundary Waters in Ely, Minnesota! I also hope to become a preceptor for medical students and eventually run for public office to advocate for my future patients through policy.

Asila Osman, MD

Asila Osman, MD

Medical school: International University of Africa Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Medical interests: I am interested in preventative care, communities that are underserved by health care, child and adolescent care, and mental health.

Personal interests: I enjoy reading, sketching, cooking, and trying out different recipes. I also enjoy going outdoors and exploring nature with my family.

Why St. John's: I was searching for an unopposed residency program with well-rounded training that will prepare me to practice full-spectrum family medicine. During my interview I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and warm the faculty and residents were, and that was what drew me the most. As soon as I was done with my interview, I knew St. John's was the right place for me, and I also felt that I would receive the training and guidance I needed for my future in family medicine.

Career goals: I plan to practice full-spectrum family medicine in a rural community and hope to get involved in global health work.

Sarah Rajala, MD

Sarah Rajala, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, women's health, pediatric medicine, procedures, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine.

Personal interests: Cooking and baking, hosting gatherings with friends and family, yoga, being outside, and spending time with my husband and two dogs.

Why St. John's: Each and every person I interacted with on interview day was exceptionally kind and personable. It was clear that resident wellbeing is highly prioritized and that the residents feel they can pursue the things that make them whole and human outside of medicine. St. John's was exactly what I was looking for!

Career goals: I hope to practice full-spectrum medicine (location TBD!) and dream of incorporating my love of cooking, food, and nutrition into my future career.

Kelly Thao, MD

Kelly Thao, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, sports medicine, ultrasound, and global and community health.

Personal interests: I love sports (particularly soccer and football), refereeing, karaoke, and spending time with family and friends.

Why St. John's: My family has been going to St. John's for years, ever since I was a small child. The quality of care and the connections they created with patients always had a positive influence on how I perceived the hospital as a whole. They were always committed to accommodate cultural, spiritual, physical, and mental needs of patients, no matter what. Additionally, St. John's has always been active in the Hmong community. So, naturally, when choosing a program, St. John's was an easy choice. I couldn't be happier to be a part of a program that offers high-quality training for every aspect of family medicine!

Career goals: I hope to pursue a sports medicine fellowship and ultrasound procedures to provide a safe, consistent space for populations that are underserved by health care in the Twin Cities to get quality care. I would also love to work with a professional sports team to learn top-quality musculoskeletal and physiotherapy care and give back to the community.

Third Year: Class of 2024
Rachel Bachman

Rachel Bachman, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, geriatrics, palliative and hospice care, women's health, mental health, ultrasound, and procedures.

Personal interests: Spending time with family and friends, my black lab puppy, hiking, fishing, slalom water skiing, playing the piano and organ, painting, road
trips, and eating pizza.

Why St. John’s: I completed a sub-internship at St. John's during my fourth year of medical school, and I remember leaving the rotation with a renewed sense of love and passion for the practice of medicine. I immediately felt welcomed and a part of the St. John's team as a medical student. It was easy to see that this program excelled in full-spectrum family medicine training with exceptional teaching, commitment to quality patient care, and cultivating a meaningful community among the staff, faculty, and residents. I know that St. John's will allow me to explore my various interests within medicine while preparing me to be a well-rounded family medicine physician. I am excited to call St. John's home for the next three years.

Career goals: I hope to practice full-spectrum family medicine.

Hannah Jenson

Hannah Jenson, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical Interests: Full-spectrum with OB, MAT, preventative health, and mental health.

Personal interests: I love watching and participating in sports (Go, Twins! SKOL, Vikes!). I have a goldendoodle who I enjoy taking for walks. My husband and I love traveling, camping and exploring local restaurants and breweries!

Why St. John’s: I chose St. John's for the amazing people! When I rotated here for my sub-internship, everyone was extremely welcoming, not only the residents but faculty and clinic staff as well. I immediately felt connected to everyone. In addition to the people, I chose St. John's for the training. With wanting full-spectrum OB and MAT, I felt I would receive the training I needed to have the career I hoped for in my future. Lastly, the location is awesome. I love the Twin Cities and can't wait to continue my training here.

Career goals: I hope to be practicing in a suburb or rural community practicing full spectrum with OB and MAT.

Christopher Little

Christopher Little, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, rural medicine, emergency medicine, and ultrasound.

Personal interests: Spending time with family and friends, fishing, hunting, playing hockey and softball, and watercolor painting.

Why St. John's: I chose St. John's because of its strong reputation for training full-spectrum family physicians who are well equipped to practice in a rural setting. Since St. John's is an unopposed program, it was apparent that I would have the opportunity to work closely with faculty to improve my clinical and procedural skills. I was also attracted to the supportive, close-knit community that St. John's offers. All of the residents appeared genuinely happy and excited to be there.

Career goals: I plan to practice full-spectrum family medicine in northern Minnesota, likely in my hometown of International Falls.

Nirmal Lumpkin

Nirmal Lumpkin, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical Interests: Integrative medicine and obstetrics/women's health.

Personal interests: Swing dancing, hiking, yoga, and meditation.

Why St. John’s: I love the truly full-spectrum training offered at St. John's and the pride residents and faculty take in the rigor of the program while still supporting overall wellness and balance in their lives. The faculty are all thoughtful and skilled teachers as well as practitioners and the population of patients we serve is broad and diverse.

Career goals: Full-spectrum family medicine, with an OB and integrative medicine focus in a private practice or as faculty at a residency program.

Kimberly Lundeen

Kimberly Lundeen, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine with women's health and obstetrics, palliative care, and caring for underserved populations.

Personal interests: Spending time with my husband and two-year-old, Josie, fixing up our 100-year-old house, and walking around Lake Como.

Why St. John's: I was fortunate enough to rotate at St. John's for a sub-internship and felt right at home. I observed the numerous ways that St. John's supports its residents' varying clinical interests as well as their lives outside of the clinic/hospital. I ultimately knew that this was the program that would best train me for a career in full-spectrum family medicine.

Career goals: My goal is to practice full-spectrum family medicine in the Twin Cities.

Lauren Lussenhop, MD

Lauren Lussenhop, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Preventative care, women's health, pediatrics, palliative care, and medical education.

Personal interests: Reading, boating and water sports, travel, cooking and trying new restaurants, and going on walks with my brittany spaniel named Archie!

Why St. John's: I was lucky enough to have a rotation at St. John's as a fourth-year medical student, and after I got to experience the supportive and friendly culture firsthand, it made my residency choice easy. The faculty encourages an independent approach to learning, yet balances it with plenty of one-on-one interaction that makes everyone feel well supported. The residents made me feel welcome and treated me as a member of their team, which makes me excited to now get to join it as a permanent member.

Career goals: My goal is to live and work in a small community in Minnesota. I grew up in Alexandria, Minnesota, as the daughter of a family medicine physician and always admired the connection and dedication my dad had with so many members of the community, and I will strive to create those relationships in my future practice. I chose family medicine because I enjoy taking care of all ages, especially children and geriatrics. I am passionate about preventative care, and I cannot wait to practice it in the many years to come!


Below are our graduates of the last few years, including their current practice site.

2023 Graduates

andrew dahl
Andrew Dahl, MD

Outpatient family medicine with OB- New Richmond, Wisconsin

Angeline David
Angeline David, MD

Outpatient family medicine - Wellmed Clinic Tampa, Florida

Eric DeMaris
Eric DeMaris, DO

Outpatient Primary Care - HealthPartners White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Torbjorn Morkeberg
Torbjorn Morkeberg, DO

Outpatient family medicine - Rochester, Minnesota

Sam Renier
Sam Renier, MD

Sports Medicine Fellowship - Westminster, Colorado

Mary Soderlund
Mary Soderlund, MD

Outpatient family medicine with OB - New Richmond, Wisconsin

Erica Swenson
Erica Swenson, MD

Outpatient family medicine with prenatal care - Hastings, Minnesota 

2022 Graduates

William Fischer
William Fischer, MD

Allina Health Vadnais Heights Clinic

Dr. Christopher Goodnow
Christopher Goodnow, MD

Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center (Duluth)

Dr. Kyle Hunt
Kyle Hunt, MD

Allina Health Cambridge Clinic

Dr. Lucas Kuzj
Lucas Kuzj, DO, MBA

Methodist Hospital, St. Louis Park

Dr. Leslie Neher
Leslie Neher, MD

Allina Health Woodbury Clinic



Dr. Risa Bache-Wiig

Risa Bache-Wiig, MD
Voyage Health Care, Crystal Clinic

Dr. Nicholas Ely

Nicholas Ely, MD
Graybill Medical Group, Temecula, CA

Dr. Ramla Kasozi

Ramla Kasozi, MD, MPH
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Joe Renier

Joseph Renier, MD
HealthPartners/Park Nicollet, New Richmond, WI

Dr. Frances Tepolt

Frances Tepolt, MD
Faculty with UMN CentraCare St. Cloud Family Medicine Residency, St. Cloud, MN

Dr. Kaeley Whiting Allen

Kaeley Whiting Allen, MD
Fairview Grand Itasca Clinic, Grand Rapids, MN



Cam Blegen

Cameron Blegen, MD
Aurora Health Center, Port Washington Clinic, Port Washington, WI. Outpatient only.

Kayla Harris

Kayla Harris, DO
Allina in Eagan. Outpatient family medicine with OB.

Luke Leblanc

Luke Leblanc, MD
Legacy HealthEast clinic, Hugo, MN. Outpatient family medicine with OB.

Justin Meyers

Justin Meyers, MD
Hospitalist, Banner Health, Phoenix, AZ.

Ben Rosenstein

Ben Rosenstein, MD, MA
One-year geriatric fellowship, UM Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, and current UMN DFMCH St. John's faculty

Haley Stewart

Haley Stewart, DO
M Health Fairview, Vadnais Heights, MN. Outpatient family medicine with OB.