North Memorial Residents

First year: Class of 2026
Allison Aase

Allison Aase, DO, MPH

Medical school: Kansas City University of Medicine & Biosciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical interests: Sexual and reproductive health, underserved populations, LGBTQ care, community health, academic medicine.

Personal interests: Running, yoga, pop culture podcasts, downhill skiing, watching movies, and playing with my rescued pitbull named Diva

Why North Memorial: I was looking for a community program with academic affiliation and fell in love with North Memorial, Broadway Family Medicine Clinic during my med school rotation. The faculty and residents are so supportive, kind, and committed to this community and to health equity. I know I’ll receive high-quality training here that will prepare me to be the best family medicine doctor. Plus, Minneapolis is home for me and I feel lucky to train in the community where I want to stay and practice. 

carlos aispur

Carlos Aispur, DO (he/him) 

Medical school: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical interests: Underserved medicine, full-spectrum family medicine, addiction medicine, reproductive health, LGBTQ+ health, behavioral medicine, and language-concordant medicine.

Personal interests: More than anything, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to watch cooking shows and classic movies, play video games, stay active, and, most recently, spend time with my new puppy.

Why North Memorial: North Memorial/Broadway Family Medicine was the perfect match for me throughout the interview process. North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program is serious about its dedication to the community in North Minneapolis, combating health inequity, and training family medicine doctors that are capable, conscientious, and responsible to their community. I'm confident that in my three years here I will be able to obtain the training necessary for the career I want to have. Finally, seeing as how I have no prior connections to Minneapolis, faculty and my fellow residents have been incredible people to be around, and I feel welcomed and wanted here.

Frederick Blaisdell

Fredrick Blaisdell, MD (he/him)

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth 

Medical interests: Underserved medicine, American Indian/Alaska Native/First Nations health, sports medicine, addiction medicine, and community health.

Personal interests: Ice hockey, ice fishing, river fishing, being outside, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, playing the drums, listening to classic rock (my favorite bands are AC/DC, Metallica, and Pink Floyd), golf (trying to stay within the fairway!), and traditional Anishinabe and Haudenosaunee drumming and singing.

Why North Memorial: I chose North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program for its high-quality family medicine training that keeps the local community at the heart and center. I had a rotation at North Memorial as a medical student, and I immediately felt welcomed by the faculty, residents, and staff. I was inspired by the program’s mentorship and advocacy opportunities, and I am excited grow into a physician that can care for the community both in and out of the clinic. 

Ian Durbin

Ian Durbin, MD (he/him) 

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Underserved medicine, sports medicine, and addiction medicine. 

Personal interests: Soccer, running, hiking, climbing, traveling, and spending quality time with my family and friends.

Why North Memorial: I completed a rotation at Broadway/North Memorial during medical school, and I quickly learned this was the program for me. The faculty and residents provided an engaging and supportive environment to learn with the extensive community involvement opportunities that I was looking for in a family medicine program. I am excited to grow as a family medicine physician here over the next three years!

Gabow 2

Abdulaziz Gabow, MBBS

Medical school: Elrazi University

Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, community-focused medicine, sports medicine, refugee health, and medical education. I am dedicated to addressing health disparities through developing health literacy improvement program for local communities facing barriers to health.

Personal interests: I enjoy watching and playing soccer, table tennis, spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Why North Memorial: I chose North Memorial due to the unwavering support and exceptional mentorship I received over the past few years. On my interview day, it became apparent to me that the faculty and residents are like a family fostering a nurturing and collaborative atmosphere. I was particularly impressed by how the program actively strives for high quality training in a supportive environment. I am also drawn to the program’s commitment to health equity by addressing social determinants of health and meeting patients where they are through community outreach and advocacy. 

Ruth Kimo Musa

Ruth Kimo, MD (she/her) 

Medical school: All Saints University School of Medicine, Roseau, Dominica

Medical interests: Mental health, addiction medicine, underserved medicine, lifestyle medicine, community health, sports medicine, primary care, and health equity.

Personal interests: Cooking, community outreach, food drives, crafting and sharing recipes, hosting meal events, practicing spiritual disciplines, the color green, watching football (soccer), music, and forming meaningful relationships.

Why North Memorial: The people! The warmth was palpable! I admire the family-like dynamic that exists at the program as a whole, as well as the top-notch hospitality they show their visitors. North Memorial boasts one of the most supportive and rigorous training programs, which I believe will help me become one of the best physicians: adept at various levels of medicine in diverse environments. The strong emphasis on community service, advocacy, and change at North Memorial is something I value. 

Tongo web

Osasuyi Tongo, MD

Medical school: Chicago Medical School, Washington University in St. Louis

Medical interests: Primary care and preventative health, underserved and community medicine, cultural competency, medical education, and reproductive health.

Personal interests: chess, golf, soccer, watching sports (NFL, NBA), movies, TV, and music. 

Why North Memorial: The people, patient population, faculty and staff, and program curriculum—it is an unopposed family medicine program with rigorous hospital training, continuity family medicine clinic, and community engagement. 

Kennita Solberg, MD

Kennita Solberg, MD (she/her) 

Medical school: St. George's University School of Medicine

Medical interests: Full-spectrum medicine, Health equity - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, underserved medicine, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, adolescent health and education, gender-affirming care, addiction medicine, and mental health.

Personal interests: Spending time with my family, outdoorsy stuff: hiking, camping, fishing. Trying new/different foods and restaurants, online shopping, cheering for my son at his sporting events, and reading/watching all things true crime.

Why North Memorial: I chose North Memorial because of the dedicated and friendly staff and residents. Everyone that I encountered made me feel immediately welcome. Their dedication to the community and commitment to advocating for the underserved and under-represented was exactly what I was looking for in a program. I want to be a part of the change that is taking place in this community and abroad. I was confident that North would best prepare me to utilize my skills in a variety of healthcare settings, at an exceptional level.


Second Year: Class of 2025
Loretta Akpala, MD

Loretta O. Akpala, MD (she/her)

Medical school: University of Medicine and Sciences, St. Kitts

Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine and addiction medicine. Advocating for and serving marginalized and minoritized groups and equitable Health care delivery systems (Nationally and Globally). Advocating for a more equitable and inclusively diverse academic medicine and healthcare environment. 

Personal interests: Faith-based meditation, family quality time, traveling, walking around lakes, indoor cycling, music, and fostering meaningful connections with people.

Why North Memorial: It is a rigorous, full-spectrum clinical training program that competently trains you to provide accessible and high-quality medical care to populations that are diverse, underserved and/or vulnerable in urban or rural settings. I also appreciate its supportive faculty and residents as well as the dedication to resident wellness; the opportunity to pursue my continued interest in addiction medicine and clinical research; its involvement in multiple corporate social responsibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs that involve medical education, mentoring, community engagement, outreach, and support; and its involvement in activities that address social determinants of health.

Career goals: Utilizing an integrative approach for the treatment, recovery maintenance, and relapse prevention among vulnerable people with substance use disorders as well as advocating for initiatives that lead to positive outcomes related to social determinants of health. I also want to be a mentor.

Layne Anderson, MD

Layne Anderson, MD

Medical school: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Medical interests: Hospice and palliative care, sustainable and equitable primary and preventative care, global medicine, social justice, addiction medicine, and immigrant health.

Personal interests: Spending time with family and friends, running, listening to live music, skiing (XC and downhill), hiking, biking, and drawing/typography.

Why North Memorial: I had the opportunity to do an away rotation with the Broadway/North Memorial group during my fourth year at University of Colorado. I was met with an immediate and overwhelming understanding that this team, while carrying unique passions, is unified in working for the greater good. There was something intangible and inspiring in everyone I met, and I knew quickly that this is the kind of community in which I want to train and grow.

Career goals: My goal is to engage in long-lasting relationships with people I see as patients. I have had a strong passion for palliative, hospice, and primary care for many years and would like to act as a bridge for people to engage with either/both philosophies of care when appropriate. I would also like to participate in advocacy and community engagement work in the communities I serve.

Katie Casty, MD, MS

Katie Casty, MD, MS (she/her) 

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Primary care, preventative medicine, sports medicine, mental health, reproductive justice, prenatal care, health equity, integrative medicine

Personal interests: Running, biking, cross-country skiing, reading, cooking

Why North Memorial: Strong full-spectrum training, commitment to serving the community, many opportunities to pursue specific interests through electives, and an incredibly supportive and cohesive team of faculty and residents.
Career goals: Practice full-spectrum family medicine in an underserved setting.

Nardos Dawit, MD

Nardos Dawit, MD

Medical school: University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Medical interests: Women's health, lifestyle medicine, nutrition, addiction medicine, and health equity.

Personal interests: Spending time with my family, tennis, hiking, healthy cooking, and teaching.

Why North Memorial: North Memorial puts the community at the center of how they practice and teach medicine. The potential of our patients and community is the greatest asset we have for improving health, and I wanted to train at a place that embodied that. Everyone I met was so welcoming and passionate!

Career goals: Full-spectrum family medicine in an underserved community.

Rebekah Fiers, MD

Rebekah Fiers, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth

Medical interests: Preventative health care, health equity, underserved medicine (rural and urban), full-spectrum family medicine, clinic procedures, community engagement and advocacy, reproductive justice, LGBTQIA+ healthcare, and addiction medicine.

Personal interests: Spending time with my partner, cat, and family/friends. Visiting bookstores to find a good book to read with a good cup of coffee. Gardening (indoor and outdoor), exploring the outdoors (hiking, skiing, hammocks), and traveling (most recently to five national parks). Painting, drawing, and photography.

Why North Memorial: During medical school, I was part of different advocacy initiatives as well as involved with the MAFP and AAFP. I am inspired by all the work North Memorial residents have done to advocate for their patients, both in the clinic and on the legislative level, and I wanted to be part of that. I wanted to be at a program that is passionate about caring for underserved populations and being connected to the community outside the clinic. Lastly, to be near friends and family, especially my one-year-old niece.

Career goals: To provide full-spectrum family medicine to an underserved community. Provide access to gender-affirming care and medication-assisted therapy. Continue to advocate for health equity.

Ellis Atemlefeh Fualefeh-Morfaw, MD

Ellis Atemlefeh Fualefeh-Morfaw, MD

Medical school: University of Buea Faculty of Health Sciences, Cameroon

Medical interests: Immigrant and refugee medicine, African and African American cultures and racial disparities in health care, community health, sports medicine, reproductive justice, maternal and child health, and integrative and holistic healing.

Personal interests: Making spicy barbeque "suya," spending time with friends and family, and playing sports (team handball and soccer).

Why North Memorial: I chose this program because of its warm, welcoming faculty and focus on full-spectrum family medicine, diversity, equity and social justice, maternal and child health, and sports medicine. As a first-generation American citizen and first-generation medical doctor, the experience of living in Minnesota through the Coronavirus pandemic and the uprising following the death of George Floyd deeply highlighted for me the importance of primary care and working with underserved communities. My dream is to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide the best evidence-based care to my patients, and this program is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow into this dream.

Career goals: Serving underserved communities, either in emergency medicine or sports medicine.

adjoa Kusi-Appiah

Adjoa Kusi-Appiah, MD (she/hers) 

Medical school: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Medical interests: Bridging primary care and public health, Adolescent/teen medicine, the health of the Black community, community engagement, community-based participatory research, diversifying medicine, and local & national advocacy

Personal interests: Natural haircare, couponing, hammocking, walks by the lake, wine tasting, dance classes, and repping all things Michigan State and Detroit.

Why North Memorial: I chose North Memorial because of their relationship with the community, and the ready-for-change and ready-to-make-change attitude. North Memorial aligned with my mission to train and practice community-centered medicine through the lens of social justice. Serving in a community that looks like me made this choice all the more special.

Career goals: My long-term career goal is to establish a clinic in partnership with a community-based organization: a collaborative of healthcare providers, community members, community leaders, and public health practitioners working toward meeting the needs of the community. I hope to center patients, lead and heal outside the walls of the clinic, and uplift others through mentorship.

Aaron Rosenblum, MD

Aaron Rosenblum, MD (he/him, they/them)

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Primary care and preventative health, health equity, LGBTQI+ health, mental health, addiction, family planning/reproductive health, environmental health, community health, holistic and integrative medicine.

Personal interests: Gardening, DIY projects, cycling, time outside, making and seeing art, and building community/grassroots power.

Why North Memorial: I'd heard murmurs throughout medical school at the University of Minnesota that the program at North Memorial was full of good people, supportive energy, and had a solid community-based mission that set out on the difficult path of collaborative, patient-centered care while training residents to seek solutions beyond the walls of the clinic/hospital. My sub-internship confirmed that this program would be one that would challenge me to grow into the best version of myself, both personally and professionally.

Career goals: A broad-spectrum primary care practice in an urban or rural setting and continued engagement in community-based work aimed at shaping an equitable and sustainable future.

Third Year: Class of 2024
Mikaela Coburn-Pierce, MD

Mikaela Coburn-Pierce, MD, MPH

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Health equity, underserved medicine, community health, public health, addiction medicine, palliative care, and geriatrics.

Personal interests: Sports, yoga, walking, knitting, and spending time with family.

Why North Memorial: I chose this program because of its commitment and engagement with the community. The program offers flexible elective time, which will allow me time to pursue my areas of interest while also training in full-spectrum family medicine.

Danielle Day, DO

Danielle Day, DO

Medical school: Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical interests: Underserved medicine, social justice in medicine, sports medicine, osteopathic manual medicine, preventative health, and wellness.

Personal interests: Live music/EDM festivals, traveling, hiking, Orange Theory Fitness, and Minnesota sports.

Why North Memorial: After undergrad at UW-Madison and medical school in Iowa, my heart yearned to return home to the Twin Cities. North Memorial has continuously inspired me with its passion for underserved medicine and its amazing training in sports medicine and osteopathic manual medicine. Even through virtual interviews, it was clear that North Memorial was perfect for me. I am blessed to be part of the Broadway family!

Ninah Divine, MD

Ninah Divine, MD

Medical school: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Medical interests: Health equity, Native American health, community engagement, public health, reproductive health, maternal and child health, adolescent health, and addiction medicine.

Personal interests: Baking cakes, cookies, bread, tarts, balancing my sweet tooth with hearty home-cooked meals, spending time outdoors, and learning about local plants and animals.  

Why North Memorial: I wanted to be part of a program working toward making medicine a more inclusive field and one that better addresses social determinants of health for all patients. North Memorial is where I could do that and feel supported. The healthcare at North Memorial is grounded in authentic engagement with the community and advocacy beyond the clinic walls, which is how I want to train and practice medicine.

Rachel Feliciano, MD

Rachel Feliciano, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Health equity, underserved medicine, community health, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, adolescent health, gender-affirming care, addiction medicine, global health, mental health, infectious diseases, and palliative care.

Personal interests: Music, playing piano, hiking, being in nature, travel, indoor and outdoor plants, yoga, reading, podcasts, anime films, ice cream, and sharing good food with family and friends.

Why North Memorial: Exceptional, dedicated, and compassionate faculty, staff, and residents who create a supportive and fun environment. Strong community partnerships with intentionality and humility. The tangible commitment to building health equity and making sure that medicine is truly for everyone. Robust elective opportunities while building a strong foundation in full-spectrum family medicine.

Laura Lara, MD

Laura Lara, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota Medical School

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, social justice, underserved and stigmatized medicine, immigrant and refugee medicine, AI/AN health, full-spectrum family planning, sexual health, addiction medicine, gender-affirming care, LGBTQ+ care, body diversity/size-inclusive medicine, health literacy, mental health, global health, community engagement, and health policy and advocacy.

Personal interests: Spending time with my partner, kids, dogs, cats, snakes, tarantulas, parrots, and other pets. Anything outdoors, travel (especially to see my in-laws in Mexico), prairie restoration, non-human animal rehabilitation/rescue, reading, dancing, morel-hunting, finding out I'm wrong about stuff, and trying to do better.

Why North Memorial: Social justice, activism, and advocacy. Deeply engaged residents, faculty, and alumni that push you to do better and to grow, as well as making you feel appreciated and welcomed. Woven together with the surrounding community, working unitedly and asking one another how to advance. Incredible breadth and depth of training in full-spectrum family medicine with leaders in their fields. A place that reminds you why medicine is your passion.

David Marshall, MD

David Marshall, MD, MPH

Medical school: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, maternal and child health, reproductive justice, family planning, mental health, preventive medicine, health equity, community advocacy, and global public health, among others!

Personal interests: Backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, fly fishing, guitar, traveling, cooking, woodworking, and most importantly, spending time with my family and friends.

Why North Memorial: The passion for social justice, the commitment to the community, and the dedication to delivering high-quality patient care have been so evident throughout all of my interactions with faculty, staff, and residents at North Memorial. The opportunities for public health and community advocacy are unparalleled, and the program also offers robust training in inpatient medicine, obstetrics, and procedures. So happy to be a part of the North Memorial family!

Caroline Nyamweya Tekeste, DO

Caroline Nyamweya Tekeste, DO

Medical school: A.T. Still University of Health Sciences - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical interests: Full-spectrum family medicine, underserved medicine, behavioral medicine, addiction medicine, community-focused medicine, medical issues affecting refugees, immigrants, prisoners, health policy and advocacy, and advancing social justice, diversity, and equity through medicine.

Personal interests: Hiking, cooking, and trying out ethnic food recipes from different cultures, music, volunteering, tutoring, reading, mentoring, and traveling.

Why North Memorial: Exceptional involvement in the community, level-one trauma center for training, support for advocacy, social justice, diversity, and equity. Commitment to understanding and addressing ALL social determinants of health including law and policy, opportunities for university-supported research, supportive environment, great teachers, and residents that value serving others through medicine.

Austin Peña, MD

Austin Peña, MD

Medical school: Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine Arizona

Medical interests: Full-spectrum primary care, rural medicine, underserved medicine, at-risk youth, exercise as medicine, global health, wilderness medicine, and community health promotion.

Personal interests: Drawing, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, coffee, history, and boxing.

Why North Memorial: I want to train at a residency program that will prepare me for my career goals of working in an underserved setting while practicing full-spectrum family medicine. North Memorial will allow me to build a strong foundation in both of these interests while providing ample resources to explore and gain other essential skills in primary care.

Yeng Yang, DO

Yeng Yang, DO

Medical school: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medical interests: Preventative medicine, underserved medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, sports medicine, community-based medicine, and procedures.

Personal interests: Cooking, eating, playing sports (soccer, football, and tennis), watching tv/movies, and playing video games.

Why North Memorial: I was drawn to North Memorial because it is an unopposed family medicine residency program with a strong full-spectrum curriculum. As a Hmong American, I am passionate about serving the Hmong population, and North Memorial allows me to work with the Hmong community in Minneapolis. During my interactions with the faculty and staff members, I sensed that they deeply cared about the well-being of their resident physicians and knew I would thrive as a resident at North Memorial.

Ryan Aberle, MD

Ryan Aberle, MD

North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN

Erin Anderson, MD

Erin Anderson, MD

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center in Minneapolis, MN

Rebecca Gieseker, MD

Rebecca Giesker, MD

Health Partners Nokomis in Minneapolis, MN

Laura Johnson, MD

Laura Johnson, MD

Health Partners Brooklyn Center in Brooklyn Center, MN

Hana Dedrud, MD

Hanna Nedrud, MD

Health Partners Brooklyn Center in Brooklyn Center, MN

Kimberly Oelhafen, MD

Kimberly Oelhafen, MD

North Memorial Health in Robbinsdale, MN

Katherine Schreck, MD

Katherine Schreck, MD

Park Nicollet Clinic Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN

Kaleigh Timmins, MD


Kaleigh Timmins, MD

Lynn Community Center in Lynn, MA